Son, please spell ‘Embezzlement’?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — EMBEZZLEMENT — Naked, a member of my close family got into some trouble with the law.  He was never jailed.  He held a charge but was later exonerated.

Wow! New Designed Dresses!

But Naked, when the news hit the airwaves, it did not miss my teacher.  I turned up to school as normal and Miss McThang (wicked bi*ch she is) called me up in front of the class.  I thought it was strange, but I was good in english and I thought she wanted me to write a sentence on the board.  Well, Miss McThang looked me straight in the face and asked me to turn and face the class.  Then she asked me to spell the word ’embezzlement’.


Naked, they can talk about you all they like, but at least you are not a hypocrite and you are not in a classroom terrorizing children and then fake-smiling in the faces of their parents at the end of the day.  She is married to a politician so she hears all the news.

Barbados got bare wicked people here, hear!!   Anonymous

Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Son, please spell ‘Embezzlement’?”

  1. Your website has to tell people about this nasty teacher at Queen’s College named McNasty McClean. Tell her to stop complaining for my form because we are not idiots or retarded. She can not teach full stop. We need a English teacher not a paro who got lips black like if they paint with tar from all of she cigareetes and weed. We looking to see if she will insult and diss us tomorrow – we already get she doing it on we phones. Tell Ms Shepherd to stop making dumb excuses for her all the time and get a real teacher. After that idiot Mr. Chase we can’t take anymore


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