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Employees at Axite Global having Nervous Breakdowns!!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — AXITE GLOBAL (Keith Perkins and David Bowen) — Naked, there is this company in Barbados, Axite Global, that owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to people.  Imagine, they enticed close to a hundred people from well-paying jobs to a cramped up, poorly ventilated room in Kay’s House Roebuck Street in June last year.  They provided daily lunch, the only thing that was honored on the contracts.  Full benefits, company vehicle, travel allowance, cell phones and full payment of ALL expenses like mortgages, credit card and other hire purchase payments.   Seven months on and nothing.


The heads of this ‘company’ Keith Perkins, along with David Bowen who retired from the Central Bank has the staff who remain afraid to ask about their money.  After they got put out of Kay’s House they/we’re lodging in a house in Grazettes that an employee lives in but word is they have to leave too.

After an article was printed in the paper last September about Axite Global who claim they opening a bank, real estate, car dealership, finance companies, buying aeroplanes and even wanted to force staff to open offshore accounts in Nevis so they won’t have to pay taxes in Barbados and Cook Island Trust accounts. All of this, and have yet to pay current or past staff.

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Who didn’t have nervous breakdowns, lost or losing their home or vehicles, in financial ruin or homes were broken up.  All because these two mealy mouth, lying, thieving, manipulative men name Keith Perkins and David Bowen.  David spending all of his money in there while Keith walking about with empty pockets, musty clothes and cold in his eyes, still the asses that there believe in his ‘dream’ of financial wealth and his paradigm shift bullshit.

Anybody who doesn’t conform is seen as negative.  The man makes people Executives on a whim and if they get on his bad side, he fires them or demotes them.  For a man who claim to be able to pay the government debt 10 times over with money left back, the people still can’t get a cent.  Every day it is a different excuse, either the central bank holding up the transaction or the Bank in England or Solomon islands or where ever holding up the transaction, or they asking for more documentation and all sorts of thing.  It is beyond imagination why people still there.


Even the two lawyers Gregory Nicholls and Wayne Clarke who acting as a Magistrate took a fast exit as they were contacted by a reporter before the expose’ was released last september.  People still holding on hoping against hope that the money ‘comes through’ for them.  How stupid can some people get?

When will David Bowen stop spending his gratuity from Central Bank and profits from his other businesses to support Axite Global? When will they tell people that the supposed funders who are ‘surprise surprise’ from little old Bim isn’t giving them a cent? When will the remaining staff members who are following blindly take off they blinkers and learn sense?

Let’s hope when either Keith or David leave the island, they don’t skip it entirely, Keith especially seeing that he has ties to Trinidad and Florida?  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Central Bank Governor Delisle ‘Deliar’ Worrell Peeps Sleepover Cruise Photos

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — DELISLE WORRELL — In his January economic letter released on the Central Bank’s website, Governor Delisle ‘Deliar’ Worrell said Barbados had repeatedly failed to achieve the balance between its foreign exchange outflows and inflows, necessary for a stable economy.

In our minds, we staunchly believe that Delisle saw the many photos published after the Sleepover Cruise and wondered in his little mind, “how are Bajans doing it?  With all the austerity measures we put in place, Bajans still seem to come up with money to buy new outfits, Remy hair, expensive VIP tickets to fetes and cruises and with money left over to buy pu*sy!”  How, he wonders, how?  Delisle’s panties are all tied up in a knot with worry!!

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Delisle is, therefore, recommending further restrictions on spending in order to protect the country’s foreign exchange reserves.

And….about the potential additional taxes.  There will be taxation applied to prostitution, rum drinkers, horners, offerings collected from the church plates, as well as taxes on bulling, yes, bulling!  Every living soul will be caught in this taxation net and everyone living in Barbados will be paying taxes!  It’s unprecedented, but it must be done.  And Sinckler a/k/a Stinkler is in agreement!  Here are a few comments from the clueless in Barbados:

The NegrocratJanuary 5, 2017 at 1:31 am

This clown should be fired.  He and the other members of his comedy team are no longer funny. They can’t get the economy on track, so they are killing us while they experiment.

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harry turnoverJanuary 5, 2017 at 7:10 am

Ya mean EVERY YEAR since wunna get in power wunna gine come and say the SAME thing ? as expected at the beginning of the year we gine hear that painful measures MUST be implemented….after MORE TAXES ,ya gine hear the measures working …..,towards the end of the year ya gine hear that the measures din achieved what was expected …..this is NINE friggin years wunna did doing this to get the economy going and EVERYTHING in BIM has gone DOWNHILL…what all ya gine come wid now.  I thought that the economy HAD TURNED THE CORNER and wunna did POMPASETTING …wha happen NOW?

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Rickie NurseJanuary 5, 2017 at 12:49 pm

This is an absolute admission of failure and an indictment of this government that has to result in a unanimous verdict of guilty as charged on all accounts, therefore the sentence has to be the removal of all sixteen from Parliament for this country of ours to heal and be on the road to recovery again.  This is the result of taking the governance of this country under false pretenses, knowingly that they weren’t capable of doing the job, which they purported they were qualified to do. Had this been a major corporate company, the CEO and the executive would have been fired for gross indifference and utter failure, I see no reason why this should not happen as punishment to these inert and inept lying bandicoots. He Delisle Worrell is part and parcel to this whole debacle.  To those who are wondering if the Opposition has any solution to the problems which we are faced with, I am going to say this, history will repeat it’s self as was the previous instances of 76 and 94, a solution is there.

Naked Departure

Harold Codrington, Expose the Malfeasances at the Central Bank!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — HAROLD CODRINGTON — RETIRED deputy governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, Harold Codrington, fired a serious parting shot when he left his long-time employer two weeks ago, i.e., stating that all is not well at the Central Bank.  And it begs the question…why didn’t he, in his power and capacity, fix things while he was there…on the job?  If there are malfeasances, somebody needs to go to jail (only kidding, the real criminals don’t go to jail in Barbados)!

This only goes to show that even people in certain positions have no real power, and the power behind the apparatus likes things the way they are.  Let’s take, for example, CLICO and Leroy Parris.

It is rumoured that CLICO money, the personal money of Leroy Parris, is in an account at the Central Bank of Barbados (you might remember that other banks in Barbados asked Parris to come and take his money out because they could no longer, in good faith, have his money in their banks).  So, if Harold Codrington wanted to open the eyes of the citizens of Barbados, he should state if the above is true or false.  Dispel the rumor.  Barbados needs a few good people.  And although Harold didn’t attend the parting festivities in his honor, the few good people in Barbados have to do better than just saying no to food and rum.

Gap-tooth Worrell
Gap-tooth Worrell

Maybe the reporters in Barbados should do their jobs and locate Harold and ask him about the illegal deposits and who really is/are running things at the Central Bank.  Ask Harold before his left eye closes down completely and while he’s in a talking mood!  People want to know.  Who does that gap-tooth-mousy-looking governor answer to?   Naked Departure