12-y/o boy injured in pothole incident

Cole Archer-Bramao Casualty of Pothole in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — POTHOLES — Naked, this mother, Asi Archer, was forced to take her 12-year-old son, Cole Ryan Archer-Bramao, for medical attention.  He was almost killed because a driver dropped into a pothole and lost control of his car hitting the child who was waiting for a school bus at the bus stop.

Wow! New Designed Dresses!

Meanwhile, Freundel was gloating recently that white people/tourists don’t mind potholes because they know that potholes are a minor, transitory inconvenience!  What is he saying now that a small, black child has been hit by a car in front of a hotel; because of one of his potholes?!


These potholes can cause injuries, damage to vehicles and death!  Interesting that he sees this as not being a big problem here in Barbados!  Anonymous

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “Cole Archer-Bramao Casualty of Pothole in Barbados”

  1. No politicians from the DLP is going to come to anybody home come elections for what. they all are all millionaires and will be getting a fat pension. , you should have seen John Boyce hevwas was like a dog begging for a vote all he wanted was 5 more years when he found out he get back in that man treat de people like pig shit .


  2. You really think that Freundal Stuart gives two f**** about black people , or have any uses for them except at election time?
    All of those people who were forced to abandoned their water toilets because of a shortage of water,and all of those residents on the south coast whose properties were overrun with sewage, should have all kept a few buckets full of these products and throw on these f****** at election time when they come crawling around like rats ,begging for votes.


  3. Anonymous ! !
    MY brother you don’t have to be driving fast to lose control of a Vehicle
    these Well’s in the Road or Oil can caused this effect , once the tyre blew the Vehicle would Pull to the Left or Right , base on the side that hit in the well !


    1. Spoken like a true expert. I’ve seen a vehicle overturned after dropping. into a pot hole. Even without a blowout, it upsets the design centre of gravity,which controls the tipping angle of the vehicle, if a rear wheel drops into the pot hole.


  4. That’s exactly what the Government wants , driver’s to do, killed Pedestrians and themselves with these Well’s in the Road’s , I’m in my 40ts and have never seen Barbados & it’s Road’s in Such a Collapse state
    Of affairs, this is Historic ! ! ! I Saw a driver the Other night blew two tyre’s in One hit ! ! !


  5. Steupse. How fast was he going that a pothole made him lose control? He would have to be driving at a wreckless speed. Don’t blame the potholes, blame the asshole that was driving like a moron.


  6. The ministers and all the politicians need to watch their stupid mouths, karma is swift, no waiting period.

    Fruendel should be ashamed for what he said and should apologize to this black child and his mother for not fixing potholes fir years. Fruendel was playing for the white gallery of tourists before with his backward juvenile statements about nothing being wrong with potholes, time to manup to his own black people now.

    As for that idiot Dennis Kellman, a pothole nearly cost this child his life, not save it, that should answer his stupid question about potholes saving lives… what a ragtag bunch of losers and illiterates for leaders..


  7. Shows how much our lives matter to these people but hey, we WILL still vote when elections come around. We better face it; WE LIKE IT SO!!!


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