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No Payday at DIGICEL

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — DIGICEL — Yall feel FLOW was bad under SM communications?  Things worst at Digicel who is in debt!


We at Digicel Play were not paid.  Payday was supposed to be January 15th which fell on a Sunday, so we should have been paid on January 13th.  No one from management at Digicel can explain why today January 16th not a boy was paid.  No one from management even spoke to staff regarding not being paid.  When questioned all they can say is that they are not sure.

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This is not acceptable!  Many of us were short-changed in December and took out loans to cover this shortage.  Not even a sorry, not even an explanation from management as to why we are not paid.  People got bills to pay, families to feel, how they could do that?  Then they want people to work for them in the hot  ass sun.


If this was anywhere else people would have down their tools.  We all saw the article about Digicel in debt, but ya mean we feeling it so soon?


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Rosedale Nursing Home not Paying Staff

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ROSEDALE NURSING HOME — Naked, yesterday was the 12 of January, 2017 and Rosedale Nursing Home staff are going mad — not a cent!  The last time they got paid was in December and that was for November.

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The register nurse, auxiliary nurses and the one that calls herself a nurse when she is not (don’t even have papers to show that is why she only works at nights).  Why can’t the workers get their money?!

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Naked, with her running more than one private home, she still cannot pay the workers.   Anonymous

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Employees at Axite Global having Nervous Breakdowns!!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — AXITE GLOBAL (Keith Perkins and David Bowen) — Naked, there is this company in Barbados, Axite Global, that owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to people.  Imagine, they enticed close to a hundred people from well-paying jobs to a cramped up, poorly ventilated room in Kay’s House Roebuck Street in June last year.  They provided daily lunch, the only thing that was honored on the contracts.  Full benefits, company vehicle, travel allowance, cell phones and full payment of ALL expenses like mortgages, credit card and other hire purchase payments.   Seven months on and nothing.


The heads of this ‘company’ Keith Perkins, along with David Bowen who retired from the Central Bank has the staff who remain afraid to ask about their money.  After they got put out of Kay’s House they/we’re lodging in a house in Grazettes that an employee lives in but word is they have to leave too.

After an article was printed in the paper last September about Axite Global who claim they opening a bank, real estate, car dealership, finance companies, buying aeroplanes and even wanted to force staff to open offshore accounts in Nevis so they won’t have to pay taxes in Barbados and Cook Island Trust accounts. All of this, and have yet to pay current or past staff.

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Who didn’t have nervous breakdowns, lost or losing their home or vehicles, in financial ruin or homes were broken up.  All because these two mealy mouth, lying, thieving, manipulative men name Keith Perkins and David Bowen.  David spending all of his money in there while Keith walking about with empty pockets, musty clothes and cold in his eyes, still the asses that there believe in his ‘dream’ of financial wealth and his paradigm shift bullshit.

Anybody who doesn’t conform is seen as negative.  The man makes people Executives on a whim and if they get on his bad side, he fires them or demotes them.  For a man who claim to be able to pay the government debt 10 times over with money left back, the people still can’t get a cent.  Every day it is a different excuse, either the central bank holding up the transaction or the Bank in England or Solomon islands or where ever holding up the transaction, or they asking for more documentation and all sorts of thing.  It is beyond imagination why people still there.


Even the two lawyers Gregory Nicholls and Wayne Clarke who acting as a Magistrate took a fast exit as they were contacted by a reporter before the expose’ was released last september.  People still holding on hoping against hope that the money ‘comes through’ for them.  How stupid can some people get?

When will David Bowen stop spending his gratuity from Central Bank and profits from his other businesses to support Axite Global? When will they tell people that the supposed funders who are ‘surprise surprise’ from little old Bim isn’t giving them a cent? When will the remaining staff members who are following blindly take off they blinkers and learn sense?

Let’s hope when either Keith or David leave the island, they don’t skip it entirely, Keith especially seeing that he has ties to Trinidad and Florida?  Anonymous

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BRA Employees’ Silent Revolt

BARBADOS/GOVERNMENT (Naked Departure) — BARBADOS REVENUE AUTHORITY — Naked, I will like to thank you for posting my first article.  People are coming together and discussing the nonsense that is going on in the BRA instead of just keeping it to themselves.  So many of the staff are unmotivated to work and that it is a serious issue.  My aim is for everyone to come together and combat these injustices.

