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Chris Sinckler is Complicit with the CLICO Fiasco

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — CLICO and CHRIS SINCKLER — Amazing, not amazing grace.  Chris Sinckler you are damaged goods as a politician and you may very well be damaged goods as an honest human being.  Clico was indeed a fiasco, a fraud and your government was complicit in the thievery that robbed many Barbadians of their life’s savings.

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The fact that in today’s newspaper you have offered to payback what was initially stolen by two members of your party is high class robbery “Chris.”  Fifty six million dollars for former policy holders, and not one conviction or remuneration of monies stolen by the two culprits involved Mr. Minister of Finance? Mr. Sinckler you are a disgrace, and a colossal failure, and the fact that you will now rob Peter to pay Paul is tantamount to a party that only possess’ a larcenous agenda.


If this situation did not cause so many Barbadians pain, I would laugh right to your face Chris Sinckler, but instead I want to cry, because your party, the DLP, has brought Barbados to the brink of financial collapse and ruination.  Some people Sinckler know “The price of everything, and the value of nothing.”  Sinckler, trust is a valuable commodity, of which you know nothing.  Victor Callender

Naked Departure

Triple Taxation: CLICO Policyholders paying themselves $56M

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — CLICO policyholders will be paying themselves back the $56,000,000 they incurred in losses in the most under-publicized, perfect crime of the 21st century!  Your local news outlets did not do this crime justice via meticulous exposure!  The bandits get to keep your money and their reputations!


Chris Sinckler says the money, for payment, is being held in the inflation racket known as their Central Bank and he is awaiting word from the CLICO judicial manager, via the High Court, for the release of said monies into the hands of the defrauded policyholders.


Now get this!  That $56 million, where do you think it is coming from?  Out of thin air?  Well, maybe it is, but even the thin air wants its money back and that’s where the taxpayers come in!  You, the taxpayers, will be saddled with that bill.  And who are the taxpayers?  Policyholders!  You are paying yourselves back your own money that you lost with CLICO.  It’s like double/triple/quadruple taxation!  And the bandits get to keep your money.

You fools.  You only need to know how to count from one to two to figure this shit out!

Naked this is how much the Barbados taxpayers will have to pay for Leroy Parris’ former top manager of CLICO, former Prime Minister David Thompson, as attorney for CLICO and Lawrence Duprey, the former owner of CLICO, theft of policyholder’s money.

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Leroy Parris being friend and associate of Freundel Stuart and most of the government ministers and politicians on the island.

Will David Thompson’s estate or Leroy Parris or Lawrence Duprey be paying back the Barbados taxpayers that 56 million dollars stolen by the above top management and attorney for CLICO.

And the bandits get to keep your money.  Barbadians, is there any doubt now that you are not so smart?!  Where’s your attorney general?  Oh he’s busy not fighting crime and impregnating subordinates!  Naked Departure

Employees at Axite Global having Nervous Breakdowns!!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — AXITE GLOBAL (Keith Perkins and David Bowen) — Naked, there is this company in Barbados, Axite Global, that owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to people.  Imagine, they enticed close to a hundred people from well-paying jobs to a cramped up, poorly ventilated room in Kay’s House Roebuck Street in June last year.  They provided daily lunch, the only thing that was honored on the contracts.  Full benefits, company vehicle, travel allowance, cell phones and full payment of ALL expenses like mortgages, credit card and other hire purchase payments.   Seven months on and nothing.


The heads of this ‘company’ Keith Perkins, along with David Bowen who retired from the Central Bank has the staff who remain afraid to ask about their money.  After they got put out of Kay’s House they/we’re lodging in a house in Grazettes that an employee lives in but word is they have to leave too.

After an article was printed in the paper last September about Axite Global who claim they opening a bank, real estate, car dealership, finance companies, buying aeroplanes and even wanted to force staff to open offshore accounts in Nevis so they won’t have to pay taxes in Barbados and Cook Island Trust accounts. All of this, and have yet to pay current or past staff.

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Who didn’t have nervous breakdowns, lost or losing their home or vehicles, in financial ruin or homes were broken up.  All because these two mealy mouth, lying, thieving, manipulative men name Keith Perkins and David Bowen.  David spending all of his money in there while Keith walking about with empty pockets, musty clothes and cold in his eyes, still the asses that there believe in his ‘dream’ of financial wealth and his paradigm shift bullshit.

Anybody who doesn’t conform is seen as negative.  The man makes people Executives on a whim and if they get on his bad side, he fires them or demotes them.  For a man who claim to be able to pay the government debt 10 times over with money left back, the people still can’t get a cent.  Every day it is a different excuse, either the central bank holding up the transaction or the Bank in England or Solomon islands or where ever holding up the transaction, or they asking for more documentation and all sorts of thing.  It is beyond imagination why people still there.


Even the two lawyers Gregory Nicholls and Wayne Clarke who acting as a Magistrate took a fast exit as they were contacted by a reporter before the expose’ was released last september.  People still holding on hoping against hope that the money ‘comes through’ for them.  How stupid can some people get?

When will David Bowen stop spending his gratuity from Central Bank and profits from his other businesses to support Axite Global? When will they tell people that the supposed funders who are ‘surprise surprise’ from little old Bim isn’t giving them a cent? When will the remaining staff members who are following blindly take off they blinkers and learn sense?

Let’s hope when either Keith or David leave the island, they don’t skip it entirely, Keith especially seeing that he has ties to Trinidad and Florida?  Anonymous

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Donville Inniss: Potholes an added Misery to Driving Drunk!

