Erwin Boyce

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ERWIN BOYCE — Behold, your newly appointed Assistant Commissioner of Police.  Nakedites, can you vouch for this man?  Please let THE PEOPLE of Barbados know if this man can be trusted in this position of power or if he is a criminal (or not).


We already know that the Acting Commissioner of Police, Tyrone Griffith, is a criminal (not to mention also a drunk)! Naked Departure


Following is the full list of promotions released in a statement by the RBPF this afternoon:

To the post of Assistant Commissioner of Police

Senior Superintendent Erwin Boyce

To the post of Senior Superintendent

Superintendent Lybron Sobers

To the post of Superintendent

Assistant Superintendent Colvin Bishop

Assistant Superintendent Bruce Rowe

Assistant Superintendent McDonald Woodroffe

Assistant Superintendent John Annel

Assistant Superintendent Sylvester Louis

Inspector Margaret Stephen

To the post of Assistant Superintendent

Inspector Anthony Jackman

Inspector Ian Branch

Inspector Graham Husbands

Inspector David Griffith

To the post of Inspector

Station Sergeant Christine Stanford

Station Sergeant Dale Crichlow

Station Sergeant Eustace Ifill

Station Sergeant Adrian Broomes

Station Sergeant Mark White

Station Sergeant Dennis Small

Station Sergeant Cecil Watson

Station Sergeant Paul Lynch

Station Sergeant Clement Depeiza

Station Sergeant Aldric Chandler

To the post of Station Sergeant

Sergeant Peter Gill

Sergeant Clifford Bridgeman

Sergeant Rudolph Burnett

Sergeant Winston Goddard

Sergeant Janice Ifill

Sergeant Edwin Sandiford

Sergeant Wendley Carter

Sergeant Dudley Walrond

Sergeant Glyne Yearwood

Sergeant Ensley Grainger

Sergeant Clyde Gibson

Sergeant Patrick Gill

Sergeant Oriel Benjamin

Sergeant Adrian Layne

To the post of Sergeant

Constable Pierson Scantlebury

Constable Desmond Howard

Constable Leon King

Constable Leon Jordan

Constable Peter Small

Constable Michael Blackman

Constable Trevor Woodroffe

Constable Colin Allamby

Constable Candacy Maynard

Constable Shawn Lynch

Constable Clairmonte Waithe

Constable Kevin Boyce

Constable Tony King

Constable Gazelda Knight

Constable Emerson Jones

Constable Augustin Jacob

Constable Robert Smith

Constable Newton Lewis

Constable Judean Greene

Constable Davy Griffith

Roy Morris FIRED!!!!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ROY MORRIS — Word on the street is that Roy Morris, serial accused-rapist, has been fired from the Nation Publication.


If this is true, we are seeing conscience and morals put into place in Barbados, in the workplace.  Young women can once again work in that space without fear of being attacked by Roy Morris!  Naked Departure has pushed for this outcome by showing the abnormality of having a serial accused rapist as a boss.

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Nation employees will now sleep easy!  Let’s hope someone with morals is put in this most important position.  Naked Departure

Ronald Watson of Barbados Transport Board; Video

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — VIDEO — RONALD WATSON — Naked, there is this man that works for the government that had my friend a couple of years ago.  The two of them broke up about three months ago.  He horned her with this lil c****nt he got.

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The things my friend did for him, trust me, I would never ever do for a man.  He never lack for nothing.  My friend always did for him.  And now he bout the place talking shit bout the woman.  She ain’t a bad woman, she got a good heart. He is a doggggg!  Ungrateful!  Working in government and like to show off and like attention, want the women to feel like he got it all.  But the lil c****nt will get her share.  Thank god my friend working and she comfortable at sheself.  Dog like he!


The girl he got her name is Cecelia Tucker from Chateaubelair, St Vincent and the man’s name is Ronald Watson from St James, working at Transport Board in Mangrove, St Philip.