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We have an individual who works there call Michael Simmons.  He was given authority to order materials for renovating the offices but in turn was sending some of these materials to his home until the delivery man enquired about it.  Naked, being relocated to another department was his punishment for defrauding the government with our taxpayers’ money.

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Miss Sivers our Revenue Commissioner let this slide. Also, our sleazy HR Manager Mr. David Stuart who uses black hair dye to create a hairline and hide the bald areas of his head is too old to be trying to sleep with all the young girls within the organization.  He needs putting in his place.

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I urge all BRA staff to stand up and speak up as a unified voice against the nonsense that is going on in this organization.  Miss Sivers and the puppet HR Manager David Stuart have been campaigning that the administrative assistants should get themselves qualified cause that’s the only way to fill positions higher than their post.  So how on the one hand you are telling people they need to get qualified to fill a position and on the other hand you are giving positions to family and friends who have no qualifications or experience.  This prejudicial position is a slap in the face to the other admins, those who are struggling to pay UWI fees to be qualified so that they can get a better position and those who spend their time and hard-earned money to get qualified.

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BRA employees must truly be asking yourselves why the hell did we do all of this studying?   Anonymous

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Shanita Mayers (SM Communications) and no Salary for Christmas!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHANITA MAYERS from SMCommunications.  Naked, now I know you ain see what hit the news about Shanita Mayers from SMCommunications.  She contract come to an end thanks to you with FLOW.   Tell me how a woman that so young got so much news traveling about her.  A wh**e, a thief, everything in one.  She is like a black widow.

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A friend of mine from Ozone Wireless told me that she just sign off a big contract I know flow don’t know bout this but I want Ozone to know that this would be trouble.   She said that she is not taking any of the staff from before she hiring fresh people.  What have we ever done to SM?  All we want is our money from them.  All everybody doing is complaining but nothing seems to be happening.  The other day we went to the bank and Tracey pulled out a knife to stab her.

FLOW has not come back to us to say if we have a job or not so tell me how are we to live and feed our families.  This woman’s family doesn’t even like her.  I was told from her cousin that last week the police held her car with drugs and it’s her father’s fault too cause he is a big drug lord and only came back out of jail the other day.  This is the kind of person that people want working for them.

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Small business tech deals

Right now Shanita pick up and gone overseas with her family but aint pay we.  I guess this will be a hungry Christmas.  We even look into the phone records and see that she does talk to Paul Hayward ex head of sales at FLOW every week almost twice a week and that Paul was in the island to see her just last week.

I will screenshot the information and post more next week.  I am tired of this. Everybody is complaining.  Help us please.   Anonymous

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Shanita Mayers NOT paying employees
Shanita Mayers NOT paying employees

Solaris Energy – Trinidadian Slavers

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SOLARIS ENERGY — Naked, this company was bought from a Bajan by the Nicholas family.  This family owns the Radisson hotels in Antigua, Grenada and Barbados.  This main one that runs Solaris name George Nicholas and his father who encourages him to run down every business he puts his hands on name Issa Nicholas.  They also own an oil company in Trinidad.

Now they start paying the workers late then to not paying at them all.  You can’t even get proper drinking water in this place.  They owe everybody down to the gas stations and don’t pay their bills.

This is four months people ain’t get pay and the government lock them out the building.  Workers can’t come work.  We didn’t get green paper that we could get unemployment and Christmas coming up.  They sitting down on thousands a dollars and got people suffering.  They say in the paper they waiting but they could  have paid us when they sold the machine.  Not a cent.  And got the nerve to say them reopening.

Keep away from the Radisson and Solaris.  These employers inhumane and treat workers like slaves!  Anonymous

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FRAUD ALERT; Guy and Patricia Whittaker

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — GUY AND PATRICIA WHITTAKER — Fraud Alert!  Naked, we must stop Guy Whittaker and his wife Patricia Whittaker from Mirara Construction.