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — DONVILLE INNISS — Naked, the fact that the new white man, Donville Inniss, while driving his car was enveloped by a “pothole” is a thing of bewilderment, especially after his boss, another new white man, Freundel Stuart, told the people of Barbados to live with “potholes”, is utterly amazing!

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I am sorry Donville that the pothole conditions in Barbados first cost you $3000.00 Barbados dollars and this second episode of pot hole envelopment, god knows how much.  But Donville, regular Bajans are suffering from these infrastructural invasions.

Naked, this pothole epidemic like it is making driving drunk a hazard in Barbados!

Naked Departure


“TELL ME IT AIN’T SO- tell me Barbados did you read about Donville damaging his tyre in a pothole? But to damage a brand new Mercedes that wheel would have to hit in a crater. Was it not coincidental that a Nation team happened to pass at the same time in the wee hours of the morning just in time to see Donville’s car in a pothole? Such a pity not one of the team with a camera or a cellphone camera to post so other St. James South motorists on their way home can be warned about this crater. In the ‘wee hours’ naturally there would be no ‘witnesses’ to the incident which there would be, had it taken place in daylight on the ABC highway. I am still trying to recall a pothole 100 or even 200 yards in any direction of the Hinds Hill stoplight, let alone the ABC highway? Any of you ever saw a pothole on the ABC highway, I mean one big enough to seriously damage a Mercedes tyre? That should be flagged immediately. The rest of us do not have 3, 2, or 1000 dollars for tyres and our vehicles are far more fragile. I would want to continue to believe we have an excellent media because it must not fail the people now, and should avoid falling into potholes.”  Facebook post

Birds of a Feather: Pastors Clarke/Anglin/Pitkin

JAMAICA (Naked Departure) — RUPERT CLARKE’s friends in the church are hoping people would show compassion, after the man of god was caught in the act of raping a child.  It’s affecting their bottom line, THE OFFERING PLATES.

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Conrad Pitkin
Conrad Pitkin

Conrad Pitkin:  “It’s very sad. It is sad not just for the Moravian body, but for the Church as a whole. It is very unfortunate at a time when we are looking forward to healing the nation, to protecting our children, for this to have happened. But God is a merciful God. I reach out to my brother and I pray for him. I pray for his family. I pray for the victim and her family because it is a period of hurt”.

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Lenworth Anglin
Lenworth Anglin

Lenworth Anglin: “The Church has always been actively opposed to any abuse of teenagers and children, or anyone, by men, even men of the cloth. Yes, we have had some malpractice. We have had some offenders, and we want to denounce the action, but be mindful that the offender needs help and we cannot now turn our backs,” he said. “While not countenancing favourably the act, we have to make sure that we offer a helping hand to the offender, and it is not compromise, it is just compassion.”

Truth of the matter is though, Anglin and Pitkin may themselves be abusers of the trust of children, of women in the church and the church itself!   How do you trust anyone who puts themselves in power to collect money on behalf of an unseen god, for the salvation of an unseen soul, to enter an unseen place called heaven?  Naked Departure

The Blight known as Denis Kellman

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — DENIS KELLMAN — Naked, how could it be that the same old foolishness from 2016 continues to follow the likes of Denis “The Menace Kellman” into 2017?

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Kellman, the minister of housing in the leaderless, rudderless DLP, wants to hold tenants responsible for destruction of government property (the houses / apartments) they live in.  The ‘pot is calling the kettle black,” when the truth is that you, Kellman, have never been responsible in your ministerial capacity.

Naked, the idiot reporters at both newspapers need to do their jobs and hold the feet of parliamentarians and ministers in government to the fire.  Kellman, you want the citizenry you serve to be responsible for their actions, when you and your cabinet colleagues are irresponsible and unethical?  Shame on you Denis!

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Small business tech deals

You of all people have demonstrated your lack of humanity and even your lack of decency last year during a tropical storm in Barbados.  Kellman, please lead, follow, or get to hell out of the way.

As for the citizens of Barbados, they do not need your advice or your threats about government-owned dwellings.  Instead of attacking the poor people of Barbados Kellman, you and your ministerial colleagues should arm yourselves with compassion and respect for the people who elected you.    Victor Callender

Naked Departure

Keisha Clarke sent to Prison in Barbados for LOITERING

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — KEISHA MELISSA CLARKE — Recently in Barbados, another young, black Barbadian was sent to prison for nothing more than loitering.  Also, it would seem as though the Barbados police department has AI technology because they were able to state she was ‘thinking’ of committing a crime.

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As many women in Barbados know, complaining to the police about an abusive man is usually met with ‘he has to COMMIT the crime first’ before we can arrest him.  Not in Keisha’s case however!  She was ‘assumed’ to be ‘thinking’ of committing a crime.  Hence, instead of being sent to a halfway house or to some other similar facility for the holiday season, she was remanded to your colonial master’s PRISON, i.e., DODDS.

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In the meanwhile, Michael Carrington is still a sitting member in Barbados’ Parliament and the speaker of the house.  Michael Carrington still holds a title of honorable making him honorably white.  In Michael Carrington’s capacity of attorney (he was not disbarred), he stole a substantial amount of his elderly and disabled client’s money — he never was charged and he never will see DODDS.

Super predator, fraud, thief and the otherwise vicious freak Mark B.A. Thompson is still a member of the Rotary Club of Barbados West stealing donated money and food out of the food baskets prepared for the elderly.


What’s the difference between Keisha and the other two super predators in the featured photo?  Keisha was raped and viciously abused as a child, she continues to be raped by the system of things in Barbados, she is poor, she is unrepresented, she is invisible and she is a fourth-class-pus*y-clad citizen living in a country of misogynists.

