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Peter Virdee, Barbuda Investor, Arrested in London for Germany

BARBUDA/UNITED KINGDOM (Naked Departure) — PETER VIRDEE — British businessman, Peter Virdee, 43, who is an investor in Barbuda, was held under the European Arrest Warrant on behalf of the German authorities.


Virdee, who is fighting his extradition, is expected to face several charges.  Exact charges will be determined by German officials once the extradition is successful.

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The prosecutors are investigating an alleged Value Added Tax (VAT) fraud scheme involving a chain of transactions with carbon dioxide emissions certificates.  They said Virdee, who is believed to be one of the main organisers, used several aliases and was known within the group, as “Batman.”  (Source: AntiguaObserver)

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Chris Sinckler is Complicit with the CLICO Fiasco

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — CLICO and CHRIS SINCKLER — Amazing, not amazing grace.  Chris Sinckler you are damaged goods as a politician and you may very well be damaged goods as an honest human being.  Clico was indeed a fiasco, a fraud and your government was complicit in the thievery that robbed many Barbadians of their life’s savings.

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The fact that in today’s newspaper you have offered to payback what was initially stolen by two members of your party is high class robbery “Chris.”  Fifty six million dollars for former policy holders, and not one conviction or remuneration of monies stolen by the two culprits involved Mr. Minister of Finance? Mr. Sinckler you are a disgrace, and a colossal failure, and the fact that you will now rob Peter to pay Paul is tantamount to a party that only possess’ a larcenous agenda.


If this situation did not cause so many Barbadians pain, I would laugh right to your face Chris Sinckler, but instead I want to cry, because your party, the DLP, has brought Barbados to the brink of financial collapse and ruination.  Some people Sinckler know “The price of everything, and the value of nothing.”  Sinckler, trust is a valuable commodity, of which you know nothing.  Victor Callender

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Triple Taxation: CLICO Policyholders paying themselves $56M

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — CLICO policyholders will be paying themselves back the $56,000,000 they incurred in losses in the most under-publicized, perfect crime of the 21st century!  Your local news outlets did not do this crime justice via meticulous exposure!  The bandits get to keep your money and their reputations!


Chris Sinckler says the money, for payment, is being held in the inflation racket known as their Central Bank and he is awaiting word from the CLICO judicial manager, via the High Court, for the release of said monies into the hands of the defrauded policyholders.


Now get this!  That $56 million, where do you think it is coming from?  Out of thin air?  Well, maybe it is, but even the thin air wants its money back and that’s where the taxpayers come in!  You, the taxpayers, will be saddled with that bill.  And who are the taxpayers?  Policyholders!  You are paying yourselves back your own money that you lost with CLICO.  It’s like double/triple/quadruple taxation!  And the bandits get to keep your money.

You fools.  You only need to know how to count from one to two to figure this shit out!

Naked this is how much the Barbados taxpayers will have to pay for Leroy Parris’ former top manager of CLICO, former Prime Minister David Thompson, as attorney for CLICO and Lawrence Duprey, the former owner of CLICO, theft of policyholder’s money.

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Leroy Parris being friend and associate of Freundel Stuart and most of the government ministers and politicians on the island.

Will David Thompson’s estate or Leroy Parris or Lawrence Duprey be paying back the Barbados taxpayers that 56 million dollars stolen by the above top management and attorney for CLICO.

And the bandits get to keep your money.  Barbadians, is there any doubt now that you are not so smart?!  Where’s your attorney general?  Oh he’s busy not fighting crime and impregnating subordinates!  Naked Departure

Joshua Julien’s Electronics Scam

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, I came across this blog on Joshua Julien:


Naked, this is the same guy that had an ad on facebook where can you order iphones and xboxes.  I gave him half of the money for an iphone 6 as a deposit and since then it’s a lot of bogus stories where the phones are here but the duties are over $4,700 and he’s trying to raise funds to get them out.  I see now that he is a big liar and now his phone numbers are disconnected.


