Shanita Mayers NOT paying employees

Drug Lord Orders Killing of SM Communications Agent

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHANITA MAYERS — Naked, Shanita Mayers from S M Communications is a wicked woman and I would like to know what I do she that two men can turn up at my place with guns to kill me and my children.

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Someone told me that she tyres get slashed and that because of the articles, she figured it was me and she drug lord father send these men for me.  I ain’t do this woman nothing fuh she to want to do this to me.  She knows that I see she Paul Hayward (ex employee of LIME) in she car last Sunday afternoon and she send she father for me?

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This is my message to her.  We know y’all together and that your vehicles get find with drugs in them and the police got them.  We know your father is in charge of this too cause ya cousin say so.  So try to study that and leave me alone Shanita.  Tell your father’s men to leave me.  Scared Agent

Naked Departure


15 thoughts on “Drug Lord Orders Killing of SM Communications Agent”

  1. This young lady has come in to a lot of money in a short space of time she have car rental with a fleet of ten car spa business sending her parents to United Kingdom United States and Africa buying new jeep she traveling eight to nine in 3 mouths lavish lifestyle something is not right at 24 years no no something just isn’t adding up.


  2. Keep putting her up no one will employ her ever again she is to unfair and wicked .Owe to many ppl you trying to tell me 100 french men wrong . Half of the wicked things this woman do int get put on blast . Wicked bitch


  3. The Truth aka _______ _____ you need to read carefully between the lines of one of the responses to this post. I’m not going to tell you which one. Your mind is slow, but I’ll suggest that you don’t take all the time in the world. We are living in a modern society. Travel safely. I’ll try saying yet another prayer for you.


    1. You have your views and I have mine’s and you always ready to call ppl names and think you know bout ppl but Thomas Harris aka _________ ________ I don’t even think you is Peter brother, cuss me but my small mind can only think so far , I will pray for me


  4. Be careful the Barbados police work in hand with a lot of the drug lords/syndicates in Barbados who feel they are untouchable. Barbados police from fist hand experience use intimidation, blackmail and threats as they are easily bribed to be part of the action or look the other way.


  5. You seems to want to destroy this lady now her family,please stop it the stories you had written before had me mad at the young lady but this one her makes you look like an a***s ,if someone came to shoot me I will be looking for the next flight out of barbados cause i have no gun and the police can’t Protect me 24×7 not come on naked acting like a bad man or it’s it that you have your guns and crew ready for a show down or even better except the police who we all know is in here send the task force at the lady house,I don’t know this young lady but I think you taking this to another uncall level .Karma is no one friend so please stop while you are still ahead.people gets tried of the same shift every day


  6. What her father men should do is get the cheuques correct and call who she owe before a real hit man get her . Months and months this going on and no body would not kill this woman


  7. SHE Ordering Hit’s on Women & none of her Staff Ordered any on her While Suffering under her hand’s , Shame on you Lady bird ! ! ! Very Cowardly behavior !


  8. GUN MEN ! Need’s not to Confront Women with Gun’s ! Its cowardly !
    What the Fauck ! ! ! Have you Called in the Police , do you have any Bad Man in the Family or Real Bad Man boyfriend ! ! ! Leave this Lady alone Gun Men , I don’t respect this Cowardly behavior against a helpless Woman , that’s excessive bad behavior , before Real Bad Man ! BAJAN to the bone was her boyfriend and present at the time of Play ! ! I always Faucking Strapped with my big Forty Five & 5 Extra Clip’s ! ! and my Security detailed always close by ! ! That Place would be left Very foggy ! With two Man on the Ground . Back Off Please & have respect for Our Women ! ! Good !


  9. Shanita deals with only drug lords .Becareful she deal with decons farm men also . Please protect yourself. You could imagaine that she wrong she owe so many ppl but she gine want to do shite to ppl.


  10. If they were sent to kill you you would be dead silly girl. That was just a scare tactic. You feel somebody gonna turn up with guns to kill you and don’t do it? LOL


  11. Sorry to hear! But it always amazes me that people put things on Naked Departure, with details only them will know and THEN run scared, when the victims realize who they are and retaliate.

    People cannot have it both ways. When you rip somebody to shreds, they will look for ways to do the same to you. Because they are hurting and want to hurt you and anybody close to you as well.

    We are dealing with a different society now, one that is more aggressive. Don’t come here complaining now.
    Call the police.
    Karma is a bitch.


    1. Many are of the view that we are still living in the old Barbados, where if you offend someone, you can look forward a cussing and some cut eyes.
      Todays cussing and cut eyes come in the form of an AK47 or a Glock.
      And as 1Thessalonians 4: 11 advises us, “…………………….and make it your ambition to lead a quiet life. You should mind your own business….”


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