Happy New Year Keisha!  Naked Departure

50 Repulsive Acts of 2016 in Barbados, Part II

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) —  FIFTY REPULSIVE ACTS.   Naked, here is Part II of the 50 repulsive acts of 2016 in Barbados by the people we have trusted with power:

26. LIME oh so sour or Flow oh so slow still dropping out its internet service but can boast of $100 million in profit what a farce.
27. Chinese restaurants finally on your way out after social media reveals their nasty unscrupulous cooking and eating habits fried cockroaches, cook dog meat & cat you stinkers.

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28. Lawyers still stealing clients’ monies and land with impunity.

Carrington and the client he tried to rob, John Griffiths
Carrington and the client he tried to rob, John Griffiths

29. The chief justice still can’t deliver justice system clogged up.
30. The chief prosecutor not delivering or carrying his duties, white people not getting locked up.
31. Stliar not growing the economy such a blight.
31. Sandals not buying anything from Barbados.


  1. Journalists hiding from the truth and afraid to print it.
  2. CLICO mess still a mess after 7 years.
  3. Parris still bigger than de laws of this country.
  4. Please sell a CLICO plantation to give back the people their monies what so difficult here, planting grass.
Leroy Parris
Leroy “Ah Waan My Millions from the Central Bank”  Parris

36. No place for sports, Gym & Stadium closed blame the BLP.

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Small business tech deals

37. Lesbians have no fear they dressing like men and horning de men.
38. St John’s Polyclinic tripling its original cost to build.
39. Bajans selfish and demeaning ways. No solidarity it’s all about ME.
40. A waste of a new sugar factory and a finder’s fee of $60 million payable to whom?  Worst sugar crop ever.
41. Ham prices increase without justification pork hasn’t gone up; imports are 1/3 of the local price.  Who at Hanschell Inniss is benefiting from this $6 million in ham sales?
42. Fumble still making mockery of leadership, still picking his noses and got the country on auto pilot.
43. Fumble can’t make a decision on anything including Sam Lords or Hyatt approvals.

Grinning Freundel Stuart
Grinning Freundel Stuart

44. Insurers delaying the payment of personal injuries claims for 5 to 15 years.
45. Doctors frustrating patients at hospital to get them to come to their private practice.
46. Civil servants working one hour per day, not turning up for work or just punching the clock and going back home you should be charged for fraud.

Freundel and Ronald all lovey dovey
Freundel and Ronald all lovey dovey

47. The non-activities for our thousand cruise visitors this weekend.
48. The few activities for our 50 anniversary for the 15k Bajans in de land.

TWO tourists entertained at Barbados Market Day
TWO tourists entertained at Barbados Market Day

49. The blame game of Fumble administration instead of fixing the problems.


50. The fact that you’re reading this and you’re not one of the 1 million that die this week or 4 billion that can’t read congratulations continue to live from pay check to pay cheque no fault of yours just your ignorant vote for the worst PM ever.    Anonymous

Naked Departure

50 Repulsive Acts of 2016 in Barbados, PART I

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — THE YEAR IN REVIEW — Naked, here are the 50 repulsive, dismal and reprehensible acts of 2016 in Barbados:

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1. Denis made himself more of a menace by not selling any houses and running up the country’s deficit and making comments like the daft he is and posing sorry displaying his (effeminate) nakedness on social media.

Denis Kellman's Clean Drinking Water Challenge....but, check the bottom of your KETTLES!!
Denis Kellman’s Clean Drinking Water Challenge….but, check the bottom of your KETTLES!!

2. Estwick continues his no show, no comment on national issues but certainly adds to his bank accounts.

3. No resignations or firing from the BWA with its multitude of incompetence.

Donville Inniss, John Mwansa and Harry Husbands
Donville Inniss, John Mwansa and Harry Husbands

4. Lowe continues garbage woes taking us back to the days of burning your garbage or throwing it over by your neighbor.  How low can you get sir?

5. Lashley selling taxi license for 10k, ZR for 18k and BT for 30k and hoping for a major road works program to move his millions to 20 million.

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Small business tech deals

6. Boyce finally made a fight of a matter maybe he should get paid for one month for the swimming Worthing beach.

7. Sealy still remaining loyal to a grotesque, arrogant dysfunctional, selfish, nincompoop of a leader sorry figure head.

Sealy and Boyce deceiving their own people. Later, had to admit there was shit in the water!
Sealy and Boyce deceiving their own people. Later, had to admit there was shit in the water!

8 Donville attempts to save his ego and by extension our country, continuous taking swipes at Fumble administration, but perfect your ministry first.

9. Businesses lack of funds to navigate a diminishing market share.

10. Mark Maloney fly in the face of government do as I please attitude.  I got money you got talk for me?

11. Bjerkoff central bank appointment I’m king of the hill.  I Make things happen.

12. Deliar Worrell ‘I print money I’m untouchable I pay the f*cking bills. I can do no wrong I have Stinkliar say so’.

DeLiar Worrell and Chris Stinkclear
DeLiar Worrell and Chris Stinkliar

13. Bizzy I need my knigthship… I love black people.  I deserves better (he deserves better alright!).  And rightly sir you do.  Stop f*cking me up because I don’t give no kickbacks.

Shelly Williams runs a prostutition business (isn't that illegal in Barbados?) and Bizzy loves black people!
Shelly Williams runs a prostitution business (isn’t that illegal in Barbados?) and Bizzy loves black people!

