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Ten-Year-Old Pregnant in Jamaica

JAMAICA (Naked Departure) — Naked, this little girl is in Jamaica.  I just received a voice note from a Jamaican woman saying that the little girl in the picture is only 10-years-old and breed.  She goes on to say she doesn’t know why the Jamaican authorities don’t give her the job of hanging some of the pedophiles, because she would gladly do it.   Naked Departure


Will Barbados Rise in the Healing of Self, or will it Crash and Burn?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure Radio) — TODAY’s show we talked about the raping of young children and the selling of grown people for cheap labor (black laborers/wealthy whites).  Changes need to be made in Barbados, the model.  Will you rise to the occasion or crash and burn?   PLEASE EXCUSE the beginning of the show which had terrific feedback.  Naked Departure


Women Raping Boys in Barbados; Laws of Protection

BARBADOS/UNITED KINGDOM (Naked Departure) — Dear Naked, I am trying to find out if Barbados has a law on women raping boys (meaning women are the sexual offenders).  I believe you Bajans should have laws about this and I looked on the internet but I can’t find anything.


If you know or have the means to find out, please let me know because if they don’t have a law protecting boys from grown women, no justice will be had.  How can there be no justice for little boys?

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There need to be laws where the abuse took place and so that victim can find justice.  If I had any other way to find out, I won’t write.  Please help me.  Thank you.  Jade Walker

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Six-Year-Old Raped; Mother told her to keep quiet!

JAMAICA (Naked Departure) — RAPED — A six-year-old girl complained to her biological father that she was being sexually abused by her stepfather.  When questioned more by her father as to the whereabouts of her mother, the toddler said she told her mother but was told to keep quiet or she would get beat.

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The father pushed the matter by having his daughter medically examined and further, reporting the matter to the police.  As time and delays would have it, the little six-year-old girl was raped AGAIN.

The stepfather was arrested but the father is vocal in stating that the mother should be arrested also.  The child is now in the care of her grandparents.

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Meet Kevin Fowler and Aislyn Miller, Child Abusers

OKLAHOMA (Naked Departure) — KEVIN FOWLER and AISLYN MILLER — Police arrested 25-year-old Kevin Fowler and 24-year-old Aislyn Miller on Friday at an urgent care center in Owasso on complaints of abusing their twin 9-month-old infants.


Police told reporters that nurses described the children as looking like skeletons and said a maggot crawled out of one child’s wound.  The other had an infection from hair being wrapped around a finger and not removed.  Police also say nurses found human waste in one infant’s ear.

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Neville Henry, Sexual Predator

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — OPEN LETTER re: NEVILLE HENRY — You sexually molested me twice when I was a fresh teen.  Physically abused me until my skin wailed and bled.  I ran away from home and when caught, I was made the delinquent; the juvenile liaison scheme and child care board were my punishment since no one believed me.  Now you have the guts to send me a friend request on Facebook.

Mr Henry, please understand that my kids are the only reason why I haven’t kidnapped you and tortured you until you committed suicide.

My mother asked me why I haven’t blocked you. Blocking you will show fear which is the absolute opposite of my true feelings.  My advice to you is to please never contact me again or even try to.

I make no threats, I only keep promises and stick to commitments.

People can change.  At the moment, I do not want to be one of those people, even though I have fantasies of showing you how evil and horrific a human can become.

So, I end my open letter to you with these words.

Go F**k Yourself and leave me alone.  Sincerely, Your #1 Fan

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Neville Henry, Sexual Predator
Neville Henry, Sexual Predator

Child Being Raped at Night, Where is Faith Marshall Harris?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — CHILD ABUSE/RAPE — Naked, every day we are reading about abuse past and present abuse that is happening to our children every day, sexually assaulted here in Barbados.  People who can push for laws to rescue our children from big hard-back men are sitting and pussy footing and children getting mashup daily.

All because they could pick up and drop off theirs at paid babysitters and private schools, it’s not their problem.  A person who when you hear CHILD ADVOCATE you automatically hear her name FAITH MARSHAL HARRIS.  Naked, I want somebody to tell me what has this woman done for children of Barbados to be called Barbados child advocate?  She has done nothing, absolutely nothing for our children.