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Naked, the new wife is on medication.  Her last child was born with *********, lived a few months and then died.  They got married on October 1st last year.  Her friends and family are telling her to tell him the truth.

Naked Departure

The Immortal Cells of Henrietta Lacks

WORLD WITHOUT END/IMMORTALITY (Naked Departure) — HENRIETTA LACKS — THERE was once a woman who had immortal cells.  These immortal cells have multiplied to the point that if you were to weigh all of them that live today, they’d weigh about 50 million metric tons, which is about as much as 100 Empire State Buildings.

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So who was this woman and why are scientists keeping about 50 million metric tons of her cells supplied with fresh nutrients so they can live on?  The woman was Henrietta Lacks and her immortal cells have been essential in curing polio; gene mapping; learning how cells work; developing drugs to treat cancer, herpes, leukemia, influenza, hemophilia, Parkinson’s disease, AIDS… The list goes on and on and on.  If it deals with the human body and has been studied by scientists, odds are, they needed and used Henrietta’s immortal cells somewhere along the way.  Her cells were even sent up to space on an unmanned satellite to determine whether or not human tissue could survive in zero gravity.

Go to just about any cell culture lab in the world and you’ll find billions of Henrietta’s cells stored there.  What’s unique about her cells is that, not only do they never die, in contrast to normal human cells which will die after a few replications, but her cells can also live and replicate just fine outside of the human body, which is also unique among humans.  Give her cells the nutrients they need to survive and they will live and replicate along forever, apparently (almost 60 years and counting since the first culture was taken). They can even be frozen for literally decades and later thawed and they will go right on replicating.

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Before her cells were discovered and widely cultured, it was nearly impossible for scientists to reliably experiment on cells and get meaningful results.  Cell cultures that scientists would try to study would weaken and die very quickly outside the human body.  Her cells gave scientists, for the first time, a “standard” that they could use to test things on.  Even better, her cells can survive being shipped in the mail just fine, so scientists across the globe can all use the same standard from which to test against.

Henrietta Lacks herself was an impoverished black woman who died on October 4, 1951 of cervical cancer at the age of just 31 years old.  It was during getting her cancer treated that a doctor at Johns Hopkins took a sample of her tumor without her knowledge or consent and sent it over to a colleague of his, Dr. George Gey; Dr. Gey  had been trying for 20 years, unsuccessfully, to grow human tissues from cultures.   A lab assistant there, Mary Kubicek, discovered that Henrietta’s cells, unlike normal human cells, could live and replicate outside the body.

Henrietta died of uremic poisoning, in the segregated hospital ward for blacks, about eight months after being diagnosed with cervical cancer; never knowing that her cells would become one of the most vital tools in modern medicine and would spawn a multi-billion dollar industry where her replicated cells would be bought and sold by the billions.

She was survived by her husband and five children, the surviving members of which still to this day live in poverty (one who is homeless on the streets of Baltimore) and were long ignorant of the importance of Henrietta’s cells to modern medicine.

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Bonus Facts:

