Thieving and Disbarred Therold Fields in the News Again

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — THEROLD FIELDS — The disbarred and dishonest attorney is in the news again.  Naked, is this not the same ex-lawyer Therold Fields who was disbarred over a year ago for robbing an elderly lady of all her money, then fighting the case all the way to the supreme court of appeals where he lost and was then disbarred?!  Naked, he put that woman through hell, victimized her using the court system, when all he was in the end is a lying, Bajan thief and hypocrite!

Wow! New Designed Dresses!

Naked, the mere fact that he was disbarred in Barbados was testimony as to how bold and thieving he was!  Usually, thieving attorneys (Michael Carrington, et al.) get a pass!  Well, he is again the defendant in court for robbing employees their vacation pay.


Naked, do the lawyers in Barbados have a thieving curse?  Why must they always steal from clients and employees?  Why must they always sell out their clients?   How do they live comfortably in a community that they defraud/rob?  Anonymous

Naked Departure

7 thoughts on “Thieving and Disbarred Therold Fields in the News Again”

  1. Michael Carrington is an exception to the rule concerning habitual and traditional thieving lawyers.
    When they become Members of Parliament they no longer have to, or need to steal from their clients……..they get an easy pass tiefing from the taxpayers.


  2. IT’S Called Survival , Only a few Lawyer’s in Barbados actually make’s Money , the rest Struggles to Survive like you & Me ! that’s why the Majority entered Politics & Politricks , to Continue they rampage of theft against it’s People ! The Bible Speaks Pacifically to Lawyer’s when it Said Woe to Lawyer’s , the Problem with lawyer’s is this , Criminal’s have no Money to Pay them , a lot of them went in to this Profession for Prestige & the false belief Of getting Rich Quick ! Not recognizing getting Rich don’t Come Overnight , So the Only Option left is to Steal from they Client’s and end Up ! before the Law Court’s and tarnished for Life , with a Small Island like Barbados we don’t need so much thieves ! ! the more attorneys enter the fray make’s it more difficult for the fraternity to Survived.! Attorney’s like Mr.Andrew Pilgrim who happens to be my attorney built his reputation over the year’s by his Bad Man Stance for his Client’s and fearless against the Corrupt Judiciary , that’s what make me like this Particular Attorney , all the Gangster’s and Bad Man Love’s him !
    He is also Very humble & down to earth , does not drive’s around a Mercedes Benz or BMW but Sometimes Ride a bicycle , how Cool can you be man ! That’s Cool ! Then you have Mr .Ralph Thorns happened to Married a Judge , but he is also a Gangster attorney and a Bad Man attorney , he Love’s to be well attired like a Mob Boss ! but he is the real deal for fighting the Corrupt Government & fearless is Rasshole also
    He fought for Well known Drug Men & Won , the Other Bad Man attorney is no Other than Mr .David Comissiong a Real Real Bad Man ! Gangster & freedom fighter for the Poor & down trodden these Men have built they Reputation by Working and Standing Up against a Corrupt Judicial System & Faucking fighting for they Client’s Rights & freedom ! Not by Stealing from their Client’s .

    My advice to you all Attorney’s that Struggling & Stealing from Client’s
    Work hard for what you want & for your Client’s, Stand Up ! For your Client’s against the Magistrate’s & Judge’s who have little respect for
    Accused Person’s & the Corrupt System you happened to be a Part of be fearless at Police Station’s & in Court ! don’t take bribes , We the Public would see & hire you on your uprightness & integrity ! & gangster Style !
    Representation ! That’s how those Three Bad Man Attorney’s got they Reputation over the Year’s ! ! ! Good ! And by the way none of them no who is this Real Bad Man ! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! I keep my Identity Concealed ! ! ! Real Bad Man ! ! ! !


  3. Greengiant, Grenville said it himself, the candidates he is grooming have and are benefitting from government contracts from the same heads and tails silver dollar in circulation who have robbed Bajans for decades.

    Employers, business people in Barbados have the same track record of being as dishonest as the same lawyers and government ministers, making them part of the heads and tails brigade and extension of both governments.

    It’s useless these people are alll now trying to distance themselves from both corrupt governments and the dishonest business people to whom they are aligned with now or in the past through sitting on insurance boards…such as Grenvillle sitting on the board of irectors of CGI Insurance, a well known unsavory company managed by the unsavory Peter Harris.

    Every bajan on the island have cause to be concerned when Grenville is hiding the identities if these business people who collude with the heads and tails silver dollar in circulation.

    You cannot take away anyone’s right to be concerned.


  4. Why are you so concerned with who Grenville Phillips is grooming to manage the affairs of this country?
    If it helps Therold Fields is not on the team. The reality is they are no lawyers as we have seen the results over several decades, so unless you support one of the other two depth developing parties who have robbed us for so long you shouldn’t be overly concerned.
    Some like you are really blinded by this political silver dollar in circulation one party is heads and the other tails, but it’s the same coin with equal value. That’s why their members can cross the bridge so easily as they both built it. Silly @ The Truth


  5. Was the money he stole from the senior citizen ever repaid or is he waiting for her to die.

    Is this the kind of business people Grenville Philips is grooming to lead Barbados.


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