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Chris Sinckler is Complicit with the CLICO Fiasco

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — CLICO and CHRIS SINCKLER — Amazing, not amazing grace.  Chris Sinckler you are damaged goods as a politician and you may very well be damaged goods as an honest human being.  Clico was indeed a fiasco, a fraud and your government was complicit in the thievery that robbed many Barbadians of their life’s savings.

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The fact that in today’s newspaper you have offered to payback what was initially stolen by two members of your party is high class robbery “Chris.”  Fifty six million dollars for former policy holders, and not one conviction or remuneration of monies stolen by the two culprits involved Mr. Minister of Finance? Mr. Sinckler you are a disgrace, and a colossal failure, and the fact that you will now rob Peter to pay Paul is tantamount to a party that only possess’ a larcenous agenda.


If this situation did not cause so many Barbadians pain, I would laugh right to your face Chris Sinckler, but instead I want to cry, because your party, the DLP, has brought Barbados to the brink of financial collapse and ruination.  Some people Sinckler know “The price of everything, and the value of nothing.”  Sinckler, trust is a valuable commodity, of which you know nothing.  Victor Callender

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Big Racket at Barbados’ Sea and Air Ports

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Good Evening Naked.  There is a big racket going on at the Seaport and the Airport.  Big whiskey and brandy and drinks selling on the blocks and the shops but some sellers mixing the alcohol with water and tricking people and got the bottle seal down and when you open the hard liquor it water down so we money getting burn up.


Naked, I hope the police investigate this situation quickly because a lot of names will get called.  First name to hit the list is DJ Tammy’s fat sister.  She is selling hot on the market!  Anonymous

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Drug Lord Orders Killing of SM Communications Agent

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHANITA MAYERS — Naked, Shanita Mayers from S M Communications is a wicked woman and I would like to know what I do she that two men can turn up at my place with guns to kill me and my children.

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Someone told me that she tyres get slashed and that because of the articles, she figured it was me and she drug lord father send these men for me.  I ain’t do this woman nothing fuh she to want to do this to me.  She knows that I see she Paul Hayward (ex employee of LIME) in she car last Sunday afternoon and she send she father for me?

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This is my message to her.  We know y’all together and that your vehicles get find with drugs in them and the police got them.  We know your father is in charge of this too cause ya cousin say so.  So try to study that and leave me alone Shanita.  Tell your father’s men to leave me.  Scared Agent

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Barbados Light & Power Rate Increase TEMPORARILY Denied

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — LIGHT & POWER — If you believe these statements found in your daily, local newspaper, YOU ARE IDIOTS!!  Plain and simple!

Barbadian consumers will not be stuck with the bill for Barbados Light Power’s (BL) attempts to hedge international oil prices.  The good news came yesterday following a decision by the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) to reject an application from the power company to pass on the costs associated with its attempts to buy fuel in large amounts at a fixed price in order to protect BL from frequent shifts in the commodity price.

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Whatever the white man wants, the white man gets!  Electricity is a necessity.  The white man controls that necessity.  Black people will pay!  Wait for it.  Whether you see it or whether you don’t, depends on how focused you are on what is happening in your country.  But, whether you ‘see’ it or not, you will feel it in your pockets.  Wait for it!

And if there were any doubts, here is the clincher, the part that your local newspaper actually had the AUDACITY to print for you to read:

The fuel clause adjustment was designed to help BL recover the money it spends on fuel and is not meant to be a profit-making activity.

Small business tech deals
Small business tech deals

How stupid do they think you are (thinking about it, they must really think you are stupid)?   Here are a few of the comments that were sent into Naked Departure:

If there were any real leaders in Barbados, no foreign or local business people would dare show such disrespect for their customers (the Bajan public) as outlined by the below commenter where Emera is hedging and expect Bajans to pay for it!   How utterly disrespectful.

I would want to know what makes Emera think they could get away with gambling “hedging” and make bajans pay for it, in the first place.  That was disrespectful to the people on the island, their own customers, to say the least.

True leaders would make sure a program is put in place so that every home on the island is solar powered for electricity, so that Emera can make no more attempts to have Bajan consumers pay for their gambling debts.