15. Abeds make a million from Independence cloths (and slavery).  Are you going to give some to Naked or charity sir or just smoke it away?

16. Denis, when are you going give out de $5 house spots?  What about the Grotto and how much money do you have now from this project?

17. Mark Maloney when can I get these houses up here at Coverly sell?  Should I reduce the prices or sell them to government?

HUTS and the heist pulled on stupid black people in their own country!
HUTS and the heist pulled on stupid black people in their own country!

18. Stephen, what can I go on TV and talk about now Dj Puffy no I just did that, a Xmas message no that the PM ahhh let me join Donville and show my leadership skills and I can do better or maybe how I bat on both sides.  Political suicide.

19. Irene please Richard give me something to do please or talk about.

20. Scotia you give bad service mek people wait in lines for hours and now laid off staff with lots of empty promises I’m bad to the bone.  It’s about the bottom line.  (Did you ever fire the manager who signed off on that fraudulent $5,000.00 check presented to your bank by Mark B.A. Thompson?)

Fraud on the bank. Was the manager fired?
Fraud on the bank. Was the manager fired?

21. To the botty boys who continue to wear their pants down we say bull on you have no brains.

22. Ronald keeps on fighting your charges and more buildings to build so I can rob the treasury.

Ronald Jones Wukking Up
Ronald Jones Wukking Up

23. Barrow at the airport I’m living my dream and untouchable Bling bling all year round with my hand in the cookie jar.

David Barrow
David Barrow

24. WICB your continuing saga of f*ck ups bleeps and blunders.

25. Potholes all over are waiting for an insurance pay out to fix the roads Michael?

Potholes in Barbados
Potholes in Barbados

Part two and the few good next.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

Slavery Wearing Thin? Why do Bajans Pompasette in Queen’s Park Zoo?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — THE CHRISTMAS POMPASETTE IN QUEEN’S PARK ZOO — Why?  Why do Bajans dress up and go to a park named after their colonial master and pompasette (show off)?  Why?  Is it a last-ditch effort to dress up and become the white man on Christmas day?  Or to show off to them that you can dress up and look just like them, even if it’s only for one day during the year?

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To answer by saying “I like doing it” is not an answer.  Why?  Why do you like doing it?  Where does it stem from?  Why Queen’s Park.  Why on Christmas day?  Why not celebrate Kwanzaa?  Why not ‘create’ an occasion (absent of wukking up) where you celebrate your own African heritage?  Why not wear African headdress and robes?  Why the suits and ties on the men?  Does not that tie remind you of the rope around your (ancestral) necks?  Let’s talk!

Kwanzaa, a holiday created by African Americans to Celebrate African Heritage
Kwanzaa, a holiday created by African Americans to Celebrate African Heritage

The numbers on the promenade may not have seemed as significant as years gone by, but those who attended did not forget to pompasette.   Despite this “low key” declaration, the Bajans who showed up in the Bridgetown, St. Michael location were all about the pomp and pageantry as usual.  Showers at 7:25 am put a slight damper on things but in no time as 5:00 am mass ended, many persons made their way into the Park. Those who were already gathered and listening to the musical delight provided by the Royal Barbados Police Force Band sought shelter briefly, then strutted to their usual spots.

What do you tell your children when they ask you WHY they are being dressed up to go into the park just to show off?  Having people stare at them?  Having people snap photos of them?  Like the time you were (human) animals in the zoo (remember that?).  Do these memories afflict you in these ways?  Is it the start of (ghetto) classism?

Human Zoos
Human Zoos

Barbadians, you have got to start asking yourselves WHY.  Why do you continue to do what you do?  What is the reason?  How are you helping each other by doing this thing, this act, this show off for people?  How is your community improving/coming together by doing this yearly pompasette?  How?

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Small business tech deals

The spirits of the ancestors, like god, are said to live within you.  What are you saying to them?  Did you love slavery?  Are you still trying to impress your enslavers that you like the way they hate?  Is it a show that no matter how poor you are, you can still dress up and show off and then go home to a shack with little food and start preparing an outfit for the coming year?

Is this the thinking of sane people?  If you can create the dull-witted word ‘pompasette’, why can’t you create a word similar to the meaning of ‘Kwanzaa’?   Naked Departure

Finton DeBourg, Former Banker, gets 23-Year Jail Sentence

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA (Naked Departure) — FINTON DeBOURG — A High Court judge in Grenada has sentenced a former banker to 23 years in jail after he was found guilty of engaging in fraudulent activities.  (THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN BARBADOS as Barbados loves its criminals!)

Finton DeBourg, the founder of Capital Bank International, was also told Tuesday he would have to serve a further three years imprisonment if he fails to pay more than EC$16 million within five years after he is released.

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The High Court has also barred the former banker from engaging in any financial business operations after serving his jail term.

Debourg, 66, was charged with two counts of fraudulent appropriation of property; one count of falsification of account; and two counts of falsification of minutes.

In February 2008, all 12 branches of the bank were taken over by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) after the Court ordered that Capital Bank International be placed into receivership.

Hundreds of customers had complained that they were unable to withdraw their deposits from the bank, which was owned and operated by DeBourg.  Capital Bank received a licence from the Grenada government, but was not regulated by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB).

Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Christopher Nelson, describing the sentence as “first of its kind,” said that the argument put forward was strong and the judge in going through the evidence said that though Debourg tried to make himself innocence of the charges the evidence showed otherwise.

Each of the charges carried a maximum sentence of between five or seven years.