Guy and Patricia Whittaker of Mirara Construction
Guy and Patricia Whittaker of Mirara Construction

These two dishonest liars are causing havoc on the west coast.  They are walking away from many suppliers, sub contractors and staff without paying their bills.  Guy Whittaker builds crap!!!  He takes short cuts causing very poor work.

Please post any information on this company so as to protect Barbados/Barbadians from these frauds.   Anonymous

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We Want our Money from LIME

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — LIME — We the former workers of Lime will like our money that is owed to us.  This is 2016 and we were made redundant in 2013…uniform, job evaluation, back pay etc (all owed to us).  Money is also owed to its current staff members.

At your scheduled meeting today with the BWU please agree to give us what is rightly ours.  BWU don’t be a sell out.  We have waited patiently, that time has expired.  For years this issue has been dragging on and every time the company is supposed to pay out money it drags it foot.  Enough is enough.


Mr. Haywood went home with his money. Alex Macdonald went home with his baring in mind he sold off some valuable assets of the company.  Other top ranking officials mostly from overseas got their money.  We want ours.  We would like our long overdue money for Christmas.

Lime/Flow you have made a profit this year and the years before that. You have no excuse for not paying up.  BWU it seems that you have forgotten about us or are you planning on selling out.  We want what is ours it is too long overdue.  We have worked hard to help build this company and this is how we are treated like dogs.  Some of you might say if the money is paid workers will go home, whether it is paid or not workers going home that has been a trend for years now.  (Some will be going home soon.)  From previous meetings that the company has with the union it seems that we were not factored into this equation.

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Miss Labour minister, Mr. Prime Minister this is foolishness.  Lime all we want for Christmas is our money owed to us. If you treat your workers/former workers like this how would you treat your customers. To the new management at Lime/Flow give us what is rightfully ours it has been years now.   Anonymous

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Guardsman Limited – Wuk for Wuk

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — GUARDSMAN — Naked, them now coming?  The sex pool deep in Guardsman and was so before I come, but wanna step to the wrong woman cause I was told about wanna.  If at the end of the day nothing happens, at least the women would get scared to give away the sweetness cause it get talk about.  And for the bi**h who want my phone crash it wouldn’t, I have phone save with the penis pictures and conversation from the company phone, if them try to get me fired as I mention before.  I don’t care who don’t believe it or not.

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Nasty people, nasty men, so push my buttons and as far as wanna want to hide up and save contracts, protect the women and respect them not **** them for duties.  Each action is a reaction and this is my reaction.  When wanna constantly push at me for my man sweet hole.  Wanna walking about the place quite is ass now hmm.

Management had them meet but nothing happen as usually cause them believe in wanna and Godding hurt that poor girl heart and she only was there for about 4 months she leave her man for him.  Cha!  You’re goat girl.  You heard the talk about him and still you **** and did all that to be with him.  As for Plummer, he wants to know why I mention his wife; cause she is a woman like me and she seems respectable so she needs to know what the dirty things you did.  The church members should look you different now.

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I want Green or Rayside look at the company phones to see that there’re no lies in what I am saying.  All the blame goes to wanna for pushing talk at me the wrong woman am not the Shop Hill rat who leave and come back but all the money she taking for she nasty ***** up Oistins can’t do the old house.  Sell your ***.  Maybe by January you have a wall house.

But off the w**** Naked, she is no one, the matter is the two top class wukless **** down Guardsman supervisors.  Wanna think Dixon was bad he can’t touch them.  Man, the amount of ****** them put down can’t amount to Guardsman guards.  Man look, carry
wanna ****hole.

If wanna think all I said is a rumor, fire me and see if I don’t show wanna ***** print out along with conversations.  Try me ****ers.  Sign, Sealed and ****hole Delivered Raw and simple sex pool of Guardsman must stop.  Diary of a mad security officer.   Anonymous

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Shanita Mayers of SM Communiation

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHANITA MAYERS — Naked, Shanita Mayers of SM Communications strikes one more time.  Shanita refuses to pay her staff!

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Any company that cares about their staff would have paid the staff last Friday or give and take Monday.

