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Fake News from Nation Publication, Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — FAKE NEWS — Naked, people are waiting to hear why the Nation Publication would publish and sell fake news.  We are talking about the Natasha Forde story.  We want the Nation to tell us how many fires that woman put out and if she is licensed to operate the fire vehicle she is standing in front of.  Also, how often has that vehicle been out on the road here in Barbados?

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Nation Publication, we are waiting to hear back from you, since you are SELLING fake news to Bajans. As reporters, you need to ask those tough questions.  Since that fake story came out, you got things all offset here in the station.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Natasha Forde a Firefighter? Where? When?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — NATASHA FORDE — Naked, this is in regards to the article in the Sunday Sun about Natasha Forde, Firefighter of the Year.   Naked she works in the office in the fire prevention unit, so I am confuse.  See the fire truck MP485 that she posing next to?  Well it never ever went on the road, so how she can say that she drives it?  Things ain’t adding up.  How is she the Firefighter of the year and there were no other nominations?  Chief, show us the nominees in next week’s paper.  I want Gercine Carter of the Nation do a follow up to their fake story.  Tell me this wasn’t her birthday gift from the Chief.


Natasha accustom f**ping the firefighters but now since she has Chief Fire Officer Errol Maynard there are benefits involved.  Don’t hide behind using her as your daily chauffeur, I know what you all up to.  Anyways, congrats Natasha, you f**ked the right fire officer this time, the Chief.  If she had deserved the award, I won’t even mind.  But how can someone who sits in her office most days and other days be driving around with Errol pretending to be his chauffeur so they can escape to their favourite guest house, be the firefighter of the year?  Tell me Chief.  I want answers.

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Chief, does your wife know about her?  Does the church know about her?  It’s just a matter of time before she wrecks this marriage too.  You go girl, work that pu$$y.   Anonymous

Naked Departure