  • A few days after the “March for the Cure” for polio, Henrietta Lacks visited John Hopkins after developing a painful knot in her cervix.  Little did she or anyone else know, just a few short years later, subsequent events as a result of her visit, would help provide the cure for polio the nation so desperately needed.
  • On the day of Henrietta’s death, Dr. George Gey, the head of Hopkins tissue-culture research lab, holding up a vial of Henrietta’s cells to TV cameras, announced to the world a new age of medical research had begun; one that would allow scientists to come up with cures for things like cancer.  It was a very short while  later that Dr. Jonas Salk was able to cure polio with the help of her cells, which had recently been put into mass production.
  • When Henrietta’s cells were originally taken, they were given the code name “HeLa”, the first two letters in Henrietta and Lacks.  When members of the press got close to finding the source of the cells and came close to finding Henrietta’s family, the researcher who grew the cells made up a pseudonym, Helen Lane, to try to keep the source of the cells anonymous.  Because of this, her real name wasn’t publicly known until the 1970s.
  • Henrietta’s immortal cells weren’t just important in aiding in finding cures for diseases and the like, they also ended up indirectly causing major reform in how scientists worked with cell cultures, in terms of making sure that samples weren’t contaminated.  While studying some breast cancer and prostate cells, one scientist discovered what he was actually looking at were Henrietta’s cells.  What had happened was that Henrietta’s cells floated on dust particles in the air, and managed to survive doing so, and contaminated all the cultures in the area.  This created a big problem as it turned out this wasn’t an isolated incident and scientists had been unknowingly working with many samples contaminated with Henrietta’s cells.
  • When Henrietta’s husband first learned about his wife’s cells, he misinterpreted what the doctor was telling him on the phone due to the fact that he only had a 3rd grade education; he thought the doctor was telling him that his wife was still alive and scientists had been keeping her in a laboratory for the last 25 years and using her to experiment on.
  • Henrietta’s cells were the first human biological materials ever bought and sold.  This literally launched a multi-billion dollar industry.  Henrietta’s family and descendants almost all live in poverty, including one of her sons that is homeless in Baltimore.  The family has not been able to hire a lawyer to try to get what they feel is their cut out of each sale of their mother’s cultured cells.
  • The Lacks family lived in Lackstown, which is land located in Clover Virginia.  The land was given to the black Lacks family by the white Lacks family, who had owned, as slaves, the ancestors of the black Lackses.  Quite a few of the black Lacks’ were also descendants of the white Lacks’.
  • Henrietta Lacks’ body lies in an unmarked plot on the family burial ground next to her now abandoned and falling down childhood house.  Nobody knows which grave plot is hers.

Naked Departure (Wikipedia/internet news)


Will Barbados Rise in the Healing of Self, or will it Crash and Burn?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure Radio) — TODAY’s show we talked about the raping of young children and the selling of grown people for cheap labor (black laborers/wealthy whites).  Changes need to be made in Barbados, the model.  Will you rise to the occasion or crash and burn?   PLEASE EXCUSE the beginning of the show which had terrific feedback.  Naked Departure


Drug Lord Orders Killing of SM Communications Agent

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHANITA MAYERS — Naked, Shanita Mayers from S M Communications is a wicked woman and I would like to know what I do she that two men can turn up at my place with guns to kill me and my children.

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Someone told me that she tyres get slashed and that because of the articles, she figured it was me and she drug lord father send these men for me.  I ain’t do this woman nothing fuh she to want to do this to me.  She knows that I see she Paul Hayward (ex employee of LIME) in she car last Sunday afternoon and she send she father for me?

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This is my message to her.  We know y’all together and that your vehicles get find with drugs in them and the police got them.  We know your father is in charge of this too cause ya cousin say so.  So try to study that and leave me alone Shanita.  Tell your father’s men to leave me.  Scared Agent

Naked Departure


INFLATION causes another DOWNGRADE in Barbados

BARBADOS/DEBT/INFLATION (Naked Departure) — Concerned that government continues to finance Barbados’ high debt and deficit through the continued and sustained printing of money, i.e., INFLATION, the Caribbean Information and Credit Rating Services Limited (CariCRIS) today lowered by one notch its ratings on the debt issue of US$300 million of the government of Barbados to CariBBB and CariBBB+ on its foreign and local currency rating, from CariBBB+ and CariA- respectively.

Naked Departure


Cole Archer-Bramao Casualty of Pothole in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — POTHOLES — Naked, this mother, Asi Archer, was forced to take her 12-year-old son, Cole Ryan Archer-Bramao, for medical attention.  He was almost killed because a driver dropped into a pothole and lost control of his car hitting the child who was waiting for a school bus at the bus stop.

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Meanwhile, Freundel was gloating recently that white people/tourists don’t mind potholes because they know that potholes are a minor, transitory inconvenience!  What is he saying now that a small, black child has been hit by a car in front of a hotel; because of one of his potholes?!


