Jason Barker; I too was his Victim

Jason Barker
Jason Barker

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JASON BARKER — Naked I’m a victim of Jason Barker.  I met him about 3 years ago when my boyfriend and I were going through a breakup, I told him what was going on with us and told him I wasn’t looking to be in a relationship because I was trying to build back my relationship with my boyfriend because I was still in love.

Naked, we started hang out and one night Jason and I went out and he started forcing himself on to me, I cried and begged him to stop but he continued.  Naked, I continued because he had threaten to tell my boyfriend if I didn’t let him.  From there one thing led to the next, and we started having unprotected *** Naked.  He told me he had a thing for women that have a man and he was single.

All this time this lying boy was living in a house with a woman until a friend of his told me and I asked him about it and he denied it.  Naked, I believed it because he had never took me to his house in Lodge Terrace, was always random places or his car.

Naked one day we were together and he left his phone unlocked and Naked I went through it and saw that he does talk to a lot of girls that still in school so yes he should be added to the predator list.

He asked if we could have a*** ***, and every time we met that’s all he asked for, he said he preferred that more, well that’s what made us stop talking  plus every time we had ***, I got a yeast *********.  This boy would never be faithful to any woman.  He is lying CHEATER.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

David Nicholas Blenman – Foul Play at Foul Bay – CAUTION

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — CAUTION — DAVID NICHOLAS BLENMAN — FOUL PLAY at FOUL BAY.  Police are treating this unnatural death with suspicion as they believe from preliminary reports that Blenman did not drown but was murdered.  His well-muscled body did not show signs of injuries, so we will have to await the coroner’s report on the cause of death.

The photo below is the vehicle found near the body on the beach.  Blenman was found naked on Foul Bay beach in St. Philip.   Anonymous

Naked Departure – Caution, Photo may be disturbing

Blenman's vehicle
Blenman’s vehicle

That Tiny Hole on your Ear: Preauricular Sinus – VIDEO

THE WORLD/MEDICAL (Naked Departure) — PREAURICULAR SINUS — A small portion of humans will present with this condition.  See video for more on this:

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The Quintessential Barbadian and a Place Where Pedophiles and Prisons are Gems

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — THE QUINTESSENTIAL BARBADIAN — FIFTEEN years after the twin towers fell, we have the tribute: two memorial pools now sit where the World Trade Center towers used to stand.  The names of every person who died in the 2001 and 1993 attacks are inscribed into bronze panels edging the Memorial pools, a powerful reminder of the largest loss of life resulting from a foreign attack on American soil and the greatest single loss of rescue personnel in American history.


In response to the attack(s), the war(s) started and continue to this day in the Middle East.  Somebody had to pay and pay handsomely with their LIVES for what happened in America!  Now, who’s going to tell the American Military to stop fighting and to move on with their lives — it’s fifteen years already!?


You might wonder what this has to do with The Quintessential Barbadian.  Let me explain.

Throughout life we have seen some victims identifying with their abusers.  Throughout life, we have seen the weight of the mighty apply crushing blows to the weak.  Throughout life, we have seen men fight in wars and we have seen and/or heard of catastrophic events in history that have changed the template of the earth (even when done by an act of a god).  But, never in your life will you meet an entire nation of slaves.  This is where The Quintessential Barbadian comes in.

Grinning Freundel Stuart
Grinning Freundel Stuart

Barbadians, especially and specifically (most of) the ones living year round on the island, are perfect slaves.  The secret society loves to keep its secrets but the Gems of Slavery and the xenophites have made it to the history pages of Naked Departure!  The Quintessential Barbadian, from this day forward, should become synonymous with The Perfect Slave Society of Barbados.

Every deviant thing in Barbados becomes a Gem!  In fact, the more deviant, the bigger of a Gem you/it become.  Pedophiles in Barbados can do no wrong.  In places where one bad apple can put an entire company in the spotlight or out of business, in Barbados, the more rampant the dis-ease, the better!  You are promoted!  You are asked to join the Lodge!  You are rewarded!