Amazing!  Some Bajans actually think they’ve missed that bullet!    Naked Departure

An Insider’s Look at Barbados’ Strip Clubs, Trafficking, Prostitution and Corruption

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, recently in the newspaper Andre Omar Jackman aka Lord Evil also known as Punchies was arrested for criminal damages and assault at Club Rehab over last weekend when one of his murder bail conditions after release in April pertaining to his curfew was extended by the High Court earlier in the week; he was later given bail in the Magistrates Criminal Court and two of the three charges dropped.

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Small business tech deals

This is a man who is on High Court bail after spending one year on remand for murdering a man working behind a bar in Nelson Street doing his job, Barbados is indeed a Banana Republic.

The strip clubs in Barbados are primarily owned and ran by a number of US criminal deportees who daily flaunt the laws in Barbados aided by corrupt immigration/customs officers and a cadre of corrupt dirty local Police. Most of the strip club owners are also heavily involved in the drug business to name a few Stephen Walcott aka Bopper Rehab, Clarence owner of Incognito strip club in Maxwell, Freddie Hill Reggae Promoter and former owner of now defunct strip club Rolex Spring Garden, alias Jersey with his wife Roxanne formerly Tasty Treats and now defunct strip club Ace of Diamond with Nigel Pinder alias Bounty.  (Jamaican exotic dancers caught working illegally in Barbados, MORE than 20 exotic dancers from the Caribbean who went to Barbados to work, were caught this past weekend in an immigration swoop.  The Barbados Nation reports that immigration and the police raided the Tasty Treats nightclub where the women — mostly from Jamaica and Guyana — were held.  The police public relations officer said 10 other people were held during the joint exercise.  They were acting on information about illegal activity, ranging from gambling to drug trafficking and the playing of loud music, the newspaper said.


Females from Jamaica, Guyana, Brazil and other destinations come into Barbados under false pretenses as visitors whose sole aim is to work in the strip clubs as prostitutes.  Immigration officers who are part of this scam are paid $200 per female to stamp 6 months in their passports and easy entry into Barbados. Most of the females who come to work for the clubs tickets are either paid by the strip club owners or in some cases by police officers who charge the girls $2000 – $2500 for their ticket even though in most cases original ticket is around $1000 or less. The girls are given their first month to pay the between $2000 to $2500 from their prostitution work in the strip clubs. In a lot of cases passport is withheld until this money is repaid.

The strip clubs are supported heavily by drug lords on the island like Nigel Pinder alias Bounty from St. Philip, Cook Food from the Pine, Rubber Guts, St. john, Ross Red Sea Deacons, Clifford Braithwaithe alias Jah Jah Deacons a Canadian drug deportee and many others especially Club Rehab.

The strip club owners protect these crime partners as they are big spenders along with facilitating mutual drug trades and money laundering.

Strip club owners earned money from entrance fees $20, liquor, renting private rooms $50 per hr in their clubs to punters for sex with the strippers for a fee for both the sex and room separately.

A number of local Police are employed at some of the clubs as security and also to inform the owners of pending raids or drug intelligence.

Life for most of the strippers is no cake walk as they are subject to abuse by the owners who always hang the threat of deportation through their criminal associates at Immigration.

This is what happened in the Lord Evil recent case where he fingered one of the strippers and when she objected he kicked and punched her and a fight ensued when a number of her co-workers strippers intervened. Stephen Walcott one of the Managers/owners threatened the stripper with deportation hence why a couple of the charges were dropped as Lord Evil is a big spender and the drug lord was more important to Rehab Strip Club.

The strip club owners also feel emboldened as several of Government Ministers frequent the strip clubs to have sex with the strippers such as Michael Carrington, Michael Lashley, Richard Sealy, Noel Lynch and many others so they feel they are untouchable.

Charles Lewis aka Charlie Spice works as a pimp and media spokesperson on the West Coast and sources from time to time some of the club strippers to engage in prostitution with tourists and he also sources his clients drug primarily cocaine needs working with some of the same strip club owners.

You have for the most parts strip club owners who are criminal deportees who live untouchable lives and are also engaged in illegal activities including fraud and blackmail enabled by crooked authorities.

