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Chris Sinckler is Complicit with the CLICO Fiasco

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — CLICO and CHRIS SINCKLER — Amazing, not amazing grace.  Chris Sinckler you are damaged goods as a politician and you may very well be damaged goods as an honest human being.  Clico was indeed a fiasco, a fraud and your government was complicit in the thievery that robbed many Barbadians of their life’s savings.

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The fact that in today’s newspaper you have offered to payback what was initially stolen by two members of your party is high class robbery “Chris.”  Fifty six million dollars for former policy holders, and not one conviction or remuneration of monies stolen by the two culprits involved Mr. Minister of Finance? Mr. Sinckler you are a disgrace, and a colossal failure, and the fact that you will now rob Peter to pay Paul is tantamount to a party that only possess’ a larcenous agenda.


If this situation did not cause so many Barbadians pain, I would laugh right to your face Chris Sinckler, but instead I want to cry, because your party, the DLP, has brought Barbados to the brink of financial collapse and ruination.  Some people Sinckler know “The price of everything, and the value of nothing.”  Sinckler, trust is a valuable commodity, of which you know nothing.  Victor Callender

Naked Departure

Triple Taxation: CLICO Policyholders paying themselves $56M

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — CLICO policyholders will be paying themselves back the $56,000,000 they incurred in losses in the most under-publicized, perfect crime of the 21st century!  Your local news outlets did not do this crime justice via meticulous exposure!  The bandits get to keep your money and their reputations!


Chris Sinckler says the money, for payment, is being held in the inflation racket known as their Central Bank and he is awaiting word from the CLICO judicial manager, via the High Court, for the release of said monies into the hands of the defrauded policyholders.


Now get this!  That $56 million, where do you think it is coming from?  Out of thin air?  Well, maybe it is, but even the thin air wants its money back and that’s where the taxpayers come in!  You, the taxpayers, will be saddled with that bill.  And who are the taxpayers?  Policyholders!  You are paying yourselves back your own money that you lost with CLICO.  It’s like double/triple/quadruple taxation!  And the bandits get to keep your money.

You fools.  You only need to know how to count from one to two to figure this shit out!

Naked this is how much the Barbados taxpayers will have to pay for Leroy Parris’ former top manager of CLICO, former Prime Minister David Thompson, as attorney for CLICO and Lawrence Duprey, the former owner of CLICO, theft of policyholder’s money.

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Leroy Parris being friend and associate of Freundel Stuart and most of the government ministers and politicians on the island.

Will David Thompson’s estate or Leroy Parris or Lawrence Duprey be paying back the Barbados taxpayers that 56 million dollars stolen by the above top management and attorney for CLICO.

And the bandits get to keep your money.  Barbadians, is there any doubt now that you are not so smart?!  Where’s your attorney general?  Oh he’s busy not fighting crime and impregnating subordinates!  Naked Departure

Barbados had over 23 Downgrades under DLP Management

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) —  The Barbados economy has been downgraded over 23 times under this DLP government.  Downgrades destroy confidence in your economy, discouraging quality investors and investment to build out your economic future.  The impact on Barbados is government borrowing is more expensive so taxes are raised to make payments.  Large businesses with global or regional footprints can experience a backlash when they borrow funds internationally for expansion.  For example Sagicor experienced a downgrade because their headquarters is located in Barbados, forcing them to move from our shores.

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Loss of confidence by investors can delay commencing large projects awaiting an improved situation to minimize risk, otherwise they pay increased rates of interest.  Do we know to what degree that has delayed tourism expansion projects?  Without these projects, some businesses will fail because they need contracts.  Not just the main contractor but the myriad of sub-contractors supplying materials and services.  These contractors hire hundreds of Barbadians during construction and on completion hire hundreds of local workers in managerial, supervisory and general work positions.  This releases a new wave of spending in the economy in millions of dollars per year.


How do these downgrades affect you, me and St. James South?  A downgrade is not an academic exercise, it has real felt consequences when jobs are not created and cost of living rises through taxation which pressures families trying to put food on the table and pay bills.  These pressures affect people’s health, crime and retirement security. You shorten the prospects for graduates and young people coming out from school. Some families in St. James South have lost their homes.  It imperils entrepreneurs because of reduced spending and people’s credit profiles are ruined when they cannot pay what they legitimately owe government and others.  It can take five to seven years to totally recover.