Six Murder Accused Smile while being hauled off the the Gem-Dodds Prison
Six Murder Accused Smiled while being hauled off the the Gem-Dodds Prison

They say pedophiles and incestuous people in Barbados are RAMPANT, just as easy as it is to say, ‘may I have some more milk in my tea?’  The former statement is not one of alarm.  No aghast!  Pure apathy! No particular set of feelings.  It’s all just matter-of-fact!

So, The Quintessential Barbadian is featured here today, because nowhere else in the world has there been a more perfect slave society!

Naked Departure

Prince Harry Addresses his PROUD Slaves in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — PRINCE HARRY — Naked, here is Harry openly using stealth to assert ownership over the future leaders of Barbados for the next 50 years and black people, particularly the stupid leaders, are too foolish to see.  Not one of the so-called leaders in Barbados prepared a speech to address reparation.  So, what is there to be ‘proud’ of — except being proud of having rested comfortably in slavery?  What a gem!

The below commenter captured it beautifully.

“Alvin…you wont stop telling lies, still making an idiot of yaself, what independence, what struggle, did Barrow not fight in the war FOR UK, after being educated in UK…”

“….did you not hear the little dude Harry telling the young people of Barbados that while the future of the island is in their hands…they are still owned by Liztherat the beast of Buckingham palace, I know most people missed that play, Harry slipped it in as was his job,….”

“…..it’s only the leaders can break that repeated curse and blight of the young people being programmed to believe they are owned by the monsters in Buckingham palace, but only if they stop Harry’s age group from Buckingham, returning to the island every 30 years to target the young people for mind wash and reprogramming.”

In Harry’s speech…again, the word ‘PROUD’ is overused.  Buckingham palace needs to be reminded to leave any hint of ownership of black people out of their speeches, the speeches can be given without claiming anyone belongs to Elizabeth.   Anonymous

“You should be very proud to be young Barbadians. You should be proud of the country that your parents and grandparents have built. Now it is your time to honour the work of the generations that have come before you. It is up to you to write the next 50 years of this country’s story.

Like other young people around the world, the young people of Barbados face challenges.

You look into the future and wonder how technology will change your lives. You wonder how you will obtain the skills and resources to compete in a rapidly changing world. And I know that you worry about the impact climate change will have on island nations like yours.

What I say to you is this: the solutions to these challenges will not come from anyone else. The answers must come from you. Good things happen to good people; believe you can make change; and if you lead by example, others will follow.

When Barbados marks 100 years of independence, it will be your contribution that will be judged. And we need every one of you, to do all that you can so that in 2066 we have reason to throw an even bigger party than we are throwing tonight.

I know that so many young Barbadians are already making a big impact. What I have seen throughout the region and here in Barbados, is that anyone looking for young role models, will find them here in the Caribbean. It is now my great pleasure to invite one of them to join me on stage. Can I please introduce you to one of your own, Jamilla Sealy.

Jamilla is passionate about the environment. She teaches environmental science to children and helps to organise communities here in Barbados to keep beaches clean and to understand the threats posed by climate change. She has represented her country at United Nations meetings and is now creating an online map to identify illegal dumpsites.

Jamilla is already a strong Barbadian young leader, and tonight I am delighted to announce that she can now call herself one of The Queen’s Young Leaders for 2017.”

BARBADIANS are the stupidest people in the world. Cleaning up your history after a blood thirsty and criminal/vicious/merciless affair is what white supremacists do, but how do they get the bloodied nig**rs/people to forget?  Now that’s some serious magic!!  That’s a GEM!!  Naked Departure

Jenice Figaro, Dead by the hands of a STEP monster

TRINIDAD (Naked Departure) — JENICE FIGARO — You bring a stranger into your home and the child in the home is IMMEDIATELY placed in danger (‘stranger’, for purposes of this blog, means someone who’s not DNA related to the child)!  This is nothing new to the animal kingdom, in fact, this is well known.