I’ve notified the police but I don’t lag and would like any information that I can pass on for the speedy recovery of my funds.  Anonymous

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Drug Lord Orders Killing of SM Communications Agent

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHANITA MAYERS — Naked, Shanita Mayers from S M Communications is a wicked woman and I would like to know what I do she that two men can turn up at my place with guns to kill me and my children.

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Someone told me that she tyres get slashed and that because of the articles, she figured it was me and she drug lord father send these men for me.  I ain’t do this woman nothing fuh she to want to do this to me.  She knows that I see she Paul Hayward (ex employee of LIME) in she car last Sunday afternoon and she send she father for me?

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This is my message to her.  We know y’all together and that your vehicles get find with drugs in them and the police got them.  We know your father is in charge of this too cause ya cousin say so.  So try to study that and leave me alone Shanita.  Tell your father’s men to leave me.  Scared Agent

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Employees at Axite Global having Nervous Breakdowns!!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — AXITE GLOBAL (Keith Perkins and David Bowen) — Naked, there is this company in Barbados, Axite Global, that owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to people.  Imagine, they enticed close to a hundred people from well-paying jobs to a cramped up, poorly ventilated room in Kay’s House Roebuck Street in June last year.  They provided daily lunch, the only thing that was honored on the contracts.  Full benefits, company vehicle, travel allowance, cell phones and full payment of ALL expenses like mortgages, credit card and other hire purchase payments.   Seven months on and nothing.


The heads of this ‘company’ Keith Perkins, along with David Bowen who retired from the Central Bank has the staff who remain afraid to ask about their money.  After they got put out of Kay’s House they/we’re lodging in a house in Grazettes that an employee lives in but word is they have to leave too.

After an article was printed in the paper last September about Axite Global who claim they opening a bank, real estate, car dealership, finance companies, buying aeroplanes and even wanted to force staff to open offshore accounts in Nevis so they won’t have to pay taxes in Barbados and Cook Island Trust accounts. All of this, and have yet to pay current or past staff.

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Who didn’t have nervous breakdowns, lost or losing their home or vehicles, in financial ruin or homes were broken up.  All because these two mealy mouth, lying, thieving, manipulative men name Keith Perkins and David Bowen.  David spending all of his money in there while Keith walking about with empty pockets, musty clothes and cold in his eyes, still the asses that there believe in his ‘dream’ of financial wealth and his paradigm shift bullshit.

Anybody who doesn’t conform is seen as negative.  The man makes people Executives on a whim and if they get on his bad side, he fires them or demotes them.  For a man who claim to be able to pay the government debt 10 times over with money left back, the people still can’t get a cent.  Every day it is a different excuse, either the central bank holding up the transaction or the Bank in England or Solomon islands or where ever holding up the transaction, or they asking for more documentation and all sorts of thing.  It is beyond imagination why people still there.


Even the two lawyers Gregory Nicholls and Wayne Clarke who acting as a Magistrate took a fast exit as they were contacted by a reporter before the expose’ was released last september.  People still holding on hoping against hope that the money ‘comes through’ for them.  How stupid can some people get?

When will David Bowen stop spending his gratuity from Central Bank and profits from his other businesses to support Axite Global? When will they tell people that the supposed funders who are ‘surprise surprise’ from little old Bim isn’t giving them a cent? When will the remaining staff members who are following blindly take off they blinkers and learn sense?

Let’s hope when either Keith or David leave the island, they don’t skip it entirely, Keith especially seeing that he has ties to Trinidad and Florida?  Anonymous

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James Husbands Criminal CEO of both Solar Dynamics and Claytone

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JAMES HUSBANDS — Hi Naked, this is another criminal who has used his old boys network to get away with defrauding his staff and their NIS.

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James Husbands CEO of both Solar Dynamics and Claytone was highlighted previously among others in the Sunday Nation Newspaper for owing the NIS hundred of thousands $$$ going back for years and ongoing.  Not for one, but for both companies.

What this means is that he had been taking NIS payment from staff of both companies he owned and not paying it in, using for his own purposes.  This happened for many, many years.

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He must have been getting help from someone within the NIS Department to rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars of his staff’s money at both companies.

As a former employee, I can tell you this man was a tyrant and very dishonest with dealings with staff whilst having sexual relations with several female staff.