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Downgrades are bad for the economy and worse for citizen’s lives. If the DLP gov’t was a doctor would they be allowed to practice medicine? No. It is time for Barbadians to revoke their license to govern.  Sandra Husbands

Naked Departure

Barbados has $13 Billion in National Debt

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — NATIONAL DEBT — Barbados has never been in so much debt.  The BLP has been responsible for accumulating approximately $8B and the DLP approximately $5B of our $13B national debt (Barbados dollars or US$?).  The international rating agencies continue to warn potential investors about our challenges to repay our debt.  If we continue to manage Barbados’ economy as we have in the past 40 years, then we will not own a country to pass on to the next generation of Barbadians.


The solutions to Barbados’ economic problems should be well known by both of our established political parties.  However, for the past 50 years they have both played this game of criticising the party in power for mismanaging the national economy, and then proceeding to mismanage it far worse when they attained power, leaving the criticising to the other party until their roles are reversed.

Since they have taken us so far beyond any responsible debt limit, to the point where we have no choice but to be badly taken advantage of by investors, then the next general election is crucial to the future of Barbados.

Solutions Barbados has already published workable solutions to the principal problems hindering Barbados’ development.  Regrettably, the games continue to be played while the problems are getting worse.  Therefore, we have assembled 14 employers who have never contested a general election, but who are willing to stand as candidates in the next general election in order to give Barbadians a competent alternative.   Grenville Phillips, II

STOP Breeding Bastards into Poverty: Archdeacon James Palacious

THE BAHAMAS (Naked Departure) — JAMES PALACIOUS — THE RICH keep getting richer and black people keep having babies being born into abject poverty.  What did the Anglican Archdeacon, James Palacious, say that we did not already know?  Why fake being shocked or insulted at hearing that women are having children that they cannot afford?  That is or should be a crime.  It’s a basic form of child abuse!  DON’T have children that you cannot afford.  DON’T bring children into this world not having a father and a strong family structure in place!  What’s wrong with saying that?!  Well, a bunch of idiots seem to have a problem with these statements.


“What I mean is this, unless we can control our reproductive process we will always be recycling poverty. My member of Parliament Richard Lightbourn made some most unfortunate remarks at the FNM convention, which he later apologised for, and that is important. Having said that let me say this too: the principal of what he was trying to say I agree totally.

“Black people breed too much. We have too many children we cannot afford and as a result of that we digging ourselves more and more into poverty. If we can’t see that then something is radically wrong with us.

“You have children on the lunch programme right now mothers, and you going having some more, come on man. Give me a break, give yourself a break. God didn’t put you here as any baby machine, he put you here to be a productive citizen of this country. That is what we need.”

Archdeacon Palacious also criticised the Bahamian people for “relying too much” on the government and not taking “responsibility” for their “own lives and actions”.

Wow! New Designed Dresses!By 2050, a hungry and criminal-ridden enterprising country known as Nigeria, will have a larger population than the United States of America (as projected based on their breeding standards)!  Black/African people just love f*cking, for absolutely no reason at all, thereby supplying the wealthy with a steady stream of low-wage laborers!

No one has time to be politically correct!!  It’s a war!  And truth is truth.  Save the Children!  Stop breeding if you cannot support your child[ren]!  Naked Departure

Solutions Barbados and Grenville Phillips, II

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SOLUTIONS BARBADOS and Grenville Phillips, II.

Dear Naked Departure:

Please be advised that Peter Harris is neither a candidate, advisor, nor is in any way associated with Solutions Barbados.  Please contact us if you need any clarification or additional information on this or any other matter.  Of course, we expect that you will facilitate the vetting of our candidates once we reveal them.

Naked, we welcome your views of any of our published policy solutions on our website, so that they may be improved.  You will find policies on the economy, corruption, agriculture, education, etc.

Best regards

Naked Departure


Peter Harris’ New Political Party, Solutions Barbados?

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — SOLUTIONS BARBADOS (new political party – Grenville Phillips, II) — Naked, is this Peter Harris’ political party?  Does he own this political party?  Barbados sorely needs new, serious, honest leaders, but not if the whole party and members are funded and owned by destructive, greedy, unethical business people like Harris.

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Harris has been manipulating and bribing everyone as a stepping stone to monopolizing the health care system and owning the transportation system in Barbados as well as controlling the judiciary through destruction, politicians and government ministers.  Grenville Phillips, II, is the perfect patsy for Harris to use?  Is Grenville still sitting on the board of directors at CGI Insurance.  These are questions that need to be asked and issues thoroughly investigated about this new political party.


