Roy Morris

Roy Morris FIRED!!!!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ROY MORRIS — Word on the street is that Roy Morris, serial accused-rapist, has been fired from the Nation Publication.


If this is true, we are seeing conscience and morals put into place in Barbados, in the workplace.  Young women can once again work in that space without fear of being attacked by Roy Morris!  Naked Departure has pushed for this outcome by showing the abnormality of having a serial accused rapist as a boss.

Wow! New Designed Dresses!

Nation employees will now sleep easy!  Let’s hope someone with morals is put in this most important position.  Naked Departure

10 thoughts on “Roy Morris FIRED!!!!”

  1. Thomas, are you talking about that failed restuarant in christ church, what income what you mean you are mooching off CGI policyholder’s monthly payments and money not paid to injured claimants, you fraud.

    Name just one successful business you have, not your brother’s, one you started from scratch and still manage successfully, not one where you work for someone.


  2. Sleazy Thomas Harris, you trying to put Roy Morris as a spy on ND, you know full well he is Peter Harris’ little bitch, why wont Peter take Roy back at barbadostoday seeing as he is still used by him.

    That is all you nasty Harrises are good for, using then discarding people when they no longer serve your purpose and bajans are so dumb, they keep falling for those nasty antics,

    Dont waste your breath, you animals are too low class to ever use me, I would not even be caught dead speaking to a Harris in the streets, you are way beneath my social group.


    1. As a poor ass red n(##&r, you certainly have a lot of chat. You don’t work? Loser while you are wasting time on ND, my investments are bringing in an income for me. Prayers are lost on you.


  3. Yes he was good .but his pen seam to have written p out on major topic or Sombody had de brakes on he brain, cause he did bringing in de meat of the matter.So many topic de DROP DEAD problem,Ministers who have become millionaires in eight years, Suffering people who the Government has sent people like me liveing on small pension with high cost of living ,health care ,de large amount of Trini live in Barbados
    Emigration selling pass ports and visas and whores and sex rackets,nightclub Business.child sexual abusers, And ya lose out using de road satiation to sell more papers ,Spot the biggest hole and get a prize


  4. ROY You’re a good Journalist Open your own Company & Work on your Weakness , Pray Work’s ! ! !


  5. Roy saw it coming, for he has been knocking loudly on the doors of BarbadosToday. Sorry Roy, Kaymar is doing a good job. Go see if Anthony Bryan needs some help across the road at the Advocate. I’ll pray for Roy.


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