Rechell Carter

Rechell Carter

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — RECHELL CARTER – Naked, this one name Rechell Carter making people feel she is someone on the glam and on the streets.  But Rechell, you int nobody you illiterate wh********e!

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You use f*****ing Matthew till he learn sense.  That lil girl you got womanish and she is talk yuh name bad is c**nt.  I surprise you and Amina last so long but wanna is two wh****s alike, but thing you is f***p for something and she good for nothing.

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How you still f****ping Pug and Nikita too.  You would do anything for anything.  How you is feel keeping Nikita child and she never did like you and you was glad she child dead and you did only want Pug to got that ape you and he make.  How you is bring men to lay down with you and that lil girl?  Nasty sl***!  Since you got so much why not go and live on yuh own?  You would really now suffer.  You need to go back to school, illiterate well-pu*****y wh*****e!   Anonymous

Naked Departure


Rechell Carter
Rechell Carter

8 thoughts on “Rechell Carter”

  1. Its people like these who come in here with a bunch of sh** and lies, and when somebody who may have a genuine case come along, it may be treated with some scepticism.


  2. U and nobody can’t do. Ya cussed out de woman in Ferniehurst that used to feed and make sure ya child get a good night sleep. That lil girl ain’t got no manner, ya always on fb & ig bragging bout she and ain’t even go respect for ya. U is a real nasty dog


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