Some of the Current and former Strip Clubs in Barbados:

Club Rehab Fontabelle
Haitian Bar Nelson Street
Ace Of Diamond Strip Club
Richies Casa
Incognito Maxwell Coast Road
Rolexx formerly Triple XXX
Tasty Treats


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Michael Lashley Says to Lay off Workers

BARBADOS/POLITICS/MAFIA (Naked Departure) — MICHAEL LASHLEY — Naked, with the  holidays right around the corner and with many Barbadians already struggling to make ends meet, minister Lashley weighed in on the go slow at the ports by saying:

“If your business is being adversely affected, then start laying off workers.”

You believe that Naked?!!

While Eddy Abed of the Abed clanship is crying out and urging for the impasse (government and unions) to be resolved, a minister of government, Michael Lashley, had that easy fix: lay off Bajans!  Easy so!

Naked, you just do not know what we go through living in this hell hole!   Anonymous

Naked Departure

*******  More comments here Naked:

Millicent Small Please, why are the workers on a go slow? When was there a meeting , with whom, about what, was the procedures followed and talks broke down? Can’t seem to get a coherent answer from any one.

Carson CadoganCarson Cadogan (Michael Lashley) If your business is being adversely affected, then start laying off workers.

Barry and Barbara Dueck TOO WHITE FOR DODDS; DPP Drops 8 Charges

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — BARRY and BARBARA DUECK — TOO WHITE FOR DODDS — Naked you have been saying for a long time now how corrupt and vicious DPP Charles Leacock is and you have been proven right.  Here is his corruption exposed for the whole world to see.  How much was he paid to drop EIGHT corruption charges against the TOO WHITE FOR DODDS defendants?

Guyanese DPP in Barbados, Charles Leacock
Guyanese DPP in Barbados, Charles Leacock

Are poor, black, Barbadians the only ones the Guyanese-born DPP, Charles Leacock, sends to prison?  Are Barbadians seriously going to let this just fall by the wayside?  Are the Duecks too white for a Barbadian jail?

Just imagine how many black Bajans have been victimized by this wicked, greedy animal Charles Leacock!

Barry and Barbara Dueck, TOO WHITE FOR DODDS
Barry and Barbara Dueck, TOO WHITE FOR DODDS (Photo: NationNews)

We have been saying on here ad nauseam that DPP Charles Leacock is corrupt, he is part of the problems plaguing the justice system and judiciary for years, it was very clear that something was very wrong with the dismissal of 8 charges against those 2….1 or 2 charges may not raise any eyebrows…but 8 charges, without a word of explanation from the DPP…that says quite a lot.

In a real country with a real judiciary and justice system, investigations would already be ongoing against Charles Leacock, his actions and outside activities with the likes of Peter Harris of CGI Insurance Bjorn Bjerkham and other scum of the earth thieves, money launderers, human traffickers, land thieves and child killers in Barbados.   Anonymous

BARBADIANS ARE STUPID?  Tell them anything, but don’t tell them the truth?!!  Is that it?!

THE STORY:  “THE DECISION of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Charles Leacock, QC, to discontinue proceedings against a Canadian couple, BARRY and BARBARA DUECK — TOO WHITE FOR DODDS, who had been charged with stealing millions from their investment clients, as well as money laundering, has led to unprecedented action in the local law courts.

Living in Style and Luxury

Two other Canadians who are now resident in Barbados have accused the DPP of abuse of his constitutional power and want the Supreme Court to review his decision, declare that it was wrong in law and quash it, as well as reinstate the eight charges against Barry and Barbara Dueck — Too white for Dodds.

Attorney Robert Richardson, of Royal Westmoreland in St James, and Jean Delangis, of St Peter’s Bay in St Peter, have retained local attorney Satcha Kissoon to pursue legal action against the DPP. On Thursday Kissoon filed several documents with the Registrar of the Supreme Court to initiate the process.

The historic case stems from the decision of the District “E” magistrate at Holetown to dismiss charges against the TOO WHITE FOR DODDS Duecks on September 30 this year, after the prosecutor said he had been instructed in writing by the DPP’s Office to discontinue proceedings.  (NationNews)

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Charles Williams said he owns most of Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — IS HE BLACK OR WHITE?  CHARLES WILLIAMS is on video where it is stated that you’d be hard pressed to find any land in Barbados that is not owned by him.  He concurred.  Listen below:

Sir Charles, said to be one of Barbados’ largest landowners, is disputing Dr Christina Hinds Harrison’s statement that the colonial pattern of maintaining ownership of most of the country’s land and wealth in the hands of  those who “are white”, who appeared to be “white” and  expatriates were continuing in the post-Independence period.”