When we turned up to work this morning of the 29th November, we received a shocker!!  We will be paid some day next week.  No date given.  Trust and believe Shanita boy SMFH.  Anonymous

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Digicelplay Barbados Addition; Nisha Craigwell

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, to add to what was sent earlier, Nisha Craigwell wig ain’t only crusty she BALD TOO she head just like her nasty bias ways if she don’t like ya ya can’t progress in there she does talk bout going church every Sunday the pew soon burn a whole in she ***.

Going church every time the church door open and bad mind and got wicked ways.  Always talking bout she does hear things through she grapevine at work (people that does carry back news to management)(Debrina, Sabrina, Chantelle and the rest).  The grapevine must be getting pay overtime.  How could you be a manager and constantly listen to gossip from employees what kind of manager does that?  Run off with gossip.

Remy Weave
Remy Weave

She promote one inefficient one called Susan Licorish all she come work to do is gossip and message how a woman who ain’t got four cxcs could be a manager all Susan does come work to do is message talk ppl name n carry back news to Nisha and Maria. Her management role is manager of kissing *** and gossip mouth smell s****y from kissing so much a**.  Tell her do anything on Microsoft Excell or anything to deal with a computer she got to go and ask somebody for help illiterate is rhole put she name between two slices of bread she would eat it.

In regards to that MANDRAKE of Maria she get in the paper and say Digicelplay is her extended family When? Where? How? From the time that WITCH enters a room it goes sombre if fifty people work in play 48 don’t like d baggy eye bi****h.  The time she takes to make people lives miserable take some of she pay and get to the nearest spa for cucumber treatment for those eyes.  Maria is no way near approachable always licking she lips like she poison and as you speak she ready to shut you down like she is miss know it all.  All the degree she get in the easy magazine and say she has and the golfer and swimmer that she is she is an unhappy bi***h and tries to make everyone else unhappy and miserable just like her.  She Nisha nor Susan never manage not even a mice Nisha usta work at Lime now Flow as a Corporate Sales Rep Maria did the same and illiterate Susan work at Lime call center.


Charlie needs to re-evaluate his management team and has a say in who they hire not Nisha sister man that does speak to Nisha like them on the block.  Come work with he hair twiggle up something that other staff members get ridicule for.  Nisha is an incompetent dead bubby (if ya doubt the dead bubby part get the easy magazine Maria did feature in and peep the mango long bubbies and ain’t got a child yet) bald head wig head 35 n look like going on 95 unfair hypocrite a poor great get over bi***h she get what she didn’t expect calling her staff ungrateful because them talk bout the $5.95 you get if u sell an internet service and fast to tell ya u n no manager take your place, like she is one she is very incompetent and unmannerly and ah can’t get over and can’t stress enough how much hypocrite the Nisha Craigwell is.

Next thing how could employees get catch smoking weed in their uniform and still working?  And cause somebody else sick a few times contract ain’t get renew? How are you all get over bi***hes really managing a company?

Oh and don’t let me forget how much *** Debrina Davis kiss to get that team lead position ya got to rebrand she Nisha’s toilet paper and Sabrina Browne her best friend that look like a black poodle when it get wet that also kisses Nisha’s *** and get team lead. Debrina meet target twice for the near year she at Digicel attitude STINKS face always push up n face like she is a lepard could play dot to dots in her face she too f*****g a co-worker one of the ones that  does smoke n cut up weed at work in the company vehicle and he now trying to f*****k the new girl Creshonni and got poor Debrina vex although she no he live home with he so-called “fiance” and child one called Antonio Gonsalves.

Digicelplay is a corrupt department the staff f******g the staff the staff f******g the managers sisters the *** kissers getting promote.

But God don’t sleep he sees and he knows all it might not be wunna time now but karma is a b*****h.

Ah coming work tomorrow and skin and laugh and act the deceit before ah end up in Culloden Rd tomorrow.  Your Friendly Co-Worker

Naked Departure

Lee-Ann Daniel of Nino’s By the Sea

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Goodnight Naked.  This lady Lee-Ann Daniel that is manager of Nino’s By the Sea, she is a very wicked, bad-minded woman.  Lee-Ann suppose to be a manager but she behaves like the boss and do as she likes.  If she has to come work for 11 she coming all at 3-4 because she’s too busy living with some man at her house.  If she vex she will come to work and don’t speak to you.  During working hours and you looking for her, where is she?  Outside in the dark smoking or in somebody shop drinking and that is manager but still have a heart to cry you down to the boss and you’re the one who is helping the man business stay up.