In 2014, the then Keith Mitchell administration announced that it would reimburse persons who had under EC$500 deposited in Capital Bank International when the institution was put into the court order receivership.  (CaribbeanNews)

Naked Departure

Christopher Robinson

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON — Naked, I had a very, very disgusting ordeal of over 10 years with a psychopath in Barbados.  His name is Christopher Robinson whom I …

Source: Christopher Robinson

DRAINAGE Problems: ‘Freundel Stuart is a Stupid Bit*h’, says citizen

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — THE DRAINAGE PROBLEMS persist in Barbados during heavy deluge.  During the video rant, you hear the person cursing Freundel Stuart, the prime minister of Barbados.  Barbadians are becoming very vocal and they are using social media to voice their opinions.

Sooner or later, Barbadians will find that having the freedom to speak will not kill them.  It is a civil right!

Naked Departure

Adaiah Providence-Culzac and the Missing EC$25,000.00

ST. VINCENT (Naked Departure) — ADAIAH PROVIDENCE-CULZAC — The host of a morning show has resigned amidst questions about EC$25,000.00 given to him to buy toys for the station’s Christmas promotion.  Xtreme FM is yet to receive the toys or the money given to Adaiah Providence-Culzac back!

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After long talks and queries into the matter, it all boils down to sponsors being out of their money, Xtreme FM is in danger of losing sponsorship and 6,000 children will not receive toys as part of the Christmas promotion.

The run around they got from Adaiah J. Providence-Culzac was priceless!  He is a Vincentian-born who speaks Chinese and was a recipient of a 2011 OAS-China scholarship for studies in international economy and trade at Zhejiang University in China.  Instead of using his skills to better his country, he seems to have used them to defraud his very own people.

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Small business tech deals

For what does it profit a man…, the love of money and losing his credibility?  Six thousand disappointed children and the question: was it worth it?

Naked Departure

Adaiah Providence-Culzac
Adaiah Providence-Culzac

Donville Inniss and his Naked Ambition

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — DONVILLE INNISS has made the plunge straight into the heart of the DLP and its leadership on the pretence he loves Barbados more.  But is it possible that Inniss craves the leadership more?  This is after eight years of strongly endorsing in the Parliament every DLP strategy and budget which crippled the middle class, and impoverished the working class.  He has a pattern of after a couple of weeks running to the media to condemn the same taxes approved by him as a Cabinet member and voted by him in Parliament.  He is loud with condemnation of others, ‘ the civil service is lazy; how mendicant the business sector is and overtaxed citizens are unreasonable to expect free social services’.  He claims now to be an advocate of good governance and accountability and the economy must fire on all cylinders in 2017.

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But what is his record to date, after his demotion to Ministry of Commerce and Int’l Business he has been unable to produce results in his own ministry to save the sliding int’l business sector that fell from 370m per year to 98m last year; small businesses continue to collapse in the country and Barbados slides behind its neighbours for ease of doing business.  His own cylinder is not firing, failing to contribute to the economic recovery of the Barbados he is supposed to love. Instead he has busied himself as a back seat driver and armchair cricketer of his party.  Richard Sealy, Esther Byer-Suckoo and even Steven Lashley perform more strongly as Ministers in terms of results despite Inniss incessant P.R. chatter.  One moderator scrambling to produce evidence of Inniss’ performance could only come up with, he has upgraded the website of the Ministry of Commerce.

Small business tech deals
Small business tech deals

But I will give him his due he did achieve something – chicken wings arrived in this island without papers and inspection; no account given to the country for the steps to recover duties and punish the wrongdoers; and he granted lower duties to cement imports which were allowed to reside next to a flour mill, liberally contaminating flour which constituents of St. James South and other Barbadians have to eat.

Just plain garden variety, naked ambition, but then naked was always his style.  S. Husbands

Naked Departure

Jim Brown’s Consolation Prizes: The White Man and Slapping Women Around….

THE WORLD (Naked Departure) — JIM BROWN — ‘The greatest people in my life were white’ — In a recent CNN interview, Jim Brown sang the praises of three white people (not including Trump) who were ‘beneficial’ to him.  Jim Brown, known (among other things) as an abusive man (from his early days through and including as of recent) towards women (and men), says that white people are the ‘greatest’, but he didn’t say why — well, not to the satisfaction of educated listeners.

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Take Exhibit A for example.  Exhibit A doesn’t mind fu*king a white man because Exhibit A would rather get fu*ked by a white man than to get fu*ked over and fu*ked up by a black man.  There are different types of fu*ks and although Exhibit A may prefer the black man, from a race-based, innate sort of standpoint, Exhibit A knows that the consolation (the white man) prize is safer (emotionally and financially).

Now Jim Brown.  Does he feel safer with the white man because, back in the day, they were more equipped to accommodate him?  Is the white man his consolation prize or does he really, truly put the white man before his own people?  And if he does not trust black people, maybe he should explain why so we don’t have to pull out the Uncle Tom hat and place it neatly on top his big head.

Furthermore Jim, how do you explain all of your abuse towards women (with money enough, supposedly, to make it all go away)?  Along with the white man, do you love white women over black women also?  Maybe CNN will call you back for another interview so you can clear these things up.  Or, is it LET’S PRETEND IT NEVER HAPPENED?

Here is a short list, found online, of Jim Brown’s alleged assaults/abuse of women and men:


Then-18-year-old Brenda Ayers says Brown assaulted her in a Cleveland Howard Johnson motel. Brown was charged with assault and battery. According to an Associated Press report at the time, Ayers said Brown “plied her with whiskey, slapped her face, hip and stomach and forced her to have sex relations with him on two occasions.” She broke down while testifying in court, saying Brown called her days before testifying asking, “Why was I doing this to him?” Brown denied having sex with her and assaulting her; his defense lawyer called it a shakedown plot for money. A Cleveland jury found him not guilty.  Ayers later sued Brown for paternity and lost and sued for civil damages, the latter of which she asked to be dismissed.