So now what’s there to dispute?  Are you, Charles, stating that you’re just a local bastard and n**********?  What does your passport say you are (in terms of ‘race’)?  You also stated in the above video that you’ve never borrowed money you’ve never paid back.  Well then, if that’s true, you’re not much of a Bajan ****** then, are you?  You said, on the video, that you were instructed not to buy up all the land in Barbados because it would affect the social structure….so you stopped….  Well goddamn!!  I don’t know which is more powerful; the fact that you had the money to buy up all of Barbados or the fact that you didn’t!

“Not true. A gross inaccuracy,” said an irate Sir Charles, who on Tuesday challenged the Cave Hill campus lecturer in politics, international relations and integration studies to a public debate on the issue.”

Charlie, or do you prefer to be called Charles?  Three score years and ten means you have surpassed your allotted time…; have you already decided where and how you want to be buried?  Please leave and never come back!  Naked Departure

Barbados linked to the ‘666’ Masonic Triangle?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — THE SIGN OF THE BEAST and Barbados, a Masonic Island.  What Independence?  England and Barbados Records certify England granted Barbados Full Internal Self Government in May, awaiting 30 November 1966 signing of Independence Document that could have been signed in 1964.  However, Barbados forms part of the Masonic Triangle.  The Masonic Triangle England 1066 Independence, America 1776 Independence and Barbados 1966 Independence 66, 76, 66.

In the King James Bible Luke 13: 9-16 Jesus Christ emphasizes the number of the BEAST (18). In modern times you have this N0: 18 openly displayed under the signs Cigarettes and Alcohol not to be sold to anyone under the age of 18.

The “Ancient Charges” taught to all Masons. To be cautious” so that not even “the most penetrating stranger” can find out “what is not proper to be intimated, to “divert a discourse and manage it prudently for the honour of the worshipful fraternity”-in short to fulfil the motto of the Grand Lodge Crest:” Aude, Vide, Tace” 

(Hear, see and be Silent).

Spiritual Wickedness in High Places – Freemasonry Brotherhood of Conspiracy

“In Freemasonry today the three great principles on which our movement rests – brotherly Love, Relief and Truth – have been replaced by Envy, Hypocrisy and Lies-A Freemason’s Word of honour, which was once regarded as sacrosanct and something to be relied upon now has no moral worth whatsoever.”

The Masonic Poet W.B. Yeats Wrote “Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.

Masonic Mafia aims to protect each other, to protect Freemasonry and to protect the establishment in which Masons strive and prosper.

29th June 1986 revealed in the People and The News of The World Newspapers, Manchester, England top Police Deputy Chief Constable John Stalker became the victim of a plot by Freemasons that stretches from Belfast – Northern Ireland to London- Whitehall. Officer Stalker made enemies with his inquiries into an alleged Police, Royal Ulster Constabulary shoot to kill policy.

Barbados was not granted Independence in 1964. 1966 with England & America = 6 + 6 + 6 =18.  The Masonic Triangle.   Jerry Nurse

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Barbadian POLICE Taught well by their White Masters

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — WHITE SUPREMACY and the 21st CENTURY SLAVE CODE — HAS anyone from the Barbados Police ever bust down a WHITE man’s door in Barbados and entered their abode without invitation?  Has anyone from the Police in Barbados ever pointed a gun at Bizzy’s, Mark Maloney’s or any other white man’s head in Barbados?  Has any member of the Barbados police ever wrapped wire around Peter Harris’ neck?  Why…, why then are these black cops terrorizing poor, black citizens without cause?  Was there a siren sounded that slaves had escaped?  Why are these modern-day SLAVE HUNTERS allowed to treat the people (taxpayers) who PAY their salaries in such reprehensible ways??