She is involved with this man by the name Marcus Bryan, within a week they were together she bring him into the business and had him as manager also and betrayed every staff member that was helping out because she want the money just go to him, her and a cleaner that’s how dread she is.  She comes to work as she like, don’t deal with the stock properly, she shouts at you during service etc.  She has the nastiest attitude with the staff like if she did any work, all at night she leave all the man gas on, lights on, windows open and all the wares knock all over the place and then she complain like it was your fault.

She seems fussy she has a man but let him know about all the men you **** from Sp’town even the rasta bulling one that you don’t know about but he wouldn’t mind with his bulling self also.  Anytime you try to bring down someone make sure you’re better than them and this woman right is not the one.  You can have a child, bills, something important to deal with and she don’t care she will fired on that same day and the boss don’t know about it and know why because she wants to keep everything for Marcus and herself that’s why today them have to be struggling because you’re wicked.

I can’t tell no one what to do but whoever looking to apply there, be prepared for the fun from her and her man.  Anonymous

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Blackett, Cole, Kumar of Cost U Less Store #26

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — NIGEL BLACKETT , CRAIG COLE , SANJEE KUMAR OF COST U LESS BARBADOS STORE #26.  Naked, Good Night.  Naked, these are the managers involved in having more than 12 employees fired within the last few weeks.   Please post this story for me.  Thank you.

NIGEL BLACKETT.  He is so far up the white man’s *** you don’t know if he swings left or right.  Everything the people tell you to do you doing right or wrong you doing it.  You are not suitable to be a manager.  Your actions show deceit and when the white men done use you to do their dirty work they will throw you under a bus.  It is foolish selling out your own for a little bonus money.  Are you not supposed to be a pastor?  smfh.  Does carrying on as you like on the job acting like you don’t have a wife at home make you feel good?  The thing is, you all have families and children and your wrongs against innocent people will fall on them.

SANJEE KUMAR.  An immigrant who has come bout here taking bread out of people’s mouths and thinks it’s ok and all is well.  Think again.  Keep changing your facebook name.  SI Kumar it is now.  You can run but you can’t hide.  Do like Craig Cole and delete your fb page altogether.  You doing wrong things to people daily.  Since you came more than 10 employees have been fired not for good enough reasons either and then you calling the police and want police escorts and bodyguards.  You are such a coward.  You should call the police from wherever you come from to ship you back out.  The thing is you all have families and children and your wrongs against innocent people will fall on them.

CRAIG COLE.  You are hiding underground making people feel you are a nice manager.  You are not.  It’s heartbreaking all the **** you hitting and you hate black people.  You prove it daily.  How can you look in the mirror after making up so many stories and giving false information.  You are a wolf in sheep clothing.  The higher you climb the more your *** shows and it’s so upsetting to see you calling an apple an orange because you going along with whatever.  You are all for yourself and in the process of that you cutting people throat from ear to ear.  How do the lot of you sleep at night?  But remember the thing is you all have families and children and your wrongs against innocent people will fall on them.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

Natalie Worrell

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — NATALIE WORRELL — Naked, Natalie’s husband runs Worrell’s Bakery in Whitehall, St Michael.  Naked, even Mark Worrell  doesn’t want his wife around the bakery.

Naked, Natalie is up at Cost U Less Barbados having garden salads with chicken made daily with a lot of old, nasty chickens.  The rotisserie chicken that isn’t used or doesn’t sell at the end of the night you putting on people rh salads!  If the chickens aren’t sold by the time they should, you should throw them away and stop giving them to people to eat.  All through the week chicken has been used, none are thrown away so all Wednesday you eating chicken from Sunday and Monday.


