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Drug Lord Orders Killing of SM Communications Agent

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHANITA MAYERS — Naked, Shanita Mayers from S M Communications is a wicked woman and I would like to know what I do she that two men can turn up at my place with guns to kill me and my children.

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Someone told me that she tyres get slashed and that because of the articles, she figured it was me and she drug lord father send these men for me.  I ain’t do this woman nothing fuh she to want to do this to me.  She knows that I see she Paul Hayward (ex employee of LIME) in she car last Sunday afternoon and she send she father for me?

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This is my message to her.  We know y’all together and that your vehicles get find with drugs in them and the police got them.  We know your father is in charge of this too cause ya cousin say so.  So try to study that and leave me alone Shanita.  Tell your father’s men to leave me.  Scared Agent

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SM Communications Closure

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SM COMMUNICATIONS — Naked, today, the 6th day of January, 2017, FLOW ends its contract with SM Communications.  But why it is that all the new staff are frauds and the LIME staff so honest and still employed?

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Naked, Ryan Wickham getting people send home and keeping the real frauds.  Paula Welch that was thieving all the people SIM card and events money.  Roslyn Foster defrauding all the company mobile and selling them at pro tab.  FLOW should send home all of them.

Naked, I was at work Friday and watch certain things happening to people.  Them talk for a year.  FLOW, the old LIME staff are the biggest frauds in Barbados.  Them sent out an allegation about fraud to hide their dirty schemes, but Ryan, Paula and Roslyn time coming.  But I hope Liberty will get rid of all of them.  I can’t wait to leave here.  Ryan does get in his office and talk about everybody.  Them got this tall, dark, nice-looking fellow that does tell the world of lies and stories.  He was still at FLOW up to last week.

These three other girls I don’t know their names.  The fat one with the huge nose and pregnant belly.  The next one breast big and bottom lip touching her tummy and the next one short and cute.  Shanita don’t let them bring you down.  You were dishonest for one year, them old LIME people was thieving for years.  All of them will soon be going home if not now all in time to come.  FLOW wants new staff in the whole.

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FLOW/LIME, Ryan does get in his office, plot for you, then make the top management do his dirty work then going church on Sunday.  Ryan girl you better stop it God don’t like ugly.   Lime employee-Anonymous

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50 Repulsive Acts of 2016 in Barbados, Part II

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) —  FIFTY REPULSIVE ACTS.   Naked, here is Part II of the 50 repulsive acts of 2016 in Barbados by the people we have trusted with power:

26. LIME oh so sour or Flow oh so slow still dropping out its internet service but can boast of $100 million in profit what a farce.
27. Chinese restaurants finally on your way out after social media reveals their nasty unscrupulous cooking and eating habits fried cockroaches, cook dog meat & cat you stinkers.

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28. Lawyers still stealing clients’ monies and land with impunity.

Carrington and the client he tried to rob, John Griffiths
Carrington and the client he tried to rob, John Griffiths

29. The chief justice still can’t deliver justice system clogged up.
30. The chief prosecutor not delivering or carrying his duties, white people not getting locked up.
31. Stliar not growing the economy such a blight.
31. Sandals not buying anything from Barbados.


  1. Journalists hiding from the truth and afraid to print it.
  2. CLICO mess still a mess after 7 years.
  3. Parris still bigger than de laws of this country.
  4. Please sell a CLICO plantation to give back the people their monies what so difficult here, planting grass.
Leroy Parris
Leroy “Ah Waan My Millions from the Central Bank”  Parris

36. No place for sports, Gym & Stadium closed blame the BLP.

Small business tech deals
Small business tech deals

37. Lesbians have no fear they dressing like men and horning de men.
38. St John’s Polyclinic tripling its original cost to build.
39. Bajans selfish and demeaning ways. No solidarity it’s all about ME.
40. A waste of a new sugar factory and a finder’s fee of $60 million payable to whom?  Worst sugar crop ever.
41. Ham prices increase without justification pork hasn’t gone up; imports are 1/3 of the local price.  Who at Hanschell Inniss is benefiting from this $6 million in ham sales?
42. Fumble still making mockery of leadership, still picking his noses and got the country on auto pilot.
43. Fumble can’t make a decision on anything including Sam Lords or Hyatt approvals.

Grinning Freundel Stuart
Grinning Freundel Stuart

44. Insurers delaying the payment of personal injuries claims for 5 to 15 years.
45. Doctors frustrating patients at hospital to get them to come to their private practice.
46. Civil servants working one hour per day, not turning up for work or just punching the clock and going back home you should be charged for fraud.

Freundel and Ronald all lovey dovey
Freundel and Ronald all lovey dovey

47. The non-activities for our thousand cruise visitors this weekend.
48. The few activities for our 50 anniversary for the 15k Bajans in de land.

TWO tourists entertained at Barbados Market Day
TWO tourists entertained at Barbados Market Day

49. The blame game of Fumble administration instead of fixing the problems.


50. The fact that you’re reading this and you’re not one of the 1 million that die this week or 4 billion that can’t read congratulations continue to live from pay check to pay cheque no fault of yours just your ignorant vote for the worst PM ever.    Anonymous

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We Want our Money from LIME

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — LIME — We the former workers of Lime will like our money that is owed to us.  This is 2016 and we were made redundant in 2013…uniform, job evaluation, back pay etc (all owed to us).  Money is also owed to its current staff members.

