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Chris Sinckler is Complicit with the CLICO Fiasco

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — CLICO and CHRIS SINCKLER — Amazing, not amazing grace.  Chris Sinckler you are damaged goods as a politician and you may very well be damaged goods as an honest human being.  Clico was indeed a fiasco, a fraud and your government was complicit in the thievery that robbed many Barbadians of their life’s savings.

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The fact that in today’s newspaper you have offered to payback what was initially stolen by two members of your party is high class robbery “Chris.”  Fifty six million dollars for former policy holders, and not one conviction or remuneration of monies stolen by the two culprits involved Mr. Minister of Finance? Mr. Sinckler you are a disgrace, and a colossal failure, and the fact that you will now rob Peter to pay Paul is tantamount to a party that only possess’ a larcenous agenda.


If this situation did not cause so many Barbadians pain, I would laugh right to your face Chris Sinckler, but instead I want to cry, because your party, the DLP, has brought Barbados to the brink of financial collapse and ruination.  Some people Sinckler know “The price of everything, and the value of nothing.”  Sinckler, trust is a valuable commodity, of which you know nothing.  Victor Callender

Naked Departure

Triple Taxation: CLICO Policyholders paying themselves $56M

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — CLICO policyholders will be paying themselves back the $56,000,000 they incurred in losses in the most under-publicized, perfect crime of the 21st century!  Your local news outlets did not do this crime justice via meticulous exposure!  The bandits get to keep your money and their reputations!


Chris Sinckler says the money, for payment, is being held in the inflation racket known as their Central Bank and he is awaiting word from the CLICO judicial manager, via the High Court, for the release of said monies into the hands of the defrauded policyholders.


Now get this!  That $56 million, where do you think it is coming from?  Out of thin air?  Well, maybe it is, but even the thin air wants its money back and that’s where the taxpayers come in!  You, the taxpayers, will be saddled with that bill.  And who are the taxpayers?  Policyholders!  You are paying yourselves back your own money that you lost with CLICO.  It’s like double/triple/quadruple taxation!  And the bandits get to keep your money.

You fools.  You only need to know how to count from one to two to figure this shit out!

Naked this is how much the Barbados taxpayers will have to pay for Leroy Parris’ former top manager of CLICO, former Prime Minister David Thompson, as attorney for CLICO and Lawrence Duprey, the former owner of CLICO, theft of policyholder’s money.

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Leroy Parris being friend and associate of Freundel Stuart and most of the government ministers and politicians on the island.

Will David Thompson’s estate or Leroy Parris or Lawrence Duprey be paying back the Barbados taxpayers that 56 million dollars stolen by the above top management and attorney for CLICO.

And the bandits get to keep your money.  Barbadians, is there any doubt now that you are not so smart?!  Where’s your attorney general?  Oh he’s busy not fighting crime and impregnating subordinates!  Naked Departure

INFLATION causes another DOWNGRADE in Barbados

BARBADOS/DEBT/INFLATION (Naked Departure) — Concerned that government continues to finance Barbados’ high debt and deficit through the continued and sustained printing of money, i.e., INFLATION, the Caribbean Information and Credit Rating Services Limited (CariCRIS) today lowered by one notch its ratings on the debt issue of US$300 million of the government of Barbados to CariBBB and CariBBB+ on its foreign and local currency rating, from CariBBB+ and CariA- respectively.

Naked Departure


Central Bank Governor Delisle ‘Deliar’ Worrell Peeps Sleepover Cruise Photos

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — DELISLE WORRELL — In his January economic letter released on the Central Bank’s website, Governor Delisle ‘Deliar’ Worrell said Barbados had repeatedly failed to achieve the balance between its foreign exchange outflows and inflows, necessary for a stable economy.

In our minds, we staunchly believe that Delisle saw the many photos published after the Sleepover Cruise and wondered in his little mind, “how are Bajans doing it?  With all the austerity measures we put in place, Bajans still seem to come up with money to buy new outfits, Remy hair, expensive VIP tickets to fetes and cruises and with money left over to buy pu*sy!”  How, he wonders, how?  Delisle’s panties are all tied up in a knot with worry!!

Wow! New Designed Dresses!

Delisle is, therefore, recommending further restrictions on spending in order to protect the country’s foreign exchange reserves.

