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Thieving and Disbarred Therold Fields in the News Again

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — THEROLD FIELDS — The disbarred and dishonest attorney is in the news again.  Naked, is this not the same ex-lawyer Therold Fields who was disbarred over a year ago for robbing an elderly lady of all her money, then fighting the case all the way to the supreme court of appeals where he lost and was then disbarred?!  Naked, he put that woman through hell, victimized her using the court system, when all he was in the end is a lying, Bajan thief and hypocrite!

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Naked, the mere fact that he was disbarred in Barbados was testimony as to how bold and thieving he was!  Usually, thieving attorneys (Michael Carrington, et al.) get a pass!  Well, he is again the defendant in court for robbing employees their vacation pay.


Naked, do the lawyers in Barbados have a thieving curse?  Why must they always steal from clients and employees?  Why must they always sell out their clients?   How do they live comfortably in a community that they defraud/rob?  Anonymous

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Andre Omar Jackman AKA Lord Evil AKA Punchie

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ANDRE OMAR JACKMAN AKA LORD EVIL AKA PUNCHIE — Naked, this hooligan in conjunction with his lawyer Andrew Pilgrim has thus far made a mockery of the judicial system in Barbados.

Small business deals
Small business deals

First this murder accused was granted bail via a loophole that needs to be plugged ASAP.  Then the court or rather some ignoramus of a judicial officer extends his curfew so he could go to CLUB REHAB on Fontabelle to hold a “bachelor” party where Jamaican and Guyanese whores dance naked and sell p**sy.

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Whilst there, LORD EVIL in a drunken state pushes his fingers up into the vagina of one of the Jamaican dancers who objects and he punches and kicks her.  Others come to her aid and a brawl ensues with equipment in the club being damaged.

LORD EVIL is arrested AGAIN and through his cronies pays off CLUB REHAB owners and manager STEPHEN WALCOTT aka BOPPA threatens the Jamaican dancer who was sexually and physically assaulted by LORD EVIL, telling her that she would be fired and deported if she does not drop the charges.

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Holiday Picks for HIM – Ad

This ANIMAL should be locked up behind bars and should be given the same treatment that JOHN GOTTI, LESTER “JIM BROWN” COKE and DOLE CHADEE got that ended their pompous and criminal existences.

MAGISTRATE DOUGLAS FREDERICK, how much did you get from LORD EVIL to grant him bail?  You and the rest of crooked judicial officers like RANDALL WORRELL and CHRISTOPHER BIRCH need to be purged from the judicial system.  Charles Harris and Dick Walcott where are you when we so need you in this era?   Anonymous

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Ex-Government Minister and IMF Chief Christine Lagarde Goes on Trial

THE WORLD/FRANCE (Naked Departure) — CHRISTINE LAGARDE — The International Monetary Fund head, Christine Lagarde, has appeared before court on Monday in Paris, facing negligence charges over allowing a handout of $425 billion to a French tycoon, while being France’s finance minister in 2008.


Lagarde was described by AP as being “poised and serious” as she went on trial at the Court of Justice of the Republic, intended for proceedings against government ministers.

As we move throughout world news we find that people in the highest of places are questioned, held accountable in their respective positions of power and brought to justice (if need be), all places except Barbados.


Barbados is the only place thus far that we see ministers of government moving about with ease in criminal activities and above the law.  Not even a case of ‘negligence’ is brought up against them in the court seemingly established only for the poor and unrepresented blacks.  Naked Departure

Michael Lashley says Mia Mottley is a Fraud Attorney

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — MICHAEL LASHLEY — Three Cabinet ministers were summoned to appear before the Opposition-led Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament to answer a number of questions related to the operations of the state-run National Housing Corporation (NHC).  Committee Chairman and Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) leader, Mia Mottley, has apparently written to Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler, former Housing & Lands Minister Michael Lashley and his successor Denis Kellman requesting that they appear in person before the parliamentary committee, in light of concerns raised by the country’s Auditor-General Leigh Trotman about financial spending by the NHC.

In what can be called being professionally and politically incorrect, Michael Lashley responded, in an online Facebook comment, by saying:

“All the Ministers have to do is to ignore the requests to allend (sic).  Simple as that.  A person without a Law Certificate which is required by Law in Barbados to be considered as a Lawyer has no legal authority to summons anyone.”

Fraud attorneys, fraud architects, fraud doctors, fake independence….

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Liesel Weekes, Will you Move to DISBAR Michael Carrington?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — WHAT’S GOING TO CHANGE?  Naked, neither Liesel Weekes nor Adriel Nitwit Brathwaite addressed the fact that clients’ money need to be taken out of the hands of attorneys in Barbados.  Most attorneys in Barbados are EXTREMELY dishonest and like to hold onto clients’ money and clients’ properties for themselves for years and decades.  They wait for you to DIE.


Why is the bar association and the AG not addressing these crimes committed by lawyers the likes of like MICHAEL CARRINGTON, et al., against their clients.  TO NAME JUST A FEW, below are attorneys known for being dishonest.  None is in jail.

Why are all these groups: i.e., the bar association, disciplinary committee and the attorney general, still continuing to allow lawyers to steal from their clients on the island?

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WHEN is MICHAEL CARRINGTON going to face charges?  When?   WHAT’S GOING TO CHANGE?  Anonymous

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Shane Thompson

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHANE THOMPSON — Stay far away from crooked lawyer Shane Thompson of Holder & Company on Roebuck Street.  He is very dishonest and would sell out any client for financial gain.  Never ever use this leech unless you like giving away your hard-earned money.  Anonymous

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