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Thieving and Disbarred Therold Fields in the News Again

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — THEROLD FIELDS — The disbarred and dishonest attorney is in the news again.  Naked, is this not the same ex-lawyer Therold Fields who was disbarred over a year ago for robbing an elderly lady of all her money, then fighting the case all the way to the supreme court of appeals where he lost and was then disbarred?!  Naked, he put that woman through hell, victimized her using the court system, when all he was in the end is a lying, Bajan thief and hypocrite!

Wow! New Designed Dresses!

Naked, the mere fact that he was disbarred in Barbados was testimony as to how bold and thieving he was!  Usually, thieving attorneys (Michael Carrington, et al.) get a pass!  Well, he is again the defendant in court for robbing employees their vacation pay.


Naked, do the lawyers in Barbados have a thieving curse?  Why must they always steal from clients and employees?  Why must they always sell out their clients?   How do they live comfortably in a community that they defraud/rob?  Anonymous

Naked Departure