It would be refreshing getting rid of both nasty Freundel Stuart and Mia Mottley and their gangs of retarded, blighted and intellectually challenged retards, but not to be replaced with a shady character like Harris in the background acting as the real prime minister pulling the strings of puppet politicians and government ministers, to the detriment of Bajans.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Barbados’ Inhabitants Sudden Dead Syndrome! Shhh…Don’t Let the Tourists Know

BARBADOS/TOURISM (Naked Departure) — SUDDEN DEATHS — THERE’S an epidemic of sudden deaths in Barbados!  Barbadians are dropping dead all over the place and it is not all of a sudden.  This has been going on now for years!  And what do the officials do?  They keep everything under wraps because they don’t want to adversely affect their bottom line: foreign/tourist money!  Understandable?  But, what about the taxpayers?

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Barbados is under stress.  They need that US Dollar to exchange.  All news can’t be broadcast because we depend on the tourists money.  If you were a tourist, would you go to a country were its inhabitants are dropping dead?  NO!  So a meeting was called with the media to cut back on reporting on sudden deaths.  What I would advise is do like the Chinese, don’t eat Chinese food.

JNC-SHERATON: With all the health advice metered out to its customers, the ShakeShak drinkers are still dropping dead!  Stale/expired food products are used to make those shakes, because nothing goes to waste!

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CHINESE: With all the information about fake Chinese food out in the media, Bajans are still eating Chinese food and dropping dead!  Dogs, cats, frogs, plastics, etc.!

SWEET DRINKS: Since time immemorial, Bajan sweet drinks were too sweet and people are dropping dead!  Children are the new faces of diabetes.

Sylvester Trotman

BOLD FACE LIARS: No one in Barbados will tell you the truth!  They’ll as soon watch you drop dead.  Indifference!

What’s going on in Barbados?  Many think it’s in the water system (boil your water and you’ll see what settles in the bottom of your kettle.  That sediment must also attach to your gut/vital organs when you drink it.) and others strongly believe it’s the GMO imported foods.  Even in the USA, it is many times reported that sub-par foods are sent to/sold in black/poor communities.  This must also be expected to occur with foods imported into third world countries like Barbados.

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And as Barbadians are continuing to wake up, get dressed, head out to work and SUDDENLY DROP DEAD, no one is sounding the alarm!!  Public officials collect their paychecks and don’t want to be bothered with the sordid details!  Naked Departure

Donville Inniss: Potholes an added Misery to Driving Drunk!

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — DONVILLE INNISS — Naked, the fact that the new white man, Donville Inniss, while driving his car was enveloped by a “pothole” is a thing of bewilderment, especially after his boss, another new white man, Freundel Stuart, told the people of Barbados to live with “potholes”, is utterly amazing!

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I am sorry Donville that the pothole conditions in Barbados first cost you $3000.00 Barbados dollars and this second episode of pot hole envelopment, god knows how much.  But Donville, regular Bajans are suffering from these infrastructural invasions.

Naked, this pothole epidemic like it is making driving drunk a hazard in Barbados!

Naked Departure


“TELL ME IT AIN’T SO- tell me Barbados did you read about Donville damaging his tyre in a pothole? But to damage a brand new Mercedes that wheel would have to hit in a crater. Was it not coincidental that a Nation team happened to pass at the same time in the wee hours of the morning just in time to see Donville’s car in a pothole? Such a pity not one of the team with a camera or a cellphone camera to post so other St. James South motorists on their way home can be warned about this crater. In the ‘wee hours’ naturally there would be no ‘witnesses’ to the incident which there would be, had it taken place in daylight on the ABC highway. I am still trying to recall a pothole 100 or even 200 yards in any direction of the Hinds Hill stoplight, let alone the ABC highway? Any of you ever saw a pothole on the ABC highway, I mean one big enough to seriously damage a Mercedes tyre? That should be flagged immediately. The rest of us do not have 3, 2, or 1000 dollars for tyres and our vehicles are far more fragile. I would want to continue to believe we have an excellent media because it must not fail the people now, and should avoid falling into potholes.”  Facebook post

Two Thieves in a Pod; Jason Barker and Michael Simmons

BARBADOS/GOVERNMENT (Naked Departure) — JASON BARKER and MICHAEL SIMMONS — Naked, as the information about the thieving at the Barbados Revenue Authority has started to trickle through the proverbial taps via your website, I feel it is my civic duty to expose more of the thieving.