And….about the potential additional taxes.  There will be taxation applied to prostitution, rum drinkers, horners, offerings collected from the church plates, as well as taxes on bulling, yes, bulling!  Every living soul will be caught in this taxation net and everyone living in Barbados will be paying taxes!  It’s unprecedented, but it must be done.  And Sinckler a/k/a Stinkler is in agreement!  Here are a few comments from the clueless in Barbados:

The NegrocratJanuary 5, 2017 at 1:31 am

This clown should be fired.  He and the other members of his comedy team are no longer funny. They can’t get the economy on track, so they are killing us while they experiment.

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harry turnoverJanuary 5, 2017 at 7:10 am

Ya mean EVERY YEAR since wunna get in power wunna gine come and say the SAME thing ? as expected at the beginning of the year we gine hear that painful measures MUST be implemented….after MORE TAXES ,ya gine hear the measures working …..,towards the end of the year ya gine hear that the measures din achieved what was expected …..this is NINE friggin years wunna did doing this to get the economy going and EVERYTHING in BIM has gone DOWNHILL…what all ya gine come wid now.  I thought that the economy HAD TURNED THE CORNER and wunna did POMPASETTING …wha happen NOW?

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Rickie NurseJanuary 5, 2017 at 12:49 pm

This is an absolute admission of failure and an indictment of this government that has to result in a unanimous verdict of guilty as charged on all accounts, therefore the sentence has to be the removal of all sixteen from Parliament for this country of ours to heal and be on the road to recovery again.  This is the result of taking the governance of this country under false pretenses, knowingly that they weren’t capable of doing the job, which they purported they were qualified to do. Had this been a major corporate company, the CEO and the executive would have been fired for gross indifference and utter failure, I see no reason why this should not happen as punishment to these inert and inept lying bandicoots. He Delisle Worrell is part and parcel to this whole debacle.  To those who are wondering if the Opposition has any solution to the problems which we are faced with, I am going to say this, history will repeat it’s self as was the previous instances of 76 and 94, a solution is there.

Naked Departure

Margaret Sivers, Revenue Commissioner, Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — MARGARET SIVERS — Naked, I believe the NUPW or the government needs to investigate Ms. Sivers and her nepotism and cronyism.  Nepotism is a favoring one’s family in business and cronyism is favoring friends.

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The Barbados Revenue Authority is poorly run and instead of placing the best people in best positions to grow the organization, she continues to neglect them and choose her family and friends.  I will provide three of many situations

Tell me how is it that Yasmin Padmore’s son who has just finished secondary school and has no qualifications to be an auditor is an auditor?  Also, can someone explain how Chaunaci Belgrave who also just finished secondary school and have no qualifications to be an internal auditor holds such a position?  They are individuals not considered within the organization who have been working much longer than these two and in many cases more qualified.  They are many individuals hired into the organization who are not there because of merit but because of their connection to Ms. Sivers.  To demonstrate this, how is it Che Boyce who Ms. Sivers was in a relationship with her dad is an auditor and lacks the qualifications?

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Review the quantity of personnel who held senior positions within the BRA who requested to return to the central government showed how poorly run and disorganized the Barbados Revenue Authority is.  The organization lacks a strategy and direction, just check the audit section which is supposed to collect the government revenue and is ineffective because of institutional obstacles.

Mr. Minister of Finance Chris Sinclair, do you want another reason why Barbados is not generating revenue?  Check your Revenue Commissioner and her ineffectiveness.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

The DLP is a Party of Old Dirty Bastards/Criminals

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — THE DLP is a party of ODB’s=OLD DIRTY BASTARDS.  If they are not frequenting strip clubs, they are navigating their way through lies and other decisive acts against the Bajan people.  The best place in Barbados to get the business of the people done is at Peter Harris’ strip club.

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If roads are to be fixed, budgets balanced, housing acquired for the poor, water issues resolved, and the sewage issue cleaned up, all the citizens need to do, is hangout at night.  Citizens of Barbados, you can find your elected officials in places that conduct themselves in criminal enterprise.  The government ministers are indistinguishable from the criminal element in Barbados, because there is an organized criminal element in the Barbados government, made up of the ministers.

There is no ethics and government accountability entity in Barbados, that operates with independence from the legislative and/or the civil service.  Chris Sinckler has secured offshore financing for himself, and he is not the only member of the DLP with offshore accounts.