When complaints were lodged at Labour office who know this man only too, too well, they never went anywhere and he was able to do as he please probably giving officials kickbacks and favours.

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Barbados is a cesspool and needs badly cleaning.  Anonymous

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Orlando Crichlow Thieving Accountant

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ORLANDO CRICHLOW — Naked, this one is out of the books for frauds.  Wherever this criminal works he creates mayhem and division.  He is known among many businesses on the island for cooking the books and defrauding.

Ebay DiscountsHe is so dishonest that he married and the woman left him less than a year when she realized how dishonest and small minded he was.

He is always in the church but lies to women to try to screw them.  Always trying to find fault in others but he is an accounting master of theft and deception.

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Beware of this fraud and conman.   Anonymous

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Timothy Boyce, Criminal Director of BCA

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — TIMOTHY BOYCE — Naked, here is another Bajan fraud man and a con man.  Naked, this criminal is a Director of the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA).  He also poses as a Realtor.  Used to have an Internet Cafe down by Waterfront Cafe a popular spot for tourists in Bridgetown.

Ebay DiscountsWhen I read the blog about Jerry Blenman he immediately came to mind.  Timothy Boyce has robbed countless people including me with some of his real estate building scams. He is also a womanizer and would lie to get into their panties any way he could.

He is one of the real con man and thief that ALL BAJANS should be aware of and should be in Dodds Prison instead of continuing to rob both locals and foreigners with his schemes.   Anonymous

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Hadley and Richard Byer, Government Cronies

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — Naked, these are among two of the biggest thieves in Barbados aided by Government cronies the Byer brothers Hadley and Richard.

Ebay DiscountsHadley Byer, who walks with a slight limp and loves playing golf when he is not conning the public of Barbados.  Hadley Byer was former Chairman of Barbados Water Authority (BWA) and pulled off one of the major scams in Barbados.  While in that role he setup a private company and got a contract to order items from out of the US for the BWA.  The company was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money and the invisible items never appeared in Barbados.

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Hadley Byer, not satisfied with that, had another scam going with Ivan Codrington a fellow golfer who has a small body work car repair garage in Bonnets Housing area.  The scam they had was BWA vehicles which needed repairs were directed to Ivan”s repair garage and repairs which should cost less than $2000 for repairs were inflated to over $10,000 per vehicle. They were supposed to split the inflated profits 50/50 however Hadley hardly kept his end of the bargain when BWA paid Ivan who backed out after receiving several payments under the repair scam.

Richard Byer his brother a crooked lawyer fleeced the Barbados taxpayers by having Government paying him $700,000 for legal work which another attorney did similar work for the same Statutory corporation and only charged $17,000.

The two are close relatives of Esther Byer, Government Minister of Labour.  Anonymous

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Jerry Blenman, CEO National Sports Council

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JERRY BLENMAN is a FRAUDSTER! — Naked, the chief executive officer of the National Sports Council and the Gymnasium Limited, Jerry Blenman, is a big-time fraudster and opportunist!  But, he is still being handsomely rewarded by Bajans!

Naked, this man was being pushed as being a big-time economist in Barbados.  He used to preach at People’s Cathedral!  Naked, that church like it is filled with bare fraudsters!  Naked, this man was renting from this woman and for three years straight did not pay the woman her rent.  He amassed $52,000 in rental arrears.

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He is also a misogynist.  He uses women to get by.  This particular woman, Mrs. Phillips, walked into the Public Workers Cooperative Credit Union and he pounced on her.  Naked, he saw her assets!   He boasted how he could ‘manage’ her affairs and he got involved in her big construction project out there in St. George that failed because people started to complain that the houses were not getting finished.  The plans looked all nice and pretty but once people heard that he, Blenman, was involved, no one in the know took the bait.

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When the DLP got into power, Stephen Lashley threw him some crumbs.  But anyhow Naked, the woman took him to court for her rent.  Naked, would you believe that this man sent the woman a big ridiculous bill for over $100,000 asking for consultation fees?  The rent and the construction business were two separate things.  What his attorney should’ve done is file a suit, if it was indeed true that Mrs. Phillips owed him anything, for those consultation fees.  But he just wanted to get out of paying the woman her money.