As was highlighted in a recent article on your website about Michael Simmons and his crooked ways; I wish to let the public of Barbados know that known thief, Michael Simmons was working in the Procurement Department for none other that the 2016 MVP of Naked Departure, Jason Barker – Head Of Procurement.

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Michael Simmons was fired from his previous government job (NHC) for….guess what… thiefing. Michael is no fly by night thief, Michael has been stealing from his employers for years. He is very experienced and his specialties include but are not limited to Invoice manipulation, coercion and collusion.

Here is the kicker, when management found out Michael was committing massive fraud in the Procurement Department it was reported to Commissioner Sivers, who then transferred  him to another department within the Revenue Authority for him to find other ways of making money by committing fraud.

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Jason Barker has been complicit in these fraudulent transactions along with Michael Simmons. While Michael flies under the radar with regards to his everyday living, Jason flaunts his must be laundered cash in expensive watches, clothes, jewelry and the latest and greatest shades. Michael kept his mouth shut when he got found out and they both still have a job.

In some cases the same suppliers are complicit in the frauds, where they submit inflated invoices and give the two a cut back for the work. The suppliers who submit hand written invoices make it that much easier for these two criminals to make their side cash.

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Margaret Sivers needs to be fired for not firing Michael Simmons when the facts were brought to her attention about his fraudulent dealings. You simply cannot have a known habitual thief, such as Michael Simmons working in a Company, especially the Central Revenue Collecting Agency, that is the Barbados Revenue Authority.

The Barbados Revenue Authority needs to be audited from top to bottom by a third party, starting with the Procurement Department.

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Do you want to know why you haven’t gotten back your income tax return? Or why you haven’t gotten back your VAT returns some in the $100,000s from BRA?

It is because of the incompetence of the managers and the thieving of some of the staff.

Chris Sinclair come and deal with these crooks!!!  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Barbadians Need to Bathe Often Because of AIDS and their Promiscuous Lifestyles

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — YOU DUMB ASS ST. JOSEPH residents….. For over 30 years there were water problems in ST JOSEPH, ST ANDREW, ST JOHN and the developed areas especially in St George and you backward asses had no problem with it.  Those said water outages resulted in my losing not one or two or three but four managerial positions which I held right here in Barbados. The bosses never considered that I worked until late and was very much liked and appreciated by the customers as a result of my dedication and good customer service skills and the fact that I had the interest of the company at heart. they never believed that my problem was water.

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Having to leave one Parish of St George to go to Christ Church to a family with one bathroom and 6 persons namely a married couple two young men and two teenagers just to inconvenience them for a bath?  The inconvenience of packing up my clothes and accessories to travel so far battle with the monthly menses and fibrosis and pain galore??  Mind you…I am the owner of a four bedroom three bathroom house for sixteen of those years and could not get any water.The few times the water came on at times when I was at work which was no help to me the pressure caused me lots of burst pipes dis-colored toilet bowls bathroom walls and floors filled with mold mildew and you name it.  I used so much Clorox bleach trying to clean that I still smell of Clorox and am addicted to it.

Should I also let you know how I could not keep a tenant leasing my property back then due to the said problems?

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Thank Jehovah God for a lovely English tenant and his swiss friend who felt my pain and surprised me with a 1000 gallon water tank and pressure pump so now I can have as many baths as I like.

I am now A SUCCESSFUL BLACK SELF EMPLOYED EXECUTIVE from these experiences and I do not regret it at all.

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I previously supported the BLP. NOT SINCE the last two general elections. No Way.

I have two much knowledge of the corruption within the Barbados Labour Party and so I have seen the light. DLP Now and forever.

Get a clue.


You want to cuss someone…. cuss the former BLP Cabinet. Owen Arthur, Dale Marshall, George Payne sold our BIRTHRIGHT to Trinidad and they themselves can’t see where all the money has gone to now.
Watch Out.


You black people are very ungrateful and ignorant. Time to give praises and thanks where it is due.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Naked Departure Radio – World Without End-Aliens-Politics, etc.

WORLD WITHOUT END (Naked Departure Radio) — Politics, World without End, Aliens, Future, Religion and other hot topics of discussion!