Chickens getting shredded and stored up and are being used daily no dates no first in first out furthermore the rotisserie whole chickens when they are finished on mornings and put out to be sold if by 12 noon they’re still there the time is wiped off and changed to a later time if by late afternoon the still there straight in deli they go to shred up to make salads for the next 2-3 days.

You Natalie Worrell had to accept working for less money and doing the same job because your husband can’t work with you.  How long you was sick for now with that cough that won’t go away?  Mussy nearly a year.

The truth is Natalie, he don’t want you altogether.  The time you at work he’s with who he wants.  The girl he does take in the apartment that’s why you don’t want young girls working in his bakery it’s too late the c**k done pelting when you at work.  How you working at Cost U Less taking a pay cut getting people fired cooking up evil plans taking out your problems on people because you are unhappy.  It’s your own fault your own husband don’t want you at home or a part of the business.

You have to pay for all the wrong you have done to people and the lies you continue to tell all the staff you got fired by telling lies on them.  How many workers you said you hated and you will make sure you get rid of them smh.  Remember you have children and the same things you doing to people sons and daughters someone will do to yours.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

Peter Lauer Still Unfairing Staff

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — PETER LAUER — Naked, this racist Peter Lauer won’t stop  unfairing staff who refuse to kiss his ass.  All he does as soon as he comes about the place is to cause bare confusion in the place just so he could make the jobs harder and so he would look like he’s doing something because he doesn’t do anything at all.


Then he grabs his bag and runs off when he’s done f***ing up everything.  He likes to see when the staff ain’t getting along with one another.  When you got to stand up to he, he doesn’t speak to you after.  He doesn’t like one of the chefs because the chef does deal with he the way everybody should deal with he: RUFF!  He likes to go in the kitchen and  cause confusion, so the chef puts he in he place on a regular.

Imagine this man talking bout he doesn’t care bout staff he got he job to do.  Naked, one of his kissassers threatened another worker recently and is still on the job and someone who did nothing other than not bow down to him sent off the other day.

This man Naked is also a   good liar too.  If he tells you walk Naked you got to run like hell. Truth be told, if them get the rid of he and puts somebody else in charge who understands this industry, the staff would be happy.  How can you offer service with a smile when this man got  people wondering  everyday if them next to go through the door, just because them ain’t about that kissing ass crap!!  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Solaris Global Energy NOT Paying Employees

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SOLARIS GLOBAL ENERGY — Naked, can you believe another company, Solaris Global Energy, on the island refuses to pay employees their salaries and the newspapers have not posted photos of or named and shamed these thieving owners so as to put Bajans on their guard about who in the business community steals labor from the people?!


THE STORY:  The company, which specialises in solar installations, has encountered a cash flow shortage and has been unable to pay its staff.  Several disgruntled employees complained to the MIDWEEK NATION that they had not been paid for the last two months. One employee, who is paid monthly, revealed that he had not received a salary since August.

Naked Departure

Bradly Phillips and Andre Gulstone

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) —  BRADLY PHILLIPS and ANDRE GULSTONE — Naked, I want you to warn the whole of Barbados about these two men here.  Talking about dry wall and maintenance.  Man, two of these are the biggest frauds in Barbados.  They rip you off and the finished work is sloppy.


Barbados and the surrounding countries please when you see these two, RUN!!!!  And I mean RUN real fast.  Don’t let these two men catch up to you.  They know how to get in your head and use you.  Don’t be their next victims!

Stay tuned for more updates on these two: Brady Phillips and Andre Gulstone.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Douglas Morris and Theo Graham: Where’s My Money?!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Now Naked, good morning.  Naked, I am in a meeting sitting down listening to DOUGLAS MORRIS talking this morning after the staff at S M Communication was paid last Friday.  Staff were in tears!!  People received way less than they expected, as usual.

Staff who are accustomed to getting $3,000.00 or more received $200.00 or less.  Now we the staff keep putting these dogs in Naked.  Sorry we spoke to the CEO of FLOW we spoke to Douglas we spoke to everyone possible.

