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Cole Archer-Bramao Casualty of Pothole in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — POTHOLES — Naked, this mother, Asi Archer, was forced to take her 12-year-old son, Cole Ryan Archer-Bramao, for medical attention.  He was almost killed because a driver dropped into a pothole and lost control of his car hitting the child who was waiting for a school bus at the bus stop.

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Meanwhile, Freundel was gloating recently that white people/tourists don’t mind potholes because they know that potholes are a minor, transitory inconvenience!  What is he saying now that a small, black child has been hit by a car in front of a hotel; because of one of his potholes?!


These potholes can cause injuries, damage to vehicles and death!  Interesting that he sees this as not being a big problem here in Barbados!  Anonymous

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