People of Barbados, the 21st Century Slave Code is in full effect in Barbados!  Naked Departure


Naked, the corrupt Barbados Police force were taught well by their white slave masters.  Now they are trying to hang the youth.  Anonymous

THE STORY:  A GROUP OF YOUNG MEN from Clifton Hall, St John, are claiming that police burst into their home on Tuesday and beat them without just cause.  One of the men, Dexter Bailey, 29, told the WEEKEND NATION that one officer “cocked” a gun and put it to his head even though he offered no resistance.  As if that was not enough, Bailey said another officer wrapped electrical cord around the heads of him and his friend and threatened to kill them.  Another man, who sat with his mouth swollen, but who chose to remain anonymous, said after hearing police shout “Open here, open here!” he quickly obeyed, only to be greeted with a punch to the face.

Go to Bizzy Williams’ house and should “open here, open here” and tell us here at Naked Departure what would happen!!!


Beaten by Barbados police
Beaten by Barbados police

Sex, Drugs and Money Equal Power: The MAFIA in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) – BARBADOS MAFIA — Naked Departure, time to smell the coffee.  I have listened to Charlie Vice hoodwink you by using his pimping skills the same way he and his cronies such as Jersey, Freddie Hill, Boppa and Bally use it on the underage girls who they import from Jamaica, Guyana, St. Lucia and St. Vincent and Trinidad.  These whore mongers especially like especially the pre-teen Amerindian girls from the bush of Guyana who they sample before opening them up to the public.

Men such as CEO of Bridgetown Port Inc DAVID JEAN-MARIE, Minister of Tourism/Deputy Prime Minister RICHARD SEALY, Speaker of Barbados House of Assembly MICHAEL CARRINGTON, are regular patrons of whore clubs such as CLUB REHAB on Fontabelle, where they mingle with other regulars such as ROSS ASHTON RED SEA GANG BOSS, DRUG LORD WINSTON “I-STON” BRANCH, ADDY MUHDADDY DOG POUND GANG BOSS, DRUG LORD  NIGEL “BOUNTY” PINDER, FREDDY HILL WHORE MONGER/SHOW PROMOTER, DRUG LORD COOK-FOOD and SCOTTY CHRIST CHURCH DRUG LORD and many others as well as various customs immigration and police men.

SHANIQUE MYRIE came in to strip and sell pu***y at REHAB but the club’s immigration man was not in place at the time so she did not get through and the Barbados government ended up picking up her tab.

The same way the super-rich make deals on the golf courses, the drug barons do the same in the strip joints. Ask DAVID JEAN MARIE how much cash passed his way to “clear” special items coming through the Bridgetown Port for certain drug lords.


Things are going to get more interesting since the Russian whores are in town and their handlers the Russian mob are here also, as are the Colombians, Mexicans, Italians from Sicily (MAFIA) and Chinese Tong and Japanese Yakuza are also here in the mix. Barbados is regarded as a prosperous nation like the Bahamas and these “foreign investors” are keen to pump money into both the legal and black market economies.

The Sicilian mafia have their home base on Canewood Road, Jackson and are here to stay according to my sources.

Stay tuned things are about to get even more interesting.  Especially with general elections looming very soon, the “pipers” are keen to fund the political campaigns payback though will be hell to deal with.

Barbados is not ready and cannot handle or deal with these hombres as the police here are underpaid and ill-equipped to go toe to toe with men who are natural-born killers.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

Water Woes: The Power of a Class Action Lawsuit

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — “THE ONLY thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  GOVERNMENTS, CORPORATIONS and INDIVIDUALS fear the onslaught of a CLASS ACTION SUIT.  For those who are suffering, being defrauded, being manipulated to extract and extort, by means of “CONTRACTS” that are of:

1. FALSE and MISLEADING INFORMATION advertising, statements.
2. FALSE and FICTITIOUS CONVEYANCE OF GRAMMAR as an illusion written in adverb verb.
3. DEPRIVATION OF RIGHTS under the color of law.
4. CONDUCTING CRIMINAL ACTIVITY HAVING KNOWLEDGE and making no effort to modify or disclose.
6. FOR NOT CONVEYING LEGAL DOCUMENTS in the correct Quantum Parse Syntax Grammar.
7. JUDGEMENTS made by impersonators. PERJURY (having knowledge of a fact but tells a lie TO TWIST IT).
8. MISAPPROPRIATION.  Failing to carry out ones’ legal duties, monetizing other than that intended.
8. MAIL FRAUD by non affixing or photocopying of stamps and issuing supposedly LEGAL documents.
9. MISREPRESENTATION. (ANYTHING within a box cannot be considered).
10. UNILATERAL CONTRACTS (Contracts with one signature, not signed by the other party).


