Armalee Powlett SUDDEN DEATH

Armalee Powlettt — Vendor Drops Dead at Christ Church Foundation School

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ARMALEE POWLETT — CHRIST CHURCH FOUNDATION SCHOOL — A vendor casually setting up her tray as normal suddenly dropped dead on the school’s premises.  Blog will be updated with photo and name of the vendor.  Naked Departure


10 thoughts on “Armalee Powlettt — Vendor Drops Dead at Christ Church Foundation School”

  1. Looks like when the shit hits the fan in Barbados,as it is starting to, the rich will leave in their private jets and the poor Bajans will leave in pine coffins.


  2. The got some idiots that will say this normal how de hell it get normal ,it’s just haven’t happen to they family YET .look at it de government don’t have money to buy a lots of things or fix this ailing country.look at it all I don’t have to tell you,bus service bad water bad roads bad health bad building sick de government borrowing and we don’t know we’re the money going , We see ever thing done for independence, civil service haven’t had a pay increase in years.let me tell you all why people dropping dead ,I have a friend her husband didn’t had a job because he was sick he was going to de hospital for years to get a operation that would of prolong his life simple operation and de hospital keep putting he back and told him if he pay he will get de operation and live but he cause he wanted to live but he did not have de money to pay ,he literally begged de doctors to help he if he get better he be able to work and pay back them,know what they ask him if he don’t have something to sell or if he can’t get his local church to pay when I hear that it hurt me he was begging for life .My sister was Send to de heart specialists by her general Practitioner now my sister is a woman that work for $250.00 week and got two children in primary and two secondary schools husband work in a seasonal job now read here When she went to de hospital to make de appointment she get an appointment for 2019 and she said to de Clark her doctor tell her she’s need attention urgently and this was also in the letter she took there de Clark tell she go and try telling de director Dexter James that wana does keep wanah mouth shut that why wanah dropping dead my sisister tell me she cries every night cause she don’t want to die and leave she children,now I could hear de off side idiot saying why you don’t help she ? That why people don’t want to write to naked about how bad da suffering plus the bajan got a lot a pride da hungry but does dress up to go in Bridgetown and da belly grolling and to be size de clothes don’t be them won My problem naked my problem is down belowdecks ,ya will understand cause ya can’t talk plain fa de little boy to understand ,I does be running every mouth like de river Jordan if I ever go to de sea I will turn it to de Red Sea and I was going to de hospital Gynecologist Clinic for years for this problem get prep for operations four time went is far as going under anesthesia when I wake up I was thanking God for. Bring me through and for saving me the pain when de nurse interrupt me apologizing that they did not have somthing to aid my recovery ,I was fabbagastic ?.? And it’s not only me when you go down by de hospital to clinic you does hear de story’s that will make a bold head man hair grow ,naked if I did not a Joably? Person I would of drop down already ,I had to make another appointment to see this another doctor and when I went to make de appointment de clerk tell me them will call me and she give me a card with out a date naked I still waiting for de call that was in 2014 I call in 2015 and da tell me them will call when them get a doctor to deal with you patients like I was inferior and it to do with me losting so much vain water can’t talk to plain for de little boys .so people will drop down when we have so much people that is not from here heading Every government department in Barbados them want to get rid of us ,Barbadian is to good fa black like us , political speaking we need some rasta brothers to run barbados get rids of de foreigners that heads every government departments in this country . I want Barbadian to know that de burden is on the government of barbados is to provide health care for all Barbadian not only for paying foreigners .politians are going overseas for health care Barbadian are dying just listen to the obituary on morning they had to change de obituary music to a faster tune other wise they would have to call it obituary mornings with Pearson it will goes on for ever I also noticed no whites are dying and barbados are full of people that is no native to this land look around and see for a poor country that can’t afford basic healthcare for its poor and disabled,private doctors want ya house and car and ya son if ya lucky to have one to fix ya,so ya can’t win .had to write with a little humor because I have to other wise I will cry ,naked I don’t want to die yet.


  3. Peoples, peoples oh peoples, approximately 3000 persons die annually in Barbados, for varying reasons. This is nothing new…. People die!!!! REST IN PARADISE


  4. Sudden Death Syndrome.

    Not so. Heart Attacks. Stroke. High Blood Pressure. Angina. Hypertension. Blood Clots. Undiagnosed Cancers. Undiagnosed Heart Conditions and Heart Defects. Poor diets. Too much junk foods and Processed Foods. Too much Contaminated Foods. GM Foods. Chinese Foods. Lead in Imported Foods. Lack of home grown Naturally Produced Foods and Crops. Lack of and Poor Health Service. Too costly and Rip Off Doctor Surgeries. Overall Barbados gone to the Dogs. Only the Rich and Strong Survives


  5. What really happening in Barbados. Beside this woman at Foundation school, they found another woman dead at her home in Britons Hill today,


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