But looka what happened Naked.  The woman sent some of the court documents to the church, lol, and once the church got wind of his deceitfulness, they took him down!  He can’t preach in the church no more.

He’s now living out near Holders Hill.  His wife works at Sandy Lane.  So with all his trickery, he still living good.  Karma hasn’t knocked on his door……yet.   Anonymous

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Finton DeBourg, Former Banker, gets 23-Year Jail Sentence

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA (Naked Departure) — FINTON DeBOURG — A High Court judge in Grenada has sentenced a former banker to 23 years in jail after he was found guilty of engaging in fraudulent activities.  (THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN BARBADOS as Barbados loves its criminals!)

Finton DeBourg, the founder of Capital Bank International, was also told Tuesday he would have to serve a further three years imprisonment if he fails to pay more than EC$16 million within five years after he is released.

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The High Court has also barred the former banker from engaging in any financial business operations after serving his jail term.

Debourg, 66, was charged with two counts of fraudulent appropriation of property; one count of falsification of account; and two counts of falsification of minutes.

In February 2008, all 12 branches of the bank were taken over by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) after the Court ordered that Capital Bank International be placed into receivership.

Hundreds of customers had complained that they were unable to withdraw their deposits from the bank, which was owned and operated by DeBourg.  Capital Bank received a licence from the Grenada government, but was not regulated by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB).

Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Christopher Nelson, describing the sentence as “first of its kind,” said that the argument put forward was strong and the judge in going through the evidence said that though Debourg tried to make himself innocence of the charges the evidence showed otherwise.

Each of the charges carried a maximum sentence of between five or seven years.

In 2014, the then Keith Mitchell administration announced that it would reimburse persons who had under EC$500 deposited in Capital Bank International when the institution was put into the court order receivership.  (CaribbeanNews)

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FBI Monitoring “Origin of Funds” For Caribbean Entertainment

CARIBBEAN/CARICOM (Naked Departure) — ORIGIN OF FUNDS —  A regional entertainment promotion agency recently came in for a surprise, when one major talent booking agency in the United States demanded that they make certain evidential disclosures required by the FBI pertaining to the origin of the funds that were deposited for the intended performance of a popular American R&B artiste.

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The artiste and a handful of his protégés were being booked for a planned event in The Bahamas, Barbados, Trinidad and Guyana for varying dates during April 2017.

But the “origin of funds” request, which is said to have been listed in the agreement was initially ignored until FBI agents presumably made contact with the US booking agency.

It is widely believed that the Feds stepped in after monitored persons who are associated with a New York underground figure made a large cash deposit to the US-based booking agency on behalf of the Caribbean linked entertainment agency, which had previously been associated with similar events in The Bahamas, Grenada and Curacao in recent times.

The Feds are believed to have stepped in because they are convinced that a clique of promoters in the Caribbean are acting as money-laundering agents for several Caribbean-linked underworld figures in the United States who would usually make payments to American talent booking entities (on behalf of various Caribbean promoters) using illicitly earned cash, and then cause the promoters of the talent event in the holding country to pay them back the money locally, from a percentage of the revenue earned from the promotion.

In that way, the American artiste is unknowingly used as a conduit for the movement of the laundered cash out of the United States, and away from any monitoring by the system.

While this may not be the case with every big event promoter or with every large event that is being held regionally, it is said that the FBI has evidence that this methodology is being used via a large number of events, especially for those where payments have to be made in very large sums to a US agency by a person in the United States.

But in this case, the Bahamas-linked promotional body has distanced itself from any underworld dealings and is now trying to get back the US$1.2 million deposit, which had represented about 90% of the total performance fees for the planned four-country event.

It is also understood that the US$1.2 million deposit was indirectly loaned to the promoters by the yet to be identified person in the United States who now wants it back.

The Guyana Guardian has since made several efforts to clarify all facts surrounding the matter with the FBI’s Public Affairs office, but an unnamed woman explained that the agency cannot and does not comment on an ongoing investigation, if there is indeed one.