BY ESTABLISHING THE FACTS and LAW by protocol, BEING THE VESSEL in dry dock in Maritime/Admiralty LAW declaring the illusions of MISDEEDS.  NO LAW OR FACT SHALL BE ARGUED IN COURT.  Compensation will be rewarded to the collective or group in the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.

CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS provides claims for the recourse OF INJURY and it is available to groups of consumers whose suffering can be attributed to a common cause. It also establishes protection of groups.  On winning a C.A.L, each member is awarded the same amount.  As in the USA, the penalty/fine is US$25 000 000 or 30 years imprisonment per each breach of established Law. For the reward of the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT each member will receive USA $25 000 000.00.

A group can be the citizenry of a country, a consumer body, a corporate or otherwise workforce, a membership, persons coming together with the experience of like injustices… etc.  A legal representative versed in Quantum Parse Syntax Grammar is highly recommended.


2. MORTGAGES with false and fictitious conveyances of Language/GRAMMAR/statements.
3. UNILATERAL CONTRACTS (loans or any contractual agreement) with the non issue of hard copies, without the lenders signature and stamps.
4. INAPPROPRIATE BILLINGS (STATEMENTS) must be examined and verified for legality (must carry a serial number).
6. ILLUSIONAL CONVEYANCES/FICTION of product safety via false advertising of goods and services.
7. EMPLOYERS who willfully flout the Law in regards to discrimination and rights to employees.
8. BUSINESS ENTITIES which charge excessive interest rates, fees and penalties (engineering bogus fees without rendering genuine goods or services while in some cases withholding the means to the service ).
9 FOR CLAIMS of public and private nuisance, trespass, negligence, injury, unjust enrichment, fraudulent misrepresentation, misappropriation and civil conspiracy BY THOSE WHO WOULD COERSE FOR ENRICHMENT.  FORENSIC INVESTIGATION, followIng the money trail as well as credible evidence can produce sound STANDING for the claim.


For the service of water, one enters a “contract” and the service is rendered and a “bill” or “invoice” forwarded for bill days and usage. The bill is ESTIMATED.  With the non supply of water for even longer periods that extends beyond the “quarter/ period/ BILL DAYS”, a bill or “invoice” is still sent.  When queries (verbally) are made for non supply, reasons given are that costs represents RENTAL OF EQUIPMENT (not inclusive in billing information/”contract”), no service/supply was rendered, yet a (written) “bill” is tendered.

THIS IS FOR THE CLAIM OF FALSE AND MISLEADING STATEMENTS.   Information declared on a service provider STATEMENT/”bill”/”invoice” does not carry a serial number.

THIS IS FOR THE CLAIM OF INAPPROPRIATE BILLING. It is a statement of account.  NOT AN INVOICE.  All information declared on the statement is enclosed in boxes. Anything within/enclosed a box cannot be considered.  Ever wondered why the dollar bill was redesigned and printed?… it was enclosed in a box and could not be considered.

Records show and by observation, rainfall is abundant yet a constant psychological entrainment of the collective consciousness to believe or to be conditioned to think that there is a DROUGHT and that it EXISTS is the primary reason for inadequate or non supply of water.

THIS IS FOR THE CLAIM FALSE ADVERTISING.  With the selling of water to Cruise Ships yet embarking on “the experimental importation of water”, the thrust to construct numerous desalination plants, marketing water tanks (TO SUFFERING CUSTOMERS) and related systems, purchasing water tenders while customers SUFFER INJURY for want for daily supply.

THIS IS THE CLAIM FOR THE INJURY, NEGLIGENCE.  Ever wondered why banks issue cheque amounts written in italics and in a box?…..or issue “receipts from the teller without a stamp and fades away in a short time?….or (simulated) initials affixed to contracts? …or no hard copies of contracts given?  It’s all engineered folks.


FOR THE CLAIMS ABOVE, with each breach (5) totals USA $100,000,000.00 to each member claiming damages… now multiply that with the number of members of the group.   Are you feeling lucky today?