TOO late, too late shall be the cry!!  The father of Jenice Figaro didn’t ‘think’ the DNA-estranged sub human he brought into his home would hurt his child!  With bruises, broken arm and other ‘red flags’, he didn’t ‘think’ his child was being abused.   Now, he says he feels like disappearing.

“Police were initially told that his child died after eating a meal of French fries.  It turned out she died from a beating to the head and body.”

Robert Figaro, you should cut your di*k off and make sure that under no circumstances whatsoever, as the day is long, as the world turns, and until the world comes to an end, should you ever give birth to (father) another child!  That’s what should disappear.  Good parents don’t let sex blind them and kill their children!  Good parents have a sixth sense when it comes to their children.  You saw what was happening right in front of your eyes, and you chose that stranger, that sub human, over your precious child!  Bottom line!

Wipe the tears and start a revolution — SAVE THE CHILDREN!

May Jenice rest in eternal peace!   Naked Departure

Lucien Fabian, grandfather of four-year-old Janice Figaro stands between Robert Figaro and Shana Charles the child’s parents at her funeral service at Corosal Road, Whiteland, near Williamsville yesterday. -Photo: DEXTER PHILIP
Lucien Fabian, grandfather of four-year-old Janice Figaro stands between Robert Figaro and Shana Charles the child’s parents at her funeral service at Corosal Road, Whiteland, near Williamsville yesterday. -Photo: DEXTER PHILIP

jenice-figaro-mother-and-father jenice-figaro-funeral

Troubled 13 Year Old Posting on Social Media

JAMAICA (Naked Departure) — THE seemingly troubled 13-year-old Jamaican girl, of yesterday’s fame, has posted more photos to social media.  This can (and should) be seen as a cry for help.

These latest photos show the minor smoking and also in school uniform.  People are speculating about who her parents are and they are also working to make sure the authorities are involved.

Naked Departure

Troubled 13 year old Jamaican girl
Troubled 13-year-old Jamaican girl

Speightstown Commuters Suffering; Transport Board

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — MICHAEL LASHLEY and the Barbados Transport Board — To all commuters in the North, it’s time to ask the Transport Authority what is the real reason for it being formed.  Can someone please explain.

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Junior Jordan or Pandor, people in the districts of Pie Corner, Connelltown, Josey Hill and Boscobelle are fed up with these people who are supposed to see that transportation in all these areas are serviced by the minibuses.  Why are minibus permits issued for all the above-mentioned destinations and yet these areas suffer because neither the Transport Authority or police or MTW inspectors sit on their asses and do nothing to enforce that these vehicles travel to the destinations involved?

This is bare shite and it’s getting bad especially in Speightstown.  Even when the police are in Speightstown, some officers do nothing because they are friends with the minibus men.

The people in Connelltown and Pie Corner and Josey Hill are planning to march and protest in front of Lashley’s office because he is too high and mighty to see the problems affecting northern commuters.

Also, please provide more lights on the bypass road in Speightstown.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Kelly Kirton

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — KELLY KIRTON — Good morning Naked.  I’m writing to let the men know to see this girl and don’t see her.  Naked I met this girl we start talking then we went out a few times on her off days cause she say she got she man but still wanted to deal wid me I was kool with that cause I wasn’t looking for no relationship anyway so we agree on seeing each other every now and then this went on for months and we had some fun times I helped her with her daughter cause I don’t have no kids and I have my own company so money was never an issue and I would make sure she good until a few weeks ago….

She is denying what she did to me but men, watch yourselves.  Anonymous

Naked Departure (Portions deleted)

Joe McKnight Dead in Road Rage Incident

NEW ORLEANS, USA (Naked Departure) — JOE McKNIGHT — Ex-NFL running back Joe McKnight was murdered in a road rage shooting in New Orleans.

Family members identified the 28-year-old at the scene.

A witness told NOLA.com … she saw McKnight trying to apologize to another man after some sort of traffic incident.