For years, ministers in government have been given newly minted ATTACHE CASES full of BARBADIAN HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS.  Sir Phillip Greaves was one of the biggest recipients of brief cases with money. Politicians are robbing Barbadians in plain sight.

The Real Houseslaves
The Real Houseslaves


Naked Departure

Total Disrespect! Kellman, Sinckler and Lashley failed to show for PAC

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SINCKLER, LASHLEY AND KELLMAN — Naked, in real countries when the auditor general issues a report stating that millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money is unaccounted for and a committee is set up in government calling itself the Public Accounts Committee, the name speaks for itself.

These three crooked clowns for government ministers have blatantly and disrespectfully ignored the rights of the taxpayers to know what they took those millions of missing dollars and did with it. These same vicious politicians will be the ones knocking on people’s doors next year begging for votes, the same voters whose money they refuse to give an accounting for and are showing total disrespect.

Bajans cannot be that docile, no one in their right minds are that docile, they have to understand that they, their children, grandchildren and future generations are being methodically destroyed by the animals in parliament, they have to know and at least sense that the politicians do not care about them…the people.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Michael Lashley says Mia Mottley is a Fraud Attorney

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — MICHAEL LASHLEY — Three Cabinet ministers were summoned to appear before the Opposition-led Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament to answer a number of questions related to the operations of the state-run National Housing Corporation (NHC).  Committee Chairman and Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) leader, Mia Mottley, has apparently written to Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler, former Housing & Lands Minister Michael Lashley and his successor Denis Kellman requesting that they appear in person before the parliamentary committee, in light of concerns raised by the country’s Auditor-General Leigh Trotman about financial spending by the NHC.

In what can be called being professionally and politically incorrect, Michael Lashley responded, in an online Facebook comment, by saying:

“All the Ministers have to do is to ignore the requests to allend (sic).  Simple as that.  A person without a Law Certificate which is required by Law in Barbados to be considered as a Lawyer has no legal authority to summons anyone.”

Fraud attorneys, fraud architects, fraud doctors, fake independence….

Naked Departure

THIS is Sinckler: Bajans, can’t you recognize lying eyes?

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — CHRIS SINCKLER — Chris Sinckler has outlined his formula for Barbados being assured of a better future.  Umm, why though?  Why do Barbadians continue to wallow in lying mud and keep listening to lying politicians day in and day out?  Why?  Frankly speaking, you seem to enjoy it.

And since we’re on the subject of lying politicians, and Barbadians being copycats and all, will there be an upset in your 2017 elections?  Will we see a moving away from the career politician and see a successful businessman in office?  But wait?  That means a white man, looking similar to Bizzy Williams, will be the PM of Barbados and the white people don’t  have time for that foolishness!!  Nonsense!

Ross Ashton, drug dealer
Ross Ashton, drug dealer

And here’s where my boy comes back into the equation.  Ross Ashton, why not throw your hat into the political ring.  Or, how about the Bounty fella running drugs outta St. Philip?  These are what you call real businessmen because even, as we hear it, the politicians are working for them.  Ross, you can clean your image up after you get into office, you know, just like the white people did after slavery.  And just like they did by saying Freundel Stuart  has a daughter.

Look at Sinckler….  Look at that face?  Who in their right mind voted for him, believes in him, trusts what he says…, who?  And to think, he’s in charge of the finances of a country  — your country?  Well goddamn!!!   Naked Departure


HERE IS A COPY OF THE FULL NONSENSE!!:  Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler has outlined his formula for Barbados being assured of a better future.  Making his contribution in Parliament yesterday to the debate on a resolution to congratulate Barbados on its upcoming 50th anniversary of Independence, Sinckler suggested that once citizens continued to work hard, improve productivity, were humble and willing to work together, while drawing on the strength of God, the future generation would be certain to reap better times.  “I know if you work hard, if we organize ourselves, if we believe in our capacities and if we strive to ensure that those who come after us have something better than we have, then the next 50 years are assured,” he said.  Sinckler said he was glad to have been born just after Independence and to have experienced the last five decades.  “I know that I would have lived in the greatest transformative period in Barbados’ history since we were settled and that we have much to be proud of as a nation,” he contended.  The Minister of Finance insisted that the country had done exceedingly well despite its limited resources. However, he acknowledged that much of the progress in health, education, transport, sanitation and water was made through heavy foreign borrowing.  “We had to borrow heavily to underwrite this massive social enterprise that we have in the country which we are so proud about, and future generations are going to have to finance and pay for that which they are benefiting [from] now and which they will benefit [from] in the future,” Sinckler stated.