RESTORE WATER TO THE PEOPLE forthwith!  Anonymous-T.b.o.g:Light

Naked Departure

Lamar of St. Lucy and Police Brutality

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Hello Naked, I would like to share a story of an incident which took place on 22nd Oct 2016 @ mins past 10 pm.

My neighbour Lamar of a resident of St Lucy was on his way home to get ready for a birthday party when men in police uniform and camouflage with masked faces snatched him from through the bushes beat him threatened to kill him had guns pointed in his face and mouth muzzled on the ground on the dirt.  After that they took him strictly through back roads and tied his hand with cable ties which are now bruised.  He was carried to district E where he was told not to speak to the other officers mins past and he was taken to district A and beaten because he was asked questions he knew noting of.  He had nothing illegal.  He works everyday.  Pays tax . Pays NIS.

I just want to say that is not police work that is totally gangsters at work in our police force in Barbados.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

Marc Egan should be in DODDS

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — MARC EGAN — Naked, this man is a criminal and he should be in Dodds, both him and his wife.  He is from Britain and is operating a Restaurant, close to the Crane Hotel in St. Philip, illegally as neither him nor his wife are citizens of Barbados.

However, that is the least of his problems.  Marc Egan is, allegedly, big in the cocaine business in Barbados.  It is scum like this that is destroying Barbados and getting away with it.

Marc, go back to Britain and take your fraudulent and drug dealing activities with you.  Quit bribing the gullible Government officials to turn a blind eye whilst you supply cocaine to local tourists who look like you and some local buyers.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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DISASTER Capitalism — No One Really Cares About HAITI

Hurricane Matthew – Haiti

HAITI/CARIBBEAN (Naked Departure) —  DISASTER CAPITALISM!!  NO ONE really cares about Haiti.  They talk about Haiti because they’re ashamed not to — how could you not talk about Haiti and all her recent disasters!

With Cholera surging and the smell of death flowing as the fragrance of the day, who’s going to go to Haiti and help them dig out?  Or, are you only going to hand out some food and clothing and take photos?  Then there’s the money to be made from disasters (charity/donations) and here comes the disaster capitalists a/k/a THIEVES.

Wyclef, a HAITIAN, steals from his own
Wyclef Jean, a HAITIAN, steals from his own People in Haiti

Most of the money (99%) collected for Haiti won’t reach her (history is our greatest teacher).  Most of what the radiothoners and other media outlets are doing is in essence to keep their brand relevant.  They don’t care about Haiti.  Look at the panel of people asking for money for Haiti — thieves, liars and big-time criminals!  Even Haiti’s own could not be steadfast!  Even Wyclef Jean’s Haiti Charity is now defunct after he, a fellow black man and himself a Haitian, mishandled $16M in donations.  He screwed his own people!

The American Red Cross collected half a BILLION after the 2011 earthquake and built ONLY six houses!

Haiti is always going to be an accident waiting to happen and there are opportunists and disaster capitalists (THIEVES) always ready and waiting to take something from her.

Haitian practice their Voodoo and Bajans Wukup and Foop
Haitians practice their Voodoo and Bajans Wukup and Fo*p

Do you think Bajans, who think that the only good Guyanese (good hair and all) is a dead one, can ever love the dark-skin, nappy-hair, voodoo and blood ritual Haitian?  And if you don’t love Haiti, why handle money for Haitians?

Wheel and come again!  It’s all about the money and the Rotary Club of Barbados West  has a pernicious criminal in its ranks!  They, like Wyclef, the American Red Cross, Bush, Clinton, and all others are DISASTER CAPITALISTS!!!!   Naked Departure

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$300,000.00 COB Credit Union Fraud

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) —  COB CREDIT UNION, Barbados — Naked, it is amazing that since finding out about the extra three hundred thousand dollars in my mortgage document in February this year to date The City of Bridgetown Credit Union has not resolved the problem.  (Please advise if the pdf documents you submitted are to be published.)

The CEO of that institution has admitted that I did not have the money.  The legal document that they changed after I signed and they registered at the land registry contains the extra three hundred thousand dollars.

They lifted my electronic signature and placed on documents to make it appear as though I signed the fraudulent documents.  The loan bond document that has an extra five years added to it even contains the wrong surname.

