INFLATION causes another DOWNGRADE in Barbados

BARBADOS/DEBT/INFLATION (Naked Departure) — Concerned that government continues to finance Barbados’ high debt and deficit through the continued and sustained printing of money, i.e., INFLATION, the Caribbean Information and Credit Rating Services Limited (CariCRIS) today lowered by one notch its ratings on the debt issue of US$300 million of the government of Barbados to CariBBB and CariBBB+ on its foreign and local currency rating, from CariBBB+ and CariA- respectively.

Naked Departure


5 thoughts on “INFLATION causes another DOWNGRADE in Barbados”

  1. Never wanna see a bajan man again
    January 11, 2017 at 3:51 pm
    Wunna DLP loyalists should blame the BLP for this one too..Stewpse@@@
    This goes back as far as 1986 June, It takes 30 years for a PONZI to crash, Most think We never figure out what they did , But We did,
    this is where your tax and vat went too
    , We will not show all but here we go get the idea,
    Its land fraud, Its laundering of the land, by MIA and Owen”BLP” with the land tax department Wayne Forde, Lawyer SamanthaCummins of NHC, They took much of the land i own , also with the UDC with the MOF was in charge there under the DLP, They transfer land tax numbers to friends and family and then act as the owners and paid them self .140 house missing under the BLP MIA and OWEN and the cost of the land,, 500 $Million missing,from NHC the DLP took over and had proof and buried it and kept going on the fraud, Ministers took turns at the estate of 200 to 300 plantation with the help of COW and Bizzy Williams and other, All the land they acquired from my Estate they paid friends and family and then offshore the money. Took the money out of Bim and return nothing ,
    NHC 500 Million+
    UDC 100 Million+
    CLICO !00s of million in land fraud
    Sargico 100 of Millions
    100 million a year for roads with Sir COW
    Sam Lords land fraud
    Yearwood & Boyce G.Dennis Clearke
    Carrington &Sealy Ivan N Jessamy , Fiona J Hinds, Mark Forde
    Ralph Bizzy Williams
    Sir Henry Forde
    Sir Richard L Cheltenham Phd,Qc, All the Sirs in Barbados but Sir Garry
    Richard Byer
    Laundering by the Central Bank ,
    Tera real estate , selling what they have no “Clear title” for to overseas whites.
    Junk Bond sold to white people , the same white people that get all the work , When the bonds are due ,they come up with reasons and ploys to raise the VAT and TAX, to pay the same whites on the bonds, 1997 owen and mia BLP UDC vat 15% of 20 years and cant sign deeds or show housing , NHC lands under the laundered in the name of the CROWN land went to the big white boys,
    NHC 140 houses missing at 42 million alone plus the cost of the land
    High Court 150 million + 80 Million land
    BWA building in the PINE 25 Million
    ABC highway 80 Miilion from 1985 unpaid,
    The only Person in Government telling the truth is the Auditor General .
    DPP and COP turn their back on the true , 90% of the lawyers in Barbados need to be in Jail,
    The Barbados government is full of Niggers selling out the People , Island to anyone with Money, they owe 90$ Million in rent also permonth they are not paying also recorded, Both BLP and DLP must be removed to see clear ,Make sure you vote CUP they know the truth,They did the work,Some info not all,


  2. If these mash up and can’t build back c**** do not jack their hands in and call a general election, then we know that their aim all along was to ‘rubbish’ Barbados. They could now sit back and declare “Mission Accomplished.”
    Even their number 1 squawking yardfowl, Maureen Holder,in this morning call-in programme, shifted her views of how many Bajans are now seeing the Prime Minister.


  3. ONLY Last night as I took my Grand mother for a drive along the POSH WEST COAST ! Of Barbados I Started to Wonder how can a country deca in Eight Year’s like this , Serious POT HOLE’S all along the West Coast , When I dropped in the first One my Granny Scream Out ! I thought Someone had recognized BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! Real Bad Man and Shot Out my tyre’s , I quickly draw my Forty Five that was Strap Granny quickly Shout Out ! It’s a Pot hole Son , not the Government Agent’s Shooting at ya ! So I quickly re Strapped ! Pot hole’s in front Wave’s Hotel Payne’s bay road ! Club Barbados Hotel ! Glitter Bay Hotel ! and these are Serious Hole’s ! I look to my Granny and Said do you believed this West Coast Pay’s the Bill’s Of Barbados & in Such DECA ! the Whole of the West Coast need’s URGENT Patching ! From Milling’s to Wave’s Hotel
    in Prospect ! I have never Seen Barbados like this in alllll my Year’s ! Road’s in Massive disrepair , Water Shortage’s , People dropping dead like flyes , Poisonous and expired food’s being allowed in Barbados & on Our Supermarket Sheaves ! Down grades Left Right & Center , Massive decline in Tourism & Spending from the few broke tourist , an avalanche of broke tourist on Our Bus Service’s ,that’s Subsidies for our local People , the broke tourist is Running a Mock ! Of it ! While the Transport Board Struggle’s to Pay it’s Bill’s & Keep it’s Fleet on the Road’s ! Solution !!! Charge all Tourist $5 US per person to travel on our buses , Locals would Continue to Pay $2 , the broke tourist then have a Choice leave the buses for the Poor People & take Taxis our pay the $5 us , not come here and live off the back’s of Poor Barbadians ! Shameful ! ! ! ! Barbadians would Present they Identification Card’s When Boarding the bus that the driver would no who is BAJAN ! ! In Other Word’s all Persons boarding buses would present ID ! including tourist ! Good ! PART 1 ! PART 2 tomorrow . Real Bad Man ! ! ! !


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