The witness says the man then pulled out a gun and shot McKnight — and while standing over him screamed, “I told you not to f**k with me” … then fired another shot into his body.

Naked Departure


If African Elephants can Evolve, why didn’t African Slaves?

THE WORLD/SCIENCE (Naked Departure) — EVOLUTION — AFRICAN elephants are being born without tusks due to poaching, researchers say.  An increasing number of African elephants are now born tuskless because poachers have consistently targeted animals with the best ivory over decades, fundamentally altering the gene pool.

In some areas 98 per cent of female elephants now have no tusks, researchers have said, compared to between two and six per cent born tuskless on average in the past.  (Source: Dawkins)

If elephants can do this, why didn’t African DNA change deterministically/evolve in response to centuries of slavery?  Naked Departure

Wanted, Marlon Jones, FBI Wanted List

LOS ANGELES, USA/JAMAICA/FBI (Naked Departure) — MARLON JONES, a Jamaican man charged with murdering four people during a bloody gun battle in a Los Angeles suburb, has been named to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list. A reward of up to $100,000 is being offered for information leading to his capture.

If you have any information regarding Marlon Jones, please contact your local FBI office or the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.  (Source: FBI Bulletin)

Naked Departure

Jamaican Marlon Jones wanted by FBI
Jamaican Marlon Jones wanted by FBI


BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHANITA MAYERS of SM COMMUNICATIONS and FLOW BARBADOS, I CAN’T FEED MY CHILDREN.  Dear Lord Naked, this is a plead to Shanita Mayers of SM COMMUNICATIONS to pay the Staff.

Tuesday I went to work with my last  $5 only to hear near midday that we can’t get our November pay until the 2nd of December.  Month after month you keep doing this to us.  She came and told us that FLOW doesn’t pay her early or on tine so she can’t pay us on time so she moved the pay date from the 27th to the 30th but still every month we now getting pay after the 30th.

If FLOW is the problem we are begging the management at FLOW to pay her after all we work in the sun all day to make sure you get customers but still you leave us broke.

To FLOW BARBADOS is that how you treat people who help build your company.

Shanita I have my children home from school for 2 days and I have nothing to feed them nothing at all and you and your HR manager posting pictures buying big drinks and at Tipsy partying but your staff can’t feed their family.

Tell me how you Shanita Mayers and FLOW could think this is right?    Anonymous

Naked Departure

Yellow Pages Cover–What Were They Thinking!?!

JAMAICA (Naked Departure) — A BIT alarmed, to say the least, at the cover photo of Jamaica’s Yellow Pages?!  Even the church wants it re-done!  What were they thinking?  What do you think?  Naked Departure


13-Year-Old Posts Pic of her 35-Year-Old Lover

JAMAICA (Naked Departure) — A MINOR from St Elizabeth posted a picture of her lover on facebook quoting “me and bae i love u dem cnt stop the way i fight for u our love has no boundaries them cnt stop this warrior love.”  The post immediately went viral before she could remove it!

wish-worthy-list-ebayThe teen was bashed from all angles online, everyone wanted to know where were her parents or guardian, this man should be jailed for sleeping with a minor.  (Source: Downayaad)

Naked Departure


Standing Rock Falling like Sand vs. DAPL, Ace Hardware….

STANDING ROCK/DAPL, ND (Naked Departure) — WHEN it’s time to pick a side, then you know who your friends are and which country you belong to!  Where do you go when you have to go home but you’re already home?  What do you do when you have to either do the right thing or follow the rule of law?  Ace Hardware Stores will follow the rule of law!


STANDING ROCK, like African Americans and people of The Americas, didn’t learn much about white imperialism/nationalism.  Had Standing Rock learned anything from history, they wouldn’t be depending on Ace Hardware Stores.

“On the heels of an emergency evacuation order from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and North Dakota governor Jack Dalrymple and fines of $1,000 set for those who would deliver supplies like water and food, it seems like Ace Hardware has fallen in line with law enforcement and is refusing to sell supplies to protestors.”