Subsequent calls to the agency’s other contact number also did not yield any different results.

However, a usually reliable media-relations source at the US Department of Justice who had provided the Guyana Guardian with several irrefutable news leads in the past, has since assured this publication that the FBI has long widened their money laundering investigations scope to include entertainment events and promoters of those events from within the Caribbean and elsewhere.

In his view, the current case is just one of many that are being investigated as it relates to the questionable funding of past and upcoming entertainment events in the region.

He indicated that the “origin of funds” policy is selectively enforced, and are mostly required in cases where there is no accurate information on who had actually made a suspicious or flagged payment to an American company.

And like any other service sector, entertainment services payments are also monitored. (CaribbeanNews/GuyanaGuardian)

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The DLP is a Party of Old Dirty Bastards/Criminals

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — THE DLP is a party of ODB’s=OLD DIRTY BASTARDS.  If they are not frequenting strip clubs, they are navigating their way through lies and other decisive acts against the Bajan people.  The best place in Barbados to get the business of the people done is at Peter Harris’ strip club.

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If roads are to be fixed, budgets balanced, housing acquired for the poor, water issues resolved, and the sewage issue cleaned up, all the citizens need to do, is hangout at night.  Citizens of Barbados, you can find your elected officials in places that conduct themselves in criminal enterprise.  The government ministers are indistinguishable from the criminal element in Barbados, because there is an organized criminal element in the Barbados government, made up of the ministers.

There is no ethics and government accountability entity in Barbados, that operates with independence from the legislative and/or the civil service.  Chris Sinckler has secured offshore financing for himself, and he is not the only member of the DLP with offshore accounts.


For years, ministers in government have been given newly minted ATTACHE CASES full of BARBADIAN HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS.  Sir Phillip Greaves was one of the biggest recipients of brief cases with money. Politicians are robbing Barbadians in plain sight.

The Real Houseslaves
The Real Houseslaves


Naked Departure

Timothy Simmons Enterprise Growth Fund (EGFL)

BARBADOS (Naked Departure)  — Naked, Timothy Simmons is a big thief and a fraud.  This man as CEO has been stealing from the Growth Funds that government has in place to help businesses grow.…

Source: Timothy Simmons Enterprise Growth Fund (EGFL)

An Insider’s Look at Barbados’ Strip Clubs, Trafficking, Prostitution and Corruption

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, recently in the newspaper Andre Omar Jackman aka Lord Evil also known as Punchies was arrested for criminal damages and assault at Club Rehab over last weekend when one of his murder bail conditions after release in April pertaining to his curfew was extended by the High Court earlier in the week; he was later given bail in the Magistrates Criminal Court and two of the three charges dropped.

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This is a man who is on High Court bail after spending one year on remand for murdering a man working behind a bar in Nelson Street doing his job, Barbados is indeed a Banana Republic.

The strip clubs in Barbados are primarily owned and ran by a number of US criminal deportees who daily flaunt the laws in Barbados aided by corrupt immigration/customs officers and a cadre of corrupt dirty local Police. Most of the strip club owners are also heavily involved in the drug business to name a few Stephen Walcott aka Bopper Rehab, Clarence owner of Incognito strip club in Maxwell, Freddie Hill Reggae Promoter and former owner of now defunct strip club Rolex Spring Garden, alias Jersey with his wife Roxanne formerly Tasty Treats and now defunct strip club Ace of Diamond with Nigel Pinder alias Bounty.  (Jamaican exotic dancers caught working illegally in Barbados, MORE than 20 exotic dancers from the Caribbean who went to Barbados to work, were caught this past weekend in an immigration swoop.  The Barbados Nation reports that immigration and the police raided the Tasty Treats nightclub where the women — mostly from Jamaica and Guyana — were held.  The police public relations officer said 10 other people were held during the joint exercise.  They were acting on information about illegal activity, ranging from gambling to drug trafficking and the playing of loud music, the newspaper said.