People in this meeting fail to understand Douglas is a liar.  I for sure come to this meeting to hear when we will be paid our salary from February – September.  I don’t give a fuck about no promotions FLOW offering.  You really think I going out there for another month and work?  The only body you gine get gine out they and work is retarded Ann Lynn Weekes cause she does work 7 days a week including Sundays.  Don’t care what wanna do to that dogggg she will work.  So when wanna want wanna dirty work do call she.


All last week she was doing bad she don’t like SM and when it coming to payday she does be vex and can’t think.  I see her in there every single day since payday unless her cheques was very huge and she tell we different.  Cause we all know she does say one thing on yah face and something different when Douglas call she behind close doors.  OR SM call and give her a cheque to talk.  Enough about that retard.

THEO GRAHAM.  He is a blind.  People talk about Jade was bad but Theo int bad he know exactly what he doing and doing exactly what SM wants him to do.  People when Jade was there did your cheques look as bad as this month?  No.  Get up people and you know what, we get up went to the meeting this morning thinking we would hear about money.  Wanna think we stupid, hell no!  I know something got to give.  We want our money. Dont make sense talking to rare-mouth, sink-mouth Douglas cause he gine tell bare lies.

Monday when we ask about the money he said by Tuesday it will be sorted.  Now come into a meeting expecting to get yah cheque and our 75% too and nothing of the sort.

Naked, these dogs were in here about 7 times.  We want our FU**ING money we int want no more talk.  And you Theo is a blind you know SM stealing FLOW money claiming for 100 percent and giving the staff 40%. People you see how quiet he was Friday and Monday he was listening to every word wanna say to go back and tell Douglas and Shannita.  Trust me I know what is going on.

Every month the same shite, wait till next month wait till next month and people working hard is ass from February till October almost a year people paying bills and wanna tell people shite.  AND WE ALSO KNOW THAT FLOW PAID THE 75% three months ago.  Don’t mind SM, it was paid.

So yes you coming every day tomorrow I will be there in wanna face don’t care who vex cause i want my money.  Thank you for posting this Naked!  Fed up Staff

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School Meals Workers Need Help!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Dear Naked, can someone help School Meals workers?  When the demon retired we thought that life would be better. But it looks as if we jump from the frying pan into the fire.  Things have gotten worse under this new management.  Be careful what you ask for.

The kitchens are like furnaces and this is week 8 and still cannot get any relief.  On October 19 a lady with a medical condition passed out in one of the kitchen.  The ambulance had to be summoned for her.  Heard that he doctor said the heat of the place was the main factor for her passing out.


Understand that the staff was very frightened.  But nothing was done to solve the problem.  One of the main factor is that the extractor fans does not work.  If I was working for myself the health inspector would know that the place is too hot.  Where are the safety committees in the work place.  Will something be done when some one passed out for good the next time.

Hear that out of the four kitchens only one passed inspection.  So how are the other three open and operating.  Who got a golden handshake for that job.  Does the Union still receive money from school meal’s worker.  There are no window in the place.  Have not seen Management since the lady passed out.  There are some new appointed assistant supervisors causing problems in the kitchen.  You would think that since they do not know the work they would treat the staff properly and join together and do the work.  But that is not what they are doing.

They are treating 50 and 60-year-old women like little children.  Telling diabetics what time to eat and things like that.  So School meals will soon have some staff dropping down dead.  I hope that their family will have sense to sue the School Meal’s Dept and any supervisor that is directly involved.   Anonymous

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Flow Liars and Cheaters; Unlimited Access Joke!!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, FLOW claims to have best internet coverage since their merger.  They are also making claims that they are providing the best service to customers.  But all that is filled with lies!!

Naked, everyday Bajans are paying for what they think to be better services and quality internet only to be cheated by half measures by FLOW.  Throttling users’ internet speed for apps used all over the world.  But if we throttle our bill payments, they are quick to shut off our service.

Paying for a service means you have access to all that implies with that service unless otherwise not possible.  And if FLOW doesn’t allow these services, such as Mobdro or IPTV, they should let customers know so they can choose another provider.


Before the merger, these services worked fine on FLOW’s network.  But when LIME took over, it seems they did what they wanted to do — keep taking our money and give us crappy service!

Stop lying to the public!  Say what you are about FLOW so we can go somewhere else.  Anonymous

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