These potholes can cause injuries, damage to vehicles and death!  Interesting that he sees this as not being a big problem here in Barbados!  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Saccheen Laing – Tell Your Story of Sex Abuse

JAMAICA/MORAVIAN SEX SCANDAL (Naked Departure) — SACCHEEN LAING, poet — Saccheen Laing is the latest poet to sound off on the Moravian pastor sex scandal that has rocked Jamaica.

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Laing, in a poem entitled Young Girl, tells the story of a female child who is being sexually abused by a pastor. The traumatised child is forced to face her abuser each Sunday at church while the congregation and even the child’s mother, turns a blind eye to his crimes.

Two weeks ago, a 15-year-old girl was allegedly found in a compromising position with a 64-year-old Moravian pastor, who has since been charged with rape.


The case has attracted widespread interest and brought the controversial subject of sexual abuse in the church into the national spotlight. Over the weekend, another poet, Sonya Stewart, released a poem, under the headline Shocked, Ashamed and Mortified, on the subject.

See full text of Laing’s poem here.   Naked Departure

Thieving and Disbarred Therold Fields in the News Again

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — THEROLD FIELDS — The disbarred and dishonest attorney is in the news again.  Naked, is this not the same ex-lawyer Therold Fields who was disbarred over a year ago for robbing an elderly lady of all her money, then fighting the case all the way to the supreme court of appeals where he lost and was then disbarred?!  Naked, he put that woman through hell, victimized her using the court system, when all he was in the end is a lying, Bajan thief and hypocrite!

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Naked, the mere fact that he was disbarred in Barbados was testimony as to how bold and thieving he was!  Usually, thieving attorneys (Michael Carrington, et al.) get a pass!  Well, he is again the defendant in court for robbing employees their vacation pay.


Naked, do the lawyers in Barbados have a thieving curse?  Why must they always steal from clients and employees?  Why must they always sell out their clients?   How do they live comfortably in a community that they defraud/rob?  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Raped by Members of my Family in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — INCEST — Naked, I am being badly raped and abused by two members of my family.  It hurts really bad.  First, it was my father.  I suffer, you don’t know how much I suffer.  I want to tell but Naked, I am so afraid.  Sometimes when I think I am telling, the words are not coming out, I think I go mute with fear.

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Recently, my biggest brother just all of a sudden put his nasty hands over my mouth to attack me.  I can tell he was j*****rking off because his hands smelled stink stink stink.  I bit him and screamed ‘not you too, not you too’.  And he asked me who else is f*****ping me.  I told him daddy.  Naked, I was most shocked!  Naked, people in the world won’t believe this, but it is true.  It happened to me and I will never forget it.


Naked, my brother continued to rape me really bad, it really hurt and then when he was done he put on a serious face and voice and said “I will  have to speak to daddy about what you told me!  That is not right!  Don’t worry sis, I will speak to him about that!”    Anonymous

Naked Departure

Rechell Carter

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — RECHELL CARTER – Naked, this one name Rechell Carter making people feel she is someone on the glam and on the streets.  But Rechell, you int nobody you illiterate wh********e!

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You use f*****ing Matthew till he learn sense.  That lil girl you got womanish and she is talk yuh name bad is c**nt.  I surprise you and Amina last so long but wanna is two wh****s alike, but thing you is f***p for something and she good for nothing.

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How you still f****ping Pug and Nikita too.  You would do anything for anything.  How you is feel keeping Nikita child and she never did like you and you was glad she child dead and you did only want Pug to got that ape you and he make.  How you is bring men to lay down with you and that lil girl?  Nasty sl***!  Since you got so much why not go and live on yuh own?  You would really now suffer.  You need to go back to school, illiterate well-pu*****y wh*****e!   Anonymous

Naked Departure


Rechell Carter
Rechell Carter