Females from Jamaica, Guyana, Brazil and other destinations come into Barbados under false pretenses as visitors whose sole aim is to work in the strip clubs as prostitutes.  Immigration officers who are part of this scam are paid $200 per female to stamp 6 months in their passports and easy entry into Barbados. Most of the females who come to work for the clubs tickets are either paid by the strip club owners or in some cases by police officers who charge the girls $2000 – $2500 for their ticket even though in most cases original ticket is around $1000 or less. The girls are given their first month to pay the between $2000 to $2500 from their prostitution work in the strip clubs. In a lot of cases passport is withheld until this money is repaid.

The strip clubs are supported heavily by drug lords on the island like Nigel Pinder alias Bounty from St. Philip, Cook Food from the Pine, Rubber Guts, St. john, Ross Red Sea Deacons, Clifford Braithwaithe alias Jah Jah Deacons a Canadian drug deportee and many others especially Club Rehab.

The strip club owners protect these crime partners as they are big spenders along with facilitating mutual drug trades and money laundering.

Strip club owners earned money from entrance fees $20, liquor, renting private rooms $50 per hr in their clubs to punters for sex with the strippers for a fee for both the sex and room separately.

A number of local Police are employed at some of the clubs as security and also to inform the owners of pending raids or drug intelligence.

Life for most of the strippers is no cake walk as they are subject to abuse by the owners who always hang the threat of deportation through their criminal associates at Immigration.

This is what happened in the Lord Evil recent case where he fingered one of the strippers and when she objected he kicked and punched her and a fight ensued when a number of her co-workers strippers intervened. Stephen Walcott one of the Managers/owners threatened the stripper with deportation hence why a couple of the charges were dropped as Lord Evil is a big spender and the drug lord was more important to Rehab Strip Club.

The strip club owners also feel emboldened as several of Government Ministers frequent the strip clubs to have sex with the strippers such as Michael Carrington, Michael Lashley, Richard Sealy, Noel Lynch and many others so they feel they are untouchable.

Charles Lewis aka Charlie Spice works as a pimp and media spokesperson on the West Coast and sources from time to time some of the club strippers to engage in prostitution with tourists and he also sources his clients drug primarily cocaine needs working with some of the same strip club owners.

You have for the most parts strip club owners who are criminal deportees who live untouchable lives and are also engaged in illegal activities including fraud and blackmail enabled by crooked authorities.

Some of the Current and former Strip Clubs in Barbados:

Club Rehab Fontabelle
Haitian Bar Nelson Street
Ace Of Diamond Strip Club
Richies Casa
Incognito Maxwell Coast Road
Rolexx formerly Triple XXX
Tasty Treats


Naked Departure

Samuel E. Commissiong called a LIAR and Unreliable Witness

ST. VINCENT/BRITISH HIGH COURT (Naked Departure) — THE JUDGE who heard the lawsuit that Harlequin brought against its former accounting firm, Wilkins Kennedy, said that Vincentian lawyer Samuel E. Commissiong, who testified in the trial, was “an untruthful and unreliable witness” on matters where he felt “professionally exposed”.

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At this rate, the Harlequin Property (SVG) Ltd., its hotel Buccament Bay Resort and all matters surrounding Commissiong’ tax evasion charges and Dave Ames’ fraud/theft charges brought before the British High Court, will force the judge to use discretion.


If the attorney with first-hand knowledge of the matter cannot be trusted to tell the truth and Dave Ames is a fugitive from the court, how else, except for the judge’s discretion, will the Harlequin lawsuit proceed?  A lot of people/investors are going to lose their money!

Buyers, beware!   Naked Departure

Dave Amex and Samuel E. Commissiong on charges of Theft and Tax Evasion
Dave Ames and Samuel E. Commissiong on charges of Theft and Tax Evasion, respectively

RBC Bank Fraud in Barbados

BARBADOS/USA (Naked Departure) — Dear Naked.  With all this bank fraud my conscience would not let me be knowing what I know. A friend was telling me about this blog and think it is a way you don’t have to expose yourself.

Naked, from the time I know myself my mother was a strong-willed person — it’s her way or the highway.  My mother’s female friend has a son who is a bank manager in a bank in Barbados, RBC.  This bank manager knows of this old man that lives here in New York whose bank account was in the hundreds of thousands coming from his state pensions and it was not touched for years.

