Ronald Watson

Ronald Watson of Barbados Transport Board; Video

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — VIDEO — RONALD WATSON — Naked, there is this man that works for the government that had my friend a couple of years ago.  The two of them broke up about three months ago.  He horned her with this lil c****nt he got.

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The things my friend did for him, trust me, I would never ever do for a man.  He never lack for nothing.  My friend always did for him.  And now he bout the place talking shit bout the woman.  She ain’t a bad woman, she got a good heart. He is a doggggg!  Ungrateful!  Working in government and like to show off and like attention, want the women to feel like he got it all.  But the lil c****nt will get her share.  Thank god my friend working and she comfortable at sheself.  Dog like he!


The girl he got her name is Cecelia Tucker from Chateaubelair, St Vincent and the man’s name is Ronald Watson from St James, working at Transport Board in Mangrove, St Philip.

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Naked, the new wife is on medication.  Her last child was born with *********, lived a few months and then died.  They got married on October 1st last year.  Her friends and family are telling her to tell him the truth.

Naked Departure

8 thoughts on “Ronald Watson of Barbados Transport Board; Video”

  1. You sound like the friend he had and left for that woman.Why would you go to such an extreme as though your life depended on it for a friend and calling the man a dog at the end ?
    Get use to it loser, you are not the first Bajan woman to be used,abused and discarded…clearly Ronald Watson didn’t want you ,he wanted to marry a ” no Bajan ”
    The wife got all those faults and you en got NONE and yet Ronald dumped you like a used and discarded napkin and went and marry her…what is that telling you ? you en sh8 when the gully out.


  2. DE woman got on toe nails for finger nails. The man have not once look in de woman face I wonder why .when ya get to that age I believe in they mid 60s and or ya don’t have de money to do it the usual way NO PIC PLEASE.


  3. Wait that was a wedding?if I did them I would do that over so much was wrong first couldn’t someone tell her about de bra straps and they like them did in a seller could put in some flowers move de phone and book and someone could Of giveen her pre wedding gift some dentures or tell her not to open her mon and when ring drop when de groom putting it on de bride TROBLE in de marriage and last ..why didn’t the grooms kiss the bride . NOW Writer you jealous is shite de man int married you .


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