When the media has a big story about a child who has died at the hands of its abuser or abusers, this woman runs to the media to make a statement to get recognition.   People needs to know she is heartless.  Look at her face.  God don’t like ugly and no pun intended.

l had a very serious case of an abused child.  It was bad.  I tried every one, the CCB, UNICEF — no help.  Couldn’t reach Shelly Ross but I reached Faith Marshall Harris and she refused to help.  She has a dogmatic attitude.  She doesn’t take your calls.  I pleaded with her secretary desperate for help for that child and that woman had no feelings for a child as bad as that story was that woman never would take me on after I try every day for five days.

But what is disturbing was a friend with a white English accent called and she took the call and all the English white woman had told the secretary is she was on the island and wanted to meet the magistrate.  That was five minutes after I leave messages and telling the story to her secretary about a child who was being sexually rape almost every night and I need help with this child.

She is not who she pretends to be.  She is an imposter.  She wants a legacy of doing nothing for the children of Barbados.  Children are losing lives because this imposter taking taxpayers’ money under false pretenses.  Having a big White House on the hill with 15 room and driving a latest model in SUV don’t make you human.

I blame this woman for many of the abuse our children are suffering and have suffered.  In the Bible God said to touch one strand of hair on the head of these little ones it’s better for a rope be tied around ya neck and de other end around a boulder and dropped in de deepest part of d sea.

This woman call herself a person who stands up and fight for the rights of children.  Where was Miss Marshall when that little girl at Springer was denied an education?  She turned up when a child is killed and telling de media how much percentage of children are being abuse and we need a sex Offenders registry.  So when this do happen she can take the glory?  Looking for legacy?

Faith Marshall Harris, you are among the walking dead!  Anonymous

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Abused Children in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Good Evening Naked Departure.  If you allow me, I will be blogging here from time to time about things that are of great public importance in Barbados.  This IS the only avenue there is and I have searched my head, my heart and discussed this with my wife and children.

Naked Departure, there is no clear protocol to follow when a child comes in for medical care and the doctor sees signs of sexual abuse.  Yes, the child care board can be called, the police can be called, but it does nothing to protect the child.  Naked Departure, sometimes when we do question the child, the child is already prepared, by the parent, not to answer the questions.  The child is usually scared out of their minds!  We hear things like “we fell out of a tree”  or “hurt ourselves on a bike”.

Naked Departure, a child/toddler came in 100% sexually abused and with a STD and her father was a police officer.  A senior officer.  Naked Departure, there are things we need to think about (and that should never be) before we escalate things.  We don’t want to somehow end up having cocaine planted in our vehicles or called away to court and be sitting around for hours and no one shows up at the appointed time or even go to trial (which almost never happens) and have the long, dragged out process of nothing happening.  Naked Departure, for something that is this important, Barbados makes it incredibly hard to follow through on sexual abuse of a child.  Many times the parent takes money for it all to go away.

Children are greatly endangered here in Barbados.  They suffer, die and become disabled.  Again, like you’ve said on Naked Departure, only the poor people are going to jail.  Our attorney general and the DPP control these situations and no one in the Lodge or in any other elite club will go to jail for raping a child.  Yes, there are pedophiles everywhere in Barbados.

Naked Departure, I would like to do more, but the risk of being shamed or framed is high.  I don’t think I will go to jail, but I don’t want to be threatened with it either.  Can we save the children in Barbados?  I don’t think we can.  All we can do is treat, and on the rare occasion where we absolutely have no choice, call the CCB.  Other than that, we protect our children from the pedophile teachers and others in the community.

I saw the comments on my post of yesterday, but you should let your commenters know that I finally will be able to sleep at nights.   As I continue to blog, Anonymous

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Robert Burnette and Megan Hendricks, Sub Humans

12-Year-old St. Lucian Girl Raped and Pregnant

CASTRIES/ST. LUCIA (Naked Departure) — A thirty-two year old man is accused of raping the child of a family friend.  The young girl, who is inconsolable, is blaming herself and is in need of counseling.  Family members expressed grave concern that the man accused of the rape has not been arrested and is free to flee the country if he so chooses.  They expressed views that perpetrators should be publicly NAMED and SHAMED.