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Small business tech deals

He, the bank manager, set up his mother to get my mother to befriend this old man, it was very easy as he was estranged from his family.  To make a long story short, my mother went down to Barbados and this old man joined her to his bank book and that manager man would take out the money from the old man’s account take what he wanted and send some for my mother and his mother who live up here.  As matter of fact, his mother lives in the same apartment building as the elderly man.

In 2013 my mother fell and broke her hip and was hospitalized and now she has to spend the remainder of her life in nursing care home and she believes strongly that this conspiracy to defraud this gentleman has caused her demise (and this was going on for a number of years).


Naked my mother got angry because the old man told her the bank manager called him and told him come and take her name off or her children would get his money if something was to happen to him and she believes the bank manager is receiving all the money.  How I find out all this is while I was going through some of her documents and find all of the paperwork and all the money this manager from Royal Bank of Canada, Hastings branch.

Naked I confronted her and she says she is sorry but I don’t think she is, she is sorry alright she isn’t getting the thousands anymore.  When I read about the bank fraud in Barbados I know it’s true.  You poor people!

I have all the paperwork with this manager’s name and signatures, P.E.   If this man has any family members in Barbados and this story is familiar, you can get these papers from me.  You can find me.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

IMPEACHED! President Park Geun-hye has to answer to THE PEOPLE

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA (Naked Departure) — THE PEOPLE (Human Beings) HAVE SPOKEN– Parliament in South Korea voted overwhelmingly to impeach President Park Geun-hye on Friday after a huge political scandal involving a childhood friend and confidant left her isolated and loathed.

Park was officially stripped of her power just after 7 p.m. local time (5 a.m. ET), and Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn took over as acting president.

For more than a month, hundreds of thousands of South Koreans — HUMAN BEINGS — have spilled onto the streets each Saturday to protest Park’s relationship with Choi Soon-sil who is accused of massive influence peddling.

Prosecutors say the 64-year-old colluded in Choi’s criminal activities to manipulate government affairs and extort businesses.   Choi is the daughter of late cult leader Choi Tae-min, who himself befriended Park as a young woman after saying her assassinated mother had appeared in his dreams.

The allegations have plunged the world’s 11th biggest economy into an unprecedented crisis and exposed a series of bizarre revelations — including the mass government purchase of erectile dysfunction medication, Viagra.   (See entire article on: NBCNews)

Naked Departure

GAIA Plundered by DOF, while Employees Suffer

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Grantley Adams Int’l Airport — Imagine airport workers striking for money that long over due and certain people in the public domain saying them want firing! Also let’s not forget that the minister’s asking the workers to wait on the public service and that can’t be fair cause airport workers aren’t civil servants and as such don’t get any of the benefits such as 21 sick days, gratuity or government pension.

David Barrow
David Barrow

What the government should do is ask Mr Henry Barrow who stole over 3 million dollars from the airport when he was director of finance to return it so the workers can get something for their pockets but no instead his cousin who is the CEO threw a party for him and now he’s in another government agency in finance again.  So when you have big political ties you are rewarded for stealing it seems.


Not to mention the down right disrespect the workers face when the rule book states wearing of another persons pass is instant dismissal for both parties yet Mr Pope who is in charge of the car park and works in accounts got caught wearing the pass of a female colleague who he’s romantically involved with yet he was suspended for 6 weeks with pay. The same Pope always coming up short with the money form the car park where ever so often a hundred thousand goes missing here or there yet as he said in his own words if them touch he a lot of heads will roll with his.


Now you would think strike action would affect business negatively but it has not when Worthing security can man where GAIA inc guards usually work after all the director of operations is a big share holder in that private firm so that’s more money for him is it not?

Is this what Errol Barrow fight for?  I doubt a party that used to be for the poor is now strictly for the rich and all the politicians getting fat off the poor tax payers. it’s not like the BLP any different cause all the politicians bout getting rich while the poor man suffers bajans are doomed and need fresh political minds to take the country forward not the same old tricksters under the guise of D or BLP.   Anonymous

Naked Departure