Naked Departure

Morals? Did Chris Sinckler say “Morals”, Politics

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — CHRIS SINCKLER — Believe me when I say, you will not in all your life hear someone speak such stupidity so boldly!!  Take, for example, this statement:

“I am going to speak about the economy, but I want to make this point very clear tonight . . . you can’t have an election and not discuss the economy.  That is a given fact, but I know, in my mind, if it is not in other people’s minds, that the next election is also going to be fought for the moral heart of this country,” declared Sinckler to loud applause.”

What was the loud applause about and was it (the applause I mean) made by laugh tracks or some sort of sound effects?

There are hardly any morals in the 2016 Barbados as we know it!  Wasn’t Sinckler himself caught on camera between the legs of one of those TransTech (Pitt) girls?  Isn’t Carrington always in strip clubs, not to mention his stealing of his client’s money (where are the morals in that?)?  Didn’t Jones’ wife (yup! a woman actually married him) walk in ‘on him’ with a man?  And the non-crime-fighting-attorney-general, … didn’t he have children outside of his marriage with subordinates (fraternizing)?  And how many criminal cases has he fought ‘IN THE MATTER OF THE PEOPLE vs ???’ in court (is he getting paid for doing nothing!?)?  And, isn’t it ILLEGAL and/or UNLAWFUL to be a buller in Barbados and in the eyes of a moral god, yet, Parliament (and Barbados on the whole) is full of sodomous citizens?  And what about vote buying, that’s not illegal?  And bribes?  Your Central Bank?  CLICO?  Etc., Etc.  What morals?  And what about all the children who are raped by teachers, who’s (Ronald Jones?) addressing that?  Morals?  And we won’t mention the ordinary citizens performing ‘favors’ in order to pay their bills.  Where are the morals in all that??

And just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, the man kept on talking….

“When you lay down at nights and you get up with the Grace of God in the morning, think about the ethics and morals that underpin this country….”

Now we all know for SURE, he’s out of his mind!  Sinckler may wake up pinned under Grace and call him a god, but god don’t wear dresses and if he did, he’d be a buller…, which would be normal in Barbados a/k/a Bullbados!

Step away from the intoxication of the *MOB MENTALITY and think Barbadians, think….

Naked Departure


*Herd mentality, or mob mentality, describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors.  Examples of the herd mentality include stock market trends, superstition and home décor. Social psychologists study the related topics of group intelligence, crowd wisdom, and decentralized decision making.

Ross Ashton from Red Sea and the Assassin

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ROSS ASHTON — Word reaching Naked Departure is that Ross Ashton from the Red Sea area in Barbados is next in line to receive an assassin’s bullet to the back of the head — the dead shot!  If you follow closely the ‘comments’ under the Hawkesworth’s post, you can also see the threats of more killings to come.  There can be NO doubt…, Bajan drug dealers are being assassinated!

What foreign dealers MUST understand is that Bajans are thieves.  Bajans, by nature (it’s in the blood), are dishonest people.  They must not take this trait likely or personal because they, in doing so, would eradicate the drug trade/business from Barbados.  And no country could/would survive without the drug mafia!

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Being sworn to secrecy is one thing, but I kinda have a ‘very small’ crush on this Ross Ashton and think he should be the PM of Barbados.  Like I’ve said before, there must be a special place in heaven for good-looking (and the face is secondary) black men!  But, be that as it may, Ross Ashton, this is not a scare tactic.  Be vigilant.  They’ve got you in their scopes.  And, since I’m here scratching your back Ross, maybe you should return the favor and let the Naked Departure folks know the ministers in government you work for…..before you die I mean.  Don’t let your life be in vain.  Call their names as Carrington wants you to.

But, I’m sure your friendly police department, who’ve sworn to protect and serve, have given you the heads up already.   Right Ross?  If not the police, maybe Sinckler…..or Carrington…..?