We should all learn from what is happening here.  Like I said earlier, in case of emergency, BLACK PEOPLE will be slaves (in chains slaves) again.  When you don’t hear, you will feel!  When you don’t learn from history, you will repeat it.

White Supremacists love war and war machines.  Good luck fighting that species!

Naked Departure


BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — DAVID NICHOLAS BLENMAN — UPDATE:  The body found on a beach at Foul Bay, St Philip is that of David Nicholas Blenman. The 26-year-old man’s address was Heywoods, St Peter.

FOUL BAY, St. Philip.  A nude, dead man was found just laying there, sprawled out on the beach this morning in Barbados.  Not a care in the world!


Police are asking citizen for assistance in identifying the dead person.  Clues:  He liked swimming nude; he’s in his late twenties early thirties; he’s black and definitely looks like a Bajan (not a visitor).   Naked Departure  (Photo Credit: NationNews)

Meet Jaden Jordan

BROOKLYN, NY (Naked Departure) — JADEN JORDAN is brain dead!  He will (probably) not live to see another day!

Salvatore Lucchesse murdered an innocent 3 year old Jaden Jordan (Photo credit: Photo: Paul Martinka)
Salvatore Lucchesse murdered an innocent 3 year old Jaden Jordan (Photo credit: Photo: Paul Martinka)

Police have charged SALVATORE LUCCHESSE, 24, who savagely beat his 3-year-old stepson, leaving him brain dead at his girlfriend’s Brooklyn apartment.  Women who want to fu*k bring all sorts of deadly animals into their homes.  Everyone knows that if the child does not belong to the person living in the home, the child is INSTANTLY in danger!

Lucchesse was charged with assault and endangering the welfare of a child after being questioned for several hours at the 61st Precinct.

The child was found unresponsive and covered in feces!!  Another story of a wicked, evil stranger brought around an innocent, young child.  Naked Departure

Jaden Jordan, beaten to death by step father
Jaden Jordan, beaten to death by step father

Newspaper in Barbados Deleting/Censoring Comments

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Good afternoon Naked.  Why is it that Barbados Today chooses to delete or not allow negative comments about fraudell, the cr****ker Harry or anything in comparison to the current events affecting Barbados?

Ad-Wish Worthy List

Naked, is that paper owned by colonisers or is there a strong neo colonist element in place?  Other posts they allow.  You say something, not abusive, but factual about bjerkoff, Sow, or baloney, it does not pass their criteria and it is deleted.

Why Naked?  If you are not derogatory, abusive, or outright racist, they have no need.

Naked, you best try run a newspaper to rass.  MIIB

Naked Departure

Karla Morris of the Barbados Revenue Authority

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — KARLA MORRIS — Naked look at this nuisance to the Barbados Treasury building.  Is this not a place of business, or is it a place for selfies on the job?  Everyday this imbicile who is a cashier and nothing more, before she do her work she on her phone with somebody man texting, begging for Remy money, or picking fares.  I think the government needs to educate their staff about work ethics.

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This young upstart in the office every morning with her face cake down with makeup, which look offal, EXTRA tight clothes on her unshaped ass and these clothes are not work appropriate, but rather for feting, all types of hooka hair do’s fit for the stripe clubs, nails to dig out a customer eyes of skin, them huge bubbies always up in staff and customers faces and last but not lease these not work related accessories. the Barbados revenue authority needs to do something with his nuisance.

Karla you should know that being professional and being a s**t does not mix.  Separation is needed.  For god sake your mother who is a teacher but who can’t tell you nothing should try all means and methods to drill some sense into your brain.  As one of your new work colleagues since yah one get transfer from Roebuck Street recently to Bridgetown.  I wish to tell you clean up yah sellstreet wh****ng ways and dress for work.  Last but not least keep of yah blasted cell phone when dealing with customers and stop whatsapping the men….  All these things can be done after working hours.  Or just resign and let someone with class get the job.  Anonymous

Naked Departure (Please send actual photo)


The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

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