Erwin Boyce

Erwin Boyce

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ERWIN BOYCE — Behold, your newly appointed Assistant Commissioner of Police.  Nakedites, can you vouch for this man?  Please let THE PEOPLE of Barbados know if this man can be trusted in this position of power or if he is a criminal (or not).


We already know that the Acting Commissioner of Police, Tyrone Griffith, is a criminal (not to mention also a drunk)! Naked Departure


Following is the full list of promotions released in a statement by the RBPF this afternoon:

To the post of Assistant Commissioner of Police

Senior Superintendent Erwin Boyce

To the post of Senior Superintendent

Superintendent Lybron Sobers

To the post of Superintendent

Assistant Superintendent Colvin Bishop

Assistant Superintendent Bruce Rowe

Assistant Superintendent McDonald Woodroffe

Assistant Superintendent John Annel

Assistant Superintendent Sylvester Louis

Inspector Margaret Stephen

To the post of Assistant Superintendent

Inspector Anthony Jackman

Inspector Ian Branch

Inspector Graham Husbands

Inspector David Griffith

To the post of Inspector

Station Sergeant Christine Stanford

Station Sergeant Dale Crichlow

Station Sergeant Eustace Ifill

Station Sergeant Adrian Broomes

Station Sergeant Mark White

Station Sergeant Dennis Small

Station Sergeant Cecil Watson

Station Sergeant Paul Lynch

Station Sergeant Clement Depeiza

Station Sergeant Aldric Chandler

To the post of Station Sergeant

Sergeant Peter Gill

Sergeant Clifford Bridgeman

Sergeant Rudolph Burnett

Sergeant Winston Goddard

Sergeant Janice Ifill

Sergeant Edwin Sandiford

Sergeant Wendley Carter

Sergeant Dudley Walrond

Sergeant Glyne Yearwood

Sergeant Ensley Grainger

Sergeant Clyde Gibson

Sergeant Patrick Gill

Sergeant Oriel Benjamin

Sergeant Adrian Layne

To the post of Sergeant

Constable Pierson Scantlebury

Constable Desmond Howard

Constable Leon King

Constable Leon Jordan

Constable Peter Small

Constable Michael Blackman

Constable Trevor Woodroffe

Constable Colin Allamby

Constable Candacy Maynard

Constable Shawn Lynch

Constable Clairmonte Waithe

Constable Kevin Boyce

Constable Tony King

Constable Gazelda Knight

Constable Emerson Jones

Constable Augustin Jacob

Constable Robert Smith

Constable Newton Lewis

Constable Judean Greene

Constable Davy Griffith

13 thoughts on “Erwin Boyce”

  1. It’s apity that there are sargeants out there doin the jobs of station sargeants and running stations for years and are not being promoted. Who the dog like he licks and who he don’t he kicks. Don’t worry guys, every dog has his day and your day will come. SMFH


  2. When you DON’T know somebody good. Like mothers in the court yard talking bout he is a good boy. Good man my ass now he at the top you going finally see he ass. As for getting the the force in order Griffith was dealt the same hand he do Dottin. I glad for he. Wait things gine now come out.


  3. But it makes you wonder. With all of this top police training , qualification and years of experience, the boss of these Police ‘Generals,’ is an effing nit wit called Adriel Brathwaite.


  4. Cuss Acting COP Tyrone Griffith all you like, he has honed the Royal Barbados Police Force into unit that is the envy of many.
    He may not have the overseas top dog training and qualification to satisfy the top brass , in making him COP, but we have to admire his ability to get the job done.
    As a graduate of one of the top military police staff colleges, Mr Boyce is destined to excel, as well.


  5. Erwin Boyce is a good man, he deserve his promotion. I worked with him from the time he was a constable always respectful of other people, don’t matter who you are he would treat you fair. You could tell that he was bought up with discipline. Congrats Mr. Boyce.


  6. ALL Reports give the Gentleman a Passing Grade ! but don’t let additional Power get to your head now Sir ! ! Bajan to the bone ! ! ! Would be the first to Launch an attack ! ! Verbal !!!!! So my Congratulations Sir ! !


  7. From all reports he he a good person one of the few at the top and i mean very few, it is said he treats people with respect. He is not like de nasty rest like LILIA STRICKLAND.


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