Neighbors of Brown’s in Hollywood hear an argument and call the police. When police arrived, they found Brown’s then-girlfriend, model Eva Bohn-Chin, 22, semi-conscious beneath the balcony of Brown’s second-floor apartment. Brown was charged with assault with intent to commit murder, felony battery on a peace officer, and obstructing justice. From Pete Dexter’s essential 1981 profile of Brown:

“The police is just another cat,” he said. The first sheriff’s deputy who came through the front door that day also went through the closet door.

“Listen,” he said, “you got to have something, goin’ out dealing with 270-pound linemen for a living. You quit playing, but that doesn’t just go away.”

The charge of assault with intent to commit murder was dropped when Eva Bohn-Chin told police she had fallen trying to get out when they showed up.

The charges by the cop were changed to resisting a deputy.  Brown was fined $300 and that marked the beginning of his problems with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

“Those suckers knew a little about my head,” he said, “and they waited for me to do something so they could shoot me.  For two months they came by most every night to tell me to turn down my music.”


Battery charges are dropped against Brown due to a “lack of witnesses,” according to a report from Jet magazine. A deputy city attorney told the magazine that Brown was accused of “beating and then throwing two women, Claudia Anne Lemary and Carol Virginia Williams, both 22, out of his apartment and down a flight of stairs, allegedly because they refused to perform a sex act together.”  From Jet’s recap:

During pre-trial proceedings, the two alleged victims, however, appeared with Brown and left with him, indicating all was forgiven, if indeed anything had occurred. At the trial, Miss Williams answered five questions put to her by Adajian before her attorney advised her to remain silent. She alleged she was injured at Brown’s apartment when “I fell down a flight of stairs.” But when asked if Brown was responsible for the fall, she purred, “Not to my knowledge.” Miss Lemary failed to appear.


Brown is charged with raping and assaulting a 33-year-old woman in his home. The woman testified in court that she was friends with Brown, who invited over to his home one day, but that when she tried to leave, he beat her, then raped her with the help of his then-girlfriend, Carol Moses, 23. Moses told a grand jury that she got in a physical fight with the woman, who clearly had been beaten, after the woman “made a lesbian advance toward her,” and that Brown had tried to break up that fight, the Los Angeles Times reported. Brown told reporters, “This is ridiculous. Everybody is lying.”

The charges were dismissed by a judge, according to reports, due to “inconsistent testimony,” with changes in details such as whether Brown fully or partially penetrated her and whether he had tied her hands or forcibly held them. Research done since has shown that rape, like other traumatic events, takes a toll on a person’s memory, especially their memories of the event itself. This is why police now are advised to handle the interviews in sexual-assault cases differently than other crimes.

“We have a societal expectation that both the victim of a major crime and any witnesses to that crime ought to be able to remember with perfect clarity exactly what happened,” psychologist Rebecca Campbell told the Washington Post in 2014. “It is not an expectation that has any scientific merit.”

The year after this case, Brown told journalist Diane K. Shah that he was “very vulnerable and that “I don’t have much chance if someone wants to get me.”


Brown is arrested and charged with assaulting live-in girlfriend Debra Clark. Clark, 22, told police the fight was “about a jealousy thing that happened a few days ago,” the Los Angeles Times reported, and at one point she locked herself inside a bedroom with a gun. The charges were later dropped after Clark said she did not want Brown prosecuted. “It was definitely overdramatized,” Clark said afterward. If a telephone call goes to the police station and they arrive, naturally the media’s going to get into it. Basically, we had a lovers’ quarrel, and everything is fine now.”

Speaking to Shah, Brown said he probably will marry Clark but concedes he doesn’t know how to spell his future wife’s first name.


Brown’s memoir, Out of Bounds, comes out. In the book, he again said that Bohn-Chin fell from the balcony and that they had a “minor domestic dispute.” He did admit to slapping women, including Bohn-Chin, in the book. As quoted in a review in the Los Angeles Times:

 “I have also slapped other women,” he wrote. “And I never should have, and I never should have slapped Eva, no matter how crazy we were at the time. I don’t think any man should slap a woman. In a perfect world, I don’t think any man should slap anyone. … I don’t start fights, but sometimes I don’t walk away from them. It hasn’t happened in a long time, but it’s happened, and I regret those times. I should have been more in control of myself, stronger, more adult.”


Brown is charged with two misdemeanors, making terrorist threats against his wife and vandalism, after his wife Monique Brown called 911. The first officer to arrive to the scene later testified to seeing Brown’s wife, Monique, 25, looking nervous, shaken, and like she’s been crying. Monique Brown said she and her husband got a in a verbal fight after she confronted him about his cheating. At one point, she said, he told her “he was going to kill her by snapping her neck.”

Monique Brown went to the garage, Brown followed her, picked up a shovel and began attacking her car, leaving dents and breaking the windshield, the officer told the court. She went to their neighbors and called 911.

Operator: “Monique, do you need a paramedic?”

Monique: “No. He hasn’t hit me.”

Operator: “He didn’t hit you today?”

Monique: “Not today.”

Operator: “OK. But there is a history of domestic violence, right?”

Monique: “Yes.”

Operator: “And he threatened to kill you today?”

Monique: “Yes.”