The Financial Services Commission which is the regulatory body for credit unions has done nothing to prevent COB from defrauding honest, hard-working citizens of Barbados.


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I am shocked that a company in Barbados, after the recent CLICO fiasco which should also have been regulated by the Financial Services Commission, can continue to operate fraudulently.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

Gradwin Taylor and his known shooter

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — GRADWIN TAYLOR — Naked, 44-year-old Gradwin Taylor was shot in the left foot in his Eden Lodge, St Michael, neighbourhood and was taken to the QEH by private vehicle.   But what the newspapers did not print is that Taylor went to prison, DODDS, for murder a few years ago.  All these criminals get out and return to their previous lives.

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They told the police that they were masked gunmen who shoot him.  But Naked, the real shooter is his wife’s son.  Naked, thank you!  Thank you!  I had to get that off my chest so I can sleep a restful night!  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Pssst…, Bizzy Williams Already has the Sanitation Contract!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — PRIVATIZATION OF SANITATION SERVICES — Greetings my forgetful Barbadians.  Do you remember those 15 or so garbage trucks in the port that nobody knew who they belonged to?  Remember that?  Well, with what’s going on now with all the talk of Bizzy Williams wanting to be in control of SSA, the police and politicians, you should have by now figured out who those trucks belong to…shouldn’t you.  Bizzy’s in charge and he’s got the equipment to prove it!

But where did Sanitation go wrong?  “Naked, the minister in charge of sanitation squandered the money.  The trucks were not enough (in numbers) and then when they started to fall apart, the money allocated to getting parts and new trucks went into the pockets of the politicians.”

And Anderson Cherry:

“I am saddened and upset at how this country is going. It is very difficult for a black man to operate in this country. I don’t see anywhere, outside of myself, that much more black people in my age group can survive,” said Cherry, who had previously offered his five trucks to Government to assist with national waste disposal.

Today Cherry, who is the owner of Jose Y Jose Liquid and Solid Waste Management Inc. complained that even though he had gotten down on his knees and literally “begged” the Minister of the Environment to “please hire my trucks”, the minister had chosen to look elsewhere.

“I am out of work, I have no money. I can’t pay my bills. And now 15 trucks are in the port to put me and all the black businessmen out of business and put hundreds of workers of the Sanitation Service Authority out of work. I think it is wrong, wrong, wrong,” the outspoken waste hauler said.”

Your biggest mistake, Mr. Cherry, was getting on your knees to beg a black politician to notice you over a white man — and especially a black politician who has AIDS…allegedly!  If after all your years of working in Barbados, Mr. Cherry, you have not built up a Rolodex of names of people who would back you up…, you are screwed!

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Well, there you have it.  Sanitation WILL BE privatized and BIZZY WILLIAMS will control more of Barbados.  Any questions?

Naked Departure

Some Glad Chris Hawkesworth is Dead!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — LOLITA COWARD — A heavily made up, to conceal her true identity, Lolita Coward, stated that she is glad that Chris Hawkesworth is dead!  “He shudda be dead every sense” Coward bravely stated.  She believes her late son, Anthony “Tone” Coward, who was tortured and woke up and found himself dead in the trunk of his girlfriend’s car in a bushy cart road at Neil’s Plantation, St Michael, was one of Chris’s top soldiers.


But the heavily made up Lolita is not the only one with that sentiment.  Some (who know Chris very well) are also saying that they are glad Chris Hawkesworth is dead because he’s gone to a better place.  Chris Hawkesworth was a very spiritual man and many who knew him felt he was in an occupation that did not suit his temperament and/or his personality.

More on this will be LIVE streamed on Naked Departure Radio at 12:30 p.m TODAY.   Naked Departure

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Rae ‘Muffin’ Johnson

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, Muffin Johnson is Peter Harris‘s new woman.  She works at West Coast Villas.  She has worked her feminine skills to get in her Sales Manager job.

Naked, Rae is so common, no class and likes to drink a lot.  Rae (Muffin) Johnson thinks she is so powerful, but we got plans for you.

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Rae’s own mother hates her!  She thinks her daughter is very disrespectful to her husband and her child.

Peter will use you like the rest!  Anonymous

Naked Departure