Naked Departure

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BRA Employees’ Silent Revolt

BARBADOS/GOVERNMENT (Naked Departure) — BARBADOS REVENUE AUTHORITY — Naked, I will like to thank you for posting my first article.  People are coming together and discussing the nonsense that is going on in the BRA instead of just keeping it to themselves.  So many of the staff are unmotivated to work and that it is a serious issue.  My aim is for everyone to come together and combat these injustices.

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We have an individual who works there call Michael Simmons.  He was given authority to order materials for renovating the offices but in turn was sending some of these materials to his home until the delivery man enquired about it.  Naked, being relocated to another department was his punishment for defrauding the government with our taxpayers’ money.

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Miss Sivers our Revenue Commissioner let this slide. Also, our sleazy HR Manager Mr. David Stuart who uses black hair dye to create a hairline and hide the bald areas of his head is too old to be trying to sleep with all the young girls within the organization.  He needs putting in his place.

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I urge all BRA staff to stand up and speak up as a unified voice against the nonsense that is going on in this organization.  Miss Sivers and the puppet HR Manager David Stuart have been campaigning that the administrative assistants should get themselves qualified cause that’s the only way to fill positions higher than their post.  So how on the one hand you are telling people they need to get qualified to fill a position and on the other hand you are giving positions to family and friends who have no qualifications or experience.  This prejudicial position is a slap in the face to the other admins, those who are struggling to pay UWI fees to be qualified so that they can get a better position and those who spend their time and hard-earned money to get qualified.

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BRA employees must truly be asking yourselves why the hell did we do all of this studying?   Anonymous

Naked Departure

Stuart to Bajans: SHUT UP about the Potholes you Uppity Ingrates! And Keep on Smiling with Tourists

BARBADOS/TOURISM (Naked Departure) — TOURISM a/k/a SLAVE/SERVILE ECONOMY.  WHAT’s more important to the Prime Minister, fixing the many bothersome potholes or entertaining foreign money?  Naked,  if you think what DeLiar Worrell of the Central Bank is doing foolishness, just check out how the clown Freundel Stuart is insulting and disrespecting the intelligence of black Bajans.  He, apparently, really hates his own people.  What they think and feel do not matter to that useless excuse for a broad-nose ape posing as a human.

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THE STORY:  Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has responded to the recent public outcry about potholes, saying they were simply one of the inconveniences of life.  During a reception for repeat visitors at his official residence last night, the Prime Minister further downplayed the issue which has been a source of much national debate and consternation, especially among motorists, saying even tourists understood and expected to encounter potholes.

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“They [tourists] understand the real world, and in spite of the fact that from time to time you may have the inconveniences, which are really transitory, the warmth and the hospitality of the people of Barbados is what keeps them coming,” he said.

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“They don’t behave as though they’ve never seen potholes in the roads in their lives, and they do not behave as though their societies are crime free,” said Stuart as he briefly entered the escalating public debate on the issue.

“There is nothing wrong with United States or Canada becoming our principal source market, but what that would mean is we get the English to continue to come, but we get more Americans and more Canadians to come, and that will get to the 650,000 that I expect to see in Barbados in 2017,” he said.

Here is what some commenters had to say:

Tessa StuartTessa Stuart January 6, 2017 at 5:28 am:  Ok so forget about the potholes, and forget about the road tax. Cause the high a** road tax is also a huge convenience of life when you have to pay that and also pay for damages that “potholes” cause to your vehicles. This governments job is not to give the citizens of Barbados more inconveniences than they could handle!!!!

Richard Braithwaite Richard Braithwaite January 6, 2017 at 5:00 am  Silly old man…..!!Resign and take your cronies  With you….In God’s name !!!
Cindy Bunting Cindy Bunting January 6, 2017 at 4:02 am

Embarrassing. Lost for words. I despair for my country.

Sad thing is, he’ll return to power because there’s no political term limit and people would rather have him than a big, fat, butchy lesbian as Prime Minister.  Just saying……     Naked Departure

Central Bank Governor Delisle ‘Deliar’ Worrell Peeps Sleepover Cruise Photos

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — DELISLE WORRELL — In his January economic letter released on the Central Bank’s website, Governor Delisle ‘Deliar’ Worrell said Barbados had repeatedly failed to achieve the balance between its foreign exchange outflows and inflows, necessary for a stable economy.