During the trial, Monique Brown recanted her own statements to the police and said what she told 911 was misinterpreted. She said she told the dispatcher she had not been hit, but that those parts were in the section of 911 tape labeled “inaudible.” A jury found Brown guilty of vandalism for smashing the car with the shovel. He was sentenced to three years of probation, one year of domestic violence counseling, and 40 hours on a work crew or 400 hours community service.

Three years later, in an almost literally unbelievable story in USA Today, Monique Brown would mention her husband’s jail time due to this case in the same sentence as the incarcerations of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr., while Brown himself blamed the couple’s arguments on PMS, claimed to be a victim of political persecution, and assert that what happened that night was “the opposite of domestic violence.”

“In anger-management training, they teach you never to hit a person—hit an object,” he said. “That’s what they teach you.”


Brown is sentenced to six months in jail after he refused to attend domestic violence counseling as part of his sentence for smashing his wife’s car, the Los Angeles Times reported. Browns lawyer argued to the court that the counseling and other probation terms were “unconstitutional and dehumanizing.” Judge Judge Dale S. Fischer wasn’t swayed.

“The fact that Mr. Brown is refusing to get help with anger and violence only indicates to me the necessity for significant punishment,” Fischer said as she imposed the sentence.

Brown served less than four months of the sentence in 2002. When my colleague Drew Magary brought up the jail time with Brown in a 2009 interview, Brown said, “I chose to physically go to jail rather than take an assignment that was undignified to me.”

Brown, it should be noted, has beaten up men as well. While he was found not guilty of charges that he assaulted a West Hollywood man in 1969 after a traffic accident, in 1978 he was sentenced to one day in jail for beating and choking his golf partner, golf pro Frank Snow, over the placement of a ball.

Jim Brown is one of the greatest American athletes of all time and a genuinely important social figure who played crucial roles in the fight for civil rights and in opening up space for athletes to speak out as citizens. His part in the 1967 Cleveland summit that led to the Black Economic Union cannot be ignored. His ongoing work with inner-city gang members remains relevant. He continues to advocate for change.

These two images of Brown—champion of civil rights, abuser of women—are not in conflict.  The dichotomy is if anything consistent with the research on domestic violence, which makes clear that abusers aren’t monsters every waking minute of their lives and can be, to the outside world, the most upstanding members of any community.  Similarly, a rapist can be the exact picture of what’s considered a fine model citizen until getting caught (as shown by Brock Turner). You’ll rarely, though, see a journalist taking the time to unpack or even describe just what Brown has been accused of over the years while heaping praise on him for helping his fellow man.  Instead, they act like it never happened.

This is especially damning coming from the same journalists and NFL office that cannot stop posturing in the the ongoing PR battle over who is the most ostentatiously worried over, and determined to do the right thing about, domestic violence. On Friday, the NFL news machine went into overdrive, determined to figure out by day’s end whether Ezekiel Elliott was responsible for the bruises posted on Instagram by his girlfriend. The NFL promised an investigation. The Cowboys were reported to be looking into what happened, too. Anonymous sources were cited, police reports were quoted, and statements were issued. In Elliott, the NFL and its credentialed mouthpieces all had a chance to show how much they care about domestic violence—insofar as it serves their public relations needs and the quest for content, respectively. Brown’s case is the opposite of Elliott’s, a situation where it benefits nobody to bring it up. So, for the most part, they don’t.

“As we said when we brought Jim back last year, we have seen his dedication and his commitment to positive change in the community,” the team said in a statement issued through spokesman Peter John-Baptiste. “His experience and perspective, especially with the valued benefit of time, can positively impact our organization as we continue to evolve and grow. We welcomed him back as a special adviser and appreciate his contributions.”

In other words, We don’t want to talk about it. This is that exact same attitude that the NFL allegedly was ending in regard to to violence against women.

Last year, in a lengthy interview with The MMQB (which dismissed all the investigations near the end with a quick “none of those charges were proved in court”), Brown spoke like a man who has gotten with the NFL PR program.

When you ask Brown how he would counsel young players on how to treat women, there is a pause. Then the laugh. “I know what you’re trying to get at,” he says. “There is no excuse for violence. There is never a justification for anyone to impose themselves on someone else. And it will always be incorrect when it comes to a man and a woman, regardless of what might have happened. You need to be man enough to take the blow. That is always the best way. Do not put your hands on a woman.”

Brown admits to nothing in the published piece. He doesn’t speak to how domestic violence is about more than just bruises, but exists on a continuum that includes psychological manipulation, isolation, and other forms of emotional abuse that keep the abused under control. Saying don’t hit women is a start, but it’s far from the only key to ending abuse. In The MMQB, it’s left to his wife, who once recanted her own statements to police, to say, implausibly, “There has never been any domestic violence in our home.”

None of this is to say that it’s time to write Brown out of history, or stop him from working with Josh Gordon on staying clean, or anything of the sort. None of it undoes the genuine good he has done for the world, or the progress he has helped secure. The search for a perfect hero is always a fruitless one, destined to end in disappointment at the realization that all human beings are, to varying degrees, imperfect.

But a discussion of the complexities of Brown’s life and legacy isn’t one today’s sports reporters seem to want to have; he has been classed as a hero, and so the villainous parts of his past go forgotten, or at least unremarked upon. On ESPN yesterday, Brown warned that “We are at a very dangerous time in this country” and insisted he was speaking for all of us—the black people, the white people, the poor people, the homeless.  Did his everyone include the women of this country?  The TV anchor didn’t ask.

