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Raped by Members of my Family in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — INCEST — Naked, I am being badly raped and abused by two members of my family.  It hurts really bad.  First, it was my father.  I suffer, you don’t know how much I suffer.  I want to tell but Naked, I am so afraid.  Sometimes when I think I am telling, the words are not coming out, I think I go mute with fear.

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Recently, my biggest brother just all of a sudden put his nasty hands over my mouth to attack me.  I can tell he was j*****rking off because his hands smelled stink stink stink.  I bit him and screamed ‘not you too, not you too’.  And he asked me who else is f*****ping me.  I told him daddy.  Naked, I was most shocked!  Naked, people in the world won’t believe this, but it is true.  It happened to me and I will never forget it.


Naked, my brother continued to rape me really bad, it really hurt and then when he was done he put on a serious face and voice and said “I will  have to speak to daddy about what you told me!  That is not right!  Don’t worry sis, I will speak to him about that!”    Anonymous

Naked Departure

7 thoughts on “Raped by Members of my Family in Barbados”

  1. YA ! See the Cunt brother & Daddy both RRRRRR Very SICKKKKKK ! ! Get some Rat Poison & Put it in they Food or Some Acid and throw in they eyes when they are asleep , it would Stop instant , Stop being the Victim & be the Victor ! ! ! ! Go to the Hardware Store and buy it or bicycle Solution and put it in the Stray Dog’s Food ! ! Good don’t let me here two week’s from now it still happening ! the reason you came here is for help
    You have it now ! ! Go !


  2. They are many mentally disturbed functioning individuals in Barbados. Most of them are Managers, Executives, high profile individuals, Priest, etc..that are living undiagnosed.

    This telling someone is NOT working. Tell everyone!!!


  3. What will he speak to the father about? Taking turns with her? This is honestly disgusting… I would advise you to tell a family member you trust to get you help to get out of that situation. If I never came on this blog I would be aware of high this incest rape is in Barbados.


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