In our minds, we staunchly believe that Delisle saw the many photos published after the Sleepover Cruise and wondered in his little mind, “how are Bajans doing it?  With all the austerity measures we put in place, Bajans still seem to come up with money to buy new outfits, Remy hair, expensive VIP tickets to fetes and cruises and with money left over to buy pu*sy!”  How, he wonders, how?  Delisle’s panties are all tied up in a knot with worry!!

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Delisle is, therefore, recommending further restrictions on spending in order to protect the country’s foreign exchange reserves.

And….about the potential additional taxes.  There will be taxation applied to prostitution, rum drinkers, horners, offerings collected from the church plates, as well as taxes on bulling, yes, bulling!  Every living soul will be caught in this taxation net and everyone living in Barbados will be paying taxes!  It’s unprecedented, but it must be done.  And Sinckler a/k/a Stinkler is in agreement!  Here are a few comments from the clueless in Barbados:

The NegrocratJanuary 5, 2017 at 1:31 am

This clown should be fired.  He and the other members of his comedy team are no longer funny. They can’t get the economy on track, so they are killing us while they experiment.

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harry turnoverJanuary 5, 2017 at 7:10 am

Ya mean EVERY YEAR since wunna get in power wunna gine come and say the SAME thing ? as expected at the beginning of the year we gine hear that painful measures MUST be implemented….after MORE TAXES ,ya gine hear the measures working …..,towards the end of the year ya gine hear that the measures din achieved what was expected …..this is NINE friggin years wunna did doing this to get the economy going and EVERYTHING in BIM has gone DOWNHILL…what all ya gine come wid now.  I thought that the economy HAD TURNED THE CORNER and wunna did POMPASETTING …wha happen NOW?

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Rickie NurseJanuary 5, 2017 at 12:49 pm

This is an absolute admission of failure and an indictment of this government that has to result in a unanimous verdict of guilty as charged on all accounts, therefore the sentence has to be the removal of all sixteen from Parliament for this country of ours to heal and be on the road to recovery again.  This is the result of taking the governance of this country under false pretenses, knowingly that they weren’t capable of doing the job, which they purported they were qualified to do. Had this been a major corporate company, the CEO and the executive would have been fired for gross indifference and utter failure, I see no reason why this should not happen as punishment to these inert and inept lying bandicoots. He Delisle Worrell is part and parcel to this whole debacle.  To those who are wondering if the Opposition has any solution to the problems which we are faced with, I am going to say this, history will repeat it’s self as was the previous instances of 76 and 94, a solution is there.

Naked Departure

Timothy Boyce, Criminal Director of BCA

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — TIMOTHY BOYCE — Naked, here is another Bajan fraud man and a con man.  Naked, this criminal is a Director of the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA).  He also poses as a Realtor.  Used to have an Internet Cafe down by Waterfront Cafe a popular spot for tourists in Bridgetown.

Ebay DiscountsWhen I read the blog about Jerry Blenman he immediately came to mind.  Timothy Boyce has robbed countless people including me with some of his real estate building scams. He is also a womanizer and would lie to get into their panties any way he could.

He is one of the real con man and thief that ALL BAJANS should be aware of and should be in Dodds Prison instead of continuing to rob both locals and foreigners with his schemes.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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Small business tech deals

Hadley and Richard Byer, Government Cronies

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — Naked, these are among two of the biggest thieves in Barbados aided by Government cronies the Byer brothers Hadley and Richard.

Ebay DiscountsHadley Byer, who walks with a slight limp and loves playing golf when he is not conning the public of Barbados.  Hadley Byer was former Chairman of Barbados Water Authority (BWA) and pulled off one of the major scams in Barbados.  While in that role he setup a private company and got a contract to order items from out of the US for the BWA.  The company was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money and the invisible items never appeared in Barbados.

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Hadley Byer, not satisfied with that, had another scam going with Ivan Codrington a fellow golfer who has a small body work car repair garage in Bonnets Housing area.  The scam they had was BWA vehicles which needed repairs were directed to Ivan”s repair garage and repairs which should cost less than $2000 for repairs were inflated to over $10,000 per vehicle. They were supposed to split the inflated profits 50/50 however Hadley hardly kept his end of the bargain when BWA paid Ivan who backed out after receiving several payments under the repair scam.

Richard Byer his brother a crooked lawyer fleeced the Barbados taxpayers by having Government paying him $700,000 for legal work which another attorney did similar work for the same Statutory corporation and only charged $17,000.