Naked Departure

Tender John Mwansa is Nigerian. Barbados owned and operated by Foreigners

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JOHN MWANSA — Naked, I already told you in another comment section that the GM at BWA is Nigerian.  How can people in Barbados put a f**king Nigerian in charge of our main resource?  Nigerians are the architects of lies.  Nigerians are corrupt to the core but then again so are our politicians!  WAS a thorough criminal background check done on Mwansa?

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See how easy it was for Mwansa to say there was no sewage leak in Worthing?!!  He didn’t have a care in the world!  He fits in nicely in Barbados aka Bullbadus!

Nigerians will sell them own mothers!!!  They can’t even manage their own country.  He needs to be fired immediately!

But Bajans don’t like their own.  We have qualified people in Bim that can run the Water Authority properly, but if you ain’t white or from another country, you cannot hold position in Bim.

First, a Guyanese at the helm of the Barbados public prosecution court system.  Second, Canadians at the helm of the Barbados Light & Power.  Third, a Nigerian at the helm of the Barbados Water Authority.  Fourth, a Russian at the Psychiatric Hospital.  Fifth, banks foreign owned.  Sixth, the Hyatt construction is a secret and Sandals contracts are secrets.  Seventh, GAIA, is that foreign owned also?

Naked, we are owned and operated by foreigners!  Anonymous

Naked Departure

One Billion or Two Million in Sewer Repairs?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — WORTHING, Christ Church sewer problems.  Naked, there is a big gap in the money amount that seems to be needed to repair Barbados’s sewer problems.


On the one hand, Harry Husbands is saying $1,000,000,000 (one billion) and on the other hand, Mwansa is saying a mere $2,000,000.00 (two million).  These numbers are miles apart and yet there is no clarity as to whether the higher number is for island-wide repairs or only quoting repairs for the Worthing, Christ Church problems.  Where is Freundel?  Only god knows!

Inniss is on record for saying someone needs to be held responsible, but we wonder Naked, who does he have in mind?  Mwansa?  Someone raised the question yesterday on this blog as to where Mwansa is from, please let us know when you know Naked.   That man is a bare joke!

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Small business tech deals

Another thing Naked, I don’t for one second believe the beach is okay for swimmers.  I won’t be swimming in it.  I don’t believe any science they produce saying it is clean either.  I am not trusting my government lately.  Naked, I feel very insecure living here.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Let’s Talk About Agender-Looking Mwansa and the Lying Richard Sealy

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — THE BARBADOS WATER AUTHORITY’s General Manager John Mwansa, where is this nonbinary/agender person from?  And how did this specimen get the job as the general manager of the BWA and not know what is happening in the 2×4 island-sized Barbados?  Can we also ‘assume’ Mwansa has no idea of the water problems in the north?

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Small business tech deals

When things happen on the island, the usual response is ‘Barbados is small and we know what is going on on the island” from island folks.  How can it be that for years, there’s been a sewage problem on the south coast and this gender neutral person didn’t get a whiff of it?  Can Mwansa not drive?  Is Mwansa blind, deft and has no sense of smell?  And what about that other one….Sealy?


Sealy and Boyce had a photo shoot at the beach last week sometime declaring that the water was clean and that a sign should never have gone up closing the beach.  Could he and Boyce not smell the stench?  As minister of Tourism, wouldn’t Sealy want to have that matter resolved, not now, but years ago?  He’s not suited for the job as tourism minister.  THEY LIED TO YOU!  And posed for the cameras!

How do you trust these people when they insult you to your face?!  GASLIGHT!  They were gaslighting you, making you think that what you were/are seeing and smelling does not exist and that it’s all in your heads?  Gaslighting is a form of psychological warfare/terror!  And you have not removed these people from their positions of authority?  How can/do you trust them?!  How do you continue to listen to them when they speak?  Do they remind you of yourselves — is this your ‘normal’?  Another area of disgrace you sit comfortably in?


You are an amazing group of people, you Barbadians!!  Guess you never heard of that old adage that ‘sorry killed a man on a lorry’!  And Barbados, you deserve everything you get!!

These people should never have been allowed to say ‘sorry’ and keep their jobs!!  The stinking situation at Worthing beach and the affected areas were open and obvious problems in need of urgent remedies.  These people in power positions failed you and you refuse to hold them accountable!!  Naked Departure

gerund or present participle: gaslighting
  1. manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.
    “in the first episode, Karen Valentine is being gaslighted by her husband”

The DLP is a Party of Old Dirty Bastards/Criminals

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — THE DLP is a party of ODB’s=OLD DIRTY BASTARDS.  If they are not frequenting strip clubs, they are navigating their way through lies and other decisive acts against the Bajan people.  The best place in Barbados to get the business of the people done is at Peter Harris’ strip club.

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Small business tech deals

If roads are to be fixed, budgets balanced, housing acquired for the poor, water issues resolved, and the sewage issue cleaned up, all the citizens need to do, is hangout at night.  Citizens of Barbados, you can find your elected officials in places that conduct themselves in criminal enterprise.  The government ministers are indistinguishable from the criminal element in Barbados, because there is an organized criminal element in the Barbados government, made up of the ministers.

There is no ethics and government accountability entity in Barbados, that operates with independence from the legislative and/or the civil service.  Chris Sinckler has secured offshore financing for himself, and he is not the only member of the DLP with offshore accounts.


For years, ministers in government have been given newly minted ATTACHE CASES full of BARBADIAN HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS.  Sir Phillip Greaves was one of the biggest recipients of brief cases with money. Politicians are robbing Barbadians in plain sight.

The Real Houseslaves
The Real Houseslaves


Naked Departure