Naked Departure

The “NOT ME” Brigade

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, this is for the “it wasn’t me” brigade!  “However, good governance entails the creation of the appropriate laws and policies to ensure a socially just and orderly society. ”

To the “it wasn’t me” brigade…..and this also applies to the opposition whose members were at one time or another the attorneys general, the acting PM, the PMs etc holding posts which gave them ALL the duties of legislators. …..just like the current Adriel Nitwit…..YOU DID NOT DO YOUR JOBS., over the years, none of you…….and the ones occupying the same posts today, are not doing their jobs now either, it might be escaping you, but it does not escape everyone.

Dale Marshall, former Attorney General, with Mia also as attorney general and acting PM at one time, never bothered to enact legislation to rein in and regulate the insurance companies to make absolutely sure. ..they paid injured claimants with high court judgements in a timely manner…or pay them at all.

The results of that neglect:

Dale Marshall, former attorney general is in yesterday’s nation newspaper lamenting the fact that after a year of Harmony Insurance neglecting a judgement by Justice Cornelius in 2015 to pay his injured client over a year ago, Harmony Insurance still ignores the judgement…, and refuses to pay the claimant or acknowledge Marshall’s many correspondences…..

……my question…why did Marshall, as attorney for this suffering man….wait one year to expose Harmony Insurance, they should have been exposed within 30 days of the judgement.

With all things being equal, I hope Marshall can appreciate the irony in exactly how karma can be a bitch. He never saw it necessary as attorney general to tighten up, legislate, regulate and enforce laws so that the Managers and CEOs or whatever they call themselves of these little scam insurance companies like Harmony and CGI Insurance can be arrested when they refuse to pay and ignore high court judgements awarded to injured people.

Mia as former attorney general and former acting PM also did not see it necessary to do her job back then either, in regulating these scam insurance companies…Adriel Nitwit will certainly not legislate to regulate them because as things stand currently, he himself is refusing payments to a nurse who was injured on her job at QEH over 30 years ago and is suffering and in need of surgery……he is making sure she suffers and will never get an adequate amount of money to get the necessary surgery to relieve her pain and suffering……the one reason, among many, that Adriel Nitwit should never be returned to parliament. ..by the people. He would do the same to his voters.

All of these ministers and former ministers are well aware that the FSC…Financial Services Commission…which is just a pretty name and acronym…has no teeth to do anything in making the dishonest insurance companies pay injured people.., the people who work for FSC are stooges paid to cover up the fraudulent practices of the insurance industry on the island and make the international agencies believe that there are best practices and not fraud being perpetrated on the customers and people who have to deal with the insurance companies when injured…thrir role at FSC is one of cover up.

Since ALL the former attorneys general, PMs, acting PM, current attorney general and future attorneys general, PM, acting PM etc…are friends with, have either worked for, have sat or are sitting on the boards of, have accepted bribes and/or campaign financing from these same insurance companies and their thieving, dishonest, owners/directors/CEOs……not only do the injured not stand a chance…but the injured themselves are responsible for immediately exposing these insurance companies, immediately they do not pay your claim, after a judgement or settlement….do not wait a year…30 days after a judgement, or one week after settlement sgreements are made and not honored…expose these beasts refusing to pay….ALL of them.

The politicians and ministers have all been colluding with insurance companies for years, many, as lawyers on a tiny island, they have all been on the payrolls of these companies at one time or another…they rub shoulders with the dishonest people who manage these companies.

We will see if the government in waiting, once elected, make the necessary changes to the laws preventing insurance companies from refusing to pay injured people, or if they will leave it to the people to continue to expose the insurance companies as well as the government ministers who refuse to rein in the insurance companies and have the police arrest their dishonest CEOs….or if they will continue to play the “it wasnt me” blame game and keep passing the responsibility back and forth to each other…..because of how badly they have compromised themselves with conflict of interest.  Well, Well & Consequences

Naked Departure

Chris Sinckler Using Willie Lynch’s Playbook

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) CHRIS SINCKLER — When you see a black man utilizing the same playbook of the white man, you wonder what hope there is for children and black societies.

The best time to catch them is when they’re young, and if they can remember Sinckler handing them school books (and they will), Sinckler has done a good job.   It’s the same type of enslavement done centuries ago, only now it’s being done by the ‘new’ white man.  No one seeing the video, posted below, will miss the fake smile and the grandstanding for the camera.  Willie Lynch’s approach to the tee!

So, when is giving not a bad thing that’s intended to enslave the mind?  When giving is not a political marker; when giving is of the heart; and when giving is for the advancement of your people and the good of your country.   Naked Departure