After the little girl got the courage to tell of her rape, she was examined by doctors who determined she was three months pregnant.  Her accused rapist also recently had a young child from another woman.

“Men too perverted” were the shouts from family members.  You cannot trust your girl children around these men folks — not brothers, uncles, NOBODY!!

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Boy Displayed ‘Highly Sexualized Behavior” after Abuse

THE WORLD (Naked Departure) — DESTROYING A CHILD — A British man who raped his son from the age of six and locked him in a box in their home in Ireland has been jailed for 14 years.

There was no reaction from the 66-year-old man as the sentence was read out at the Central Criminal Court, in Dublin.  (If the Defendant is 66 years old, it would mean he was a male in full when these things he is accused of doing happened.  Was there no way his experience at being a ‘human being’ could have saved him?)

The boy described to the court one occasion where his father was assembling a wooden box at the home in Waterford, in the country’s south-east.

When he asked what it was for, his father replied, ‘it’s for you’, before pushing him in. His mother released him three to four hours later.

A jury convicted the father, who is from the UK, of nine counts of raping his son from the age of six years old and one count of child cruelty. He was acquitted of raping the child with a poker.


The father continues to deny the offences and said he will appeal the verdict and sentence.

His 38-year-old partner, who is also from the UK, was convicted of child cruelty but found not guilty of sexual assault. She will be sentenced next week.  (An age difference that cannot be ignored.  Should people, indeed, be evenly yoked in age?)

Both parents had pleaded not guilty to the offences which occurred between 2009 and 2011 in their home. They had originally faced 82 charges but 60 of these were withdrawn.

The court had also heard that the boy, now 13, was placed in foster care in 2011 where he was further sexually abused by a child.

In March 2012 he was moved to another foster home where he was very happy.

He told his foster mother about the sexual abuse, and she told gardaí.  She ‘loved the child to bits’ but had to stop caring for him because of his disturbing behaviour.  (By now he  has a broken wing.)

A psychologist said he was displaying highly sexualised behaviour but this has improved.  The boy is currently in specialised care in the UK.  (What’s left to be done when you are a caged bird?  You sing!)

Mr Justice Robert Eagar imposed a 15-year sentence on the father and suspended the final year.

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 The man has already been registered as a sex offender and will also be subject to a four-year supervision order on his release.  (A registry that should also be in place and online in the Caribbean for the rampant sexual abuse of children and the many pedophiles!)   (Source: DailyMail with commentary)

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Nobody’s Talking about the PREGNANT 14 Year Old?!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — CHILD ABUSE — Naked, if the police really wanted to investigate those mothers properly, they would have gone in Carrington Village where the kids grand parents live and ask the entire district about the mothers.  Or they should have asked the neighbors in Vallery about the two mothers.  From the time they moved to Vallery it was always an issue concerning that said apartment.

About a year or two ago the same little boy and girl was in the house playing while the mothers were busy getting high and ended up locking themselves in one of the bedrooms and the same father that said it was a game had to be called home to break down the bedroom door.  NHC can testify to having to go there to repair the door.  Everyone in the building have complaints about that apartment and the two mothers.

Tied up. Boy crying. Barbados
Tied up. Boy crying. Barbados

Before they moved from Carrington Village to Vallery, they all limed in Chaderton Road and smoked marijuana in front of the children.  When the mother of the little girl started messing around a man name Jiggs, she used the same 14-year-old, who is now pregnant, as her look out in case the child father was coming.

How come nobody is talking about the PREGNANT 14 YEAR OLD?  It wasn’t no game!  Those children are being abused.  Anonymous

Naked Departure (Photo of children posted on social media by their parents)

Marijuana and Barbadian Children

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, let’s see how she explains this to the local police here.  The last one, the one with the two children tied up on the bed and the boy was clearly seen as crying and distressed, was a game, so I guess this one is a game also?  And the child care board and police will go on their merry way.

Bullshit in Barbados!!  Naked, she needs putting up!  If only I knew her name!  And the cops and child care board need to find out who the hell this person is!  And lock her up take that poor kid from her!   Anonymous

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marijuana and the barbadian child