The two are close relatives of Esther Byer, Government Minister of Labour.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Margaret Sivers, Revenue Commissioner, Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — MARGARET SIVERS — Naked, I believe the NUPW or the government needs to investigate Ms. Sivers and her nepotism and cronyism.  Nepotism is a favoring one’s family in business and cronyism is favoring friends.

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The Barbados Revenue Authority is poorly run and instead of placing the best people in best positions to grow the organization, she continues to neglect them and choose her family and friends.  I will provide three of many situations

Tell me how is it that Yasmin Padmore’s son who has just finished secondary school and has no qualifications to be an auditor is an auditor?  Also, can someone explain how Chaunaci Belgrave who also just finished secondary school and have no qualifications to be an internal auditor holds such a position?  They are individuals not considered within the organization who have been working much longer than these two and in many cases more qualified.  They are many individuals hired into the organization who are not there because of merit but because of their connection to Ms. Sivers.  To demonstrate this, how is it Che Boyce who Ms. Sivers was in a relationship with her dad is an auditor and lacks the qualifications?

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Review the quantity of personnel who held senior positions within the BRA who requested to return to the central government showed how poorly run and disorganized the Barbados Revenue Authority is.  The organization lacks a strategy and direction, just check the audit section which is supposed to collect the government revenue and is ineffective because of institutional obstacles.

Mr. Minister of Finance Chris Sinclair, do you want another reason why Barbados is not generating revenue?  Check your Revenue Commissioner and her ineffectiveness.   Anonymous

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Passports for Sale in the Caribbean; Desperate Times….

THE CARIBBEAN (Naked Departure) — PASSPORTS FOR SALE — Desperate times require desperate measures, as you will see from the 60-minutes report, below, dealing with the sale of passports in the Caribbean.  In some cases you don’t even have to visit or live there….it gives ‘mail order’ a whole new meaning!

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Naked, take a look at this CBS 60 mins piece that ran last nigh called PASSPORTS FOR SALE by correspondent Steve Kroft.  I am quite sure that Barbados is also involved in this scam.  This is the very same thing that you’ve posting on your site now for months re: corruption in the Caribbean.  You were way ahead of 60 mins and if there is corruption in the Caribbean, then for sure Barbados is leading the pack because Barbados is the corruption capital of the World.

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Naked, if you watch the entire report you will hear Steve Kroft say that THE CARIBBEAN LENDS A BLIND EYE TO CORRUPTION.  Again, you’ve been telling everyone this for quite a while Naked.

Now that a white man is saying it, will they believe you now?   Anonymous

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Jerry Blenman, CEO National Sports Council

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JERRY BLENMAN is a FRAUDSTER! — Naked, the chief executive officer of the National Sports Council and the Gymnasium Limited, Jerry Blenman, is a big-time fraudster and opportunist!  But, he is still being handsomely rewarded by Bajans!

Naked, this man was being pushed as being a big-time economist in Barbados.  He used to preach at People’s Cathedral!  Naked, that church like it is filled with bare fraudsters!  Naked, this man was renting from this woman and for three years straight did not pay the woman her rent.  He amassed $52,000 in rental arrears.

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He is also a misogynist.  He uses women to get by.  This particular woman, Mrs. Phillips, walked into the Public Workers Cooperative Credit Union and he pounced on her.  Naked, he saw her assets!   He boasted how he could ‘manage’ her affairs and he got involved in her big construction project out there in St. George that failed because people started to complain that the houses were not getting finished.  The plans looked all nice and pretty but once people heard that he, Blenman, was involved, no one in the know took the bait.

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When the DLP got into power, Stephen Lashley threw him some crumbs.  But anyhow Naked, the woman took him to court for her rent.  Naked, would you believe that this man sent the woman a big ridiculous bill for over $100,000 asking for consultation fees?  The rent and the construction business were two separate things.  What his attorney should’ve done is file a suit, if it was indeed true that Mrs. Phillips owed him anything, for those consultation fees.  But he just wanted to get out of paying the woman her money.

But looka what happened Naked.  The woman sent some of the court documents to the church, lol, and once the church got wind of his deceitfulness, they took him down!  He can’t preach in the church no more.

He’s now living out near Holders Hill.  His wife works at Sandy Lane.  So with all his trickery, he still living good.  Karma hasn’t knocked on his door……yet.   Anonymous

Naked Departure