At your scheduled meeting today with the BWU please agree to give us what is rightly ours.  BWU don’t be a sell out.  We have waited patiently, that time has expired.  For years this issue has been dragging on and every time the company is supposed to pay out money it drags it foot.  Enough is enough.


Mr. Haywood went home with his money. Alex Macdonald went home with his baring in mind he sold off some valuable assets of the company.  Other top ranking officials mostly from overseas got their money.  We want ours.  We would like our long overdue money for Christmas.

Lime/Flow you have made a profit this year and the years before that. You have no excuse for not paying up.  BWU it seems that you have forgotten about us or are you planning on selling out.  We want what is ours it is too long overdue.  We have worked hard to help build this company and this is how we are treated like dogs.  Some of you might say if the money is paid workers will go home, whether it is paid or not workers going home that has been a trend for years now.  (Some will be going home soon.)  From previous meetings that the company has with the union it seems that we were not factored into this equation.

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Miss Labour minister, Mr. Prime Minister this is foolishness.  Lime all we want for Christmas is our money owed to us. If you treat your workers/former workers like this how would you treat your customers. To the new management at Lime/Flow give us what is rightfully ours it has been years now.   Anonymous

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Flow Liars and Cheaters; Unlimited Access Joke!!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, FLOW claims to have best internet coverage since their merger.  They are also making claims that they are providing the best service to customers.  But all that is filled with lies!!

Naked, everyday Bajans are paying for what they think to be better services and quality internet only to be cheated by half measures by FLOW.  Throttling users’ internet speed for apps used all over the world.  But if we throttle our bill payments, they are quick to shut off our service.

Paying for a service means you have access to all that implies with that service unless otherwise not possible.  And if FLOW doesn’t allow these services, such as Mobdro or IPTV, they should let customers know so they can choose another provider.


Before the merger, these services worked fine on FLOW’s network.  But when LIME took over, it seems they did what they wanted to do — keep taking our money and give us crappy service!

Stop lying to the public!  Say what you are about FLOW so we can go somewhere else.  Anonymous

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Chris Hawkesworth – Philip Griffith – Philip Carter

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Good Morning Naked.  Kudos to you on your continued excellent job.  I wrote to you last year about Philip CARTER and the money he owes me.  He still has not paid even though he is working at DIGICEL Warrens.  By the way, where did you get that featured photo from Naked?

Hawkesworth with Philip's Baby
Hawkesworth with Philip’s Baby

Philip GRIFFITH did NOT kill Chris Hawkesworth.  He was in a panic the day he found out he was missing.  Naked, I grew up with this man.  Chris was like a father to him.  He did NOT kill Chris.

Philip CARTER – in the jacket – is who walked into the police station with a written statement claiming to be the best friend of Chris.  That is a LIE.  Best friend?  He means best front man.  I work at the airport now.  It is his picture the police sent up saying he is not to leave the island.

Is that Philip GRIFFITH’s baby or Philip CARTER’s baby Chris is holding?

Philip GRIFFITH was the man who went forward to all of the people Philip CARTER owes money to, to try to save him.  Why?  Because Philip CARTER was the front man for everything.  All of the money transactions.  All of the wire transfers into and out of Barbados.  Every piece of paperwork has on his name not Chris or Philip GRIFFITH.

Philip CARTER’s woman – Tamara Jones works at Republic Bank and is known to have helped him get loans and helped him receive and send wire transfers easily without people looking into them and asking questions.


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Philip CARTER owes more than $400k to people.  He gave their names to the police to show he got the money outside of Chris and cleared himself.  The amount of money he owes he will be back in police custody soon or dead like Chris.

Philip CARTER got over to 100k 2 years ago – a staff loan from LIME for $50k, a loan from Republic Bank for $10K, and he borrowed almost $90k from people all over.

WHERE is all the money he borrowed from his friends at LIME over 4 years?  I was one of them so I know the stories he told to get the money.  When he got fired more people started talking.  I could not believe how many of us he tricked over the years.

WHERE is the money Naked?  WHERE?

Has Republic Bank been paid or does Tamara pay them every month?

LIME done get back the $50k and fired him because if it had come out they gave him money without all the paperwork people would have gotten fired and they can’t take a scene like that.  Yes he lied to the people saying he is buying a car.  They issued the payment without the paperwork for the actual car.  Why no paperwork?  Because there is not one.  Philip drives Tamara’s black swift all over.  To work.  To all his drug meetings.  To drop off drugs and money!

Tamara Jones wants investigating for her role in all of the missing money.  What do her bank accounts look like?  What transfers has she sent and received?

Philip CARTER and Tamara Jones baby want taking away!  How can you let your child live in a house where men coming there at all hours looking for Philip CARTER and their money?  How can you put your child in a car that all the drug men know and looking for?  How can you put your child in a car that had in cocaine and weed?

Philip CARTER lost his company car at LIME because men he owes money to shot it up right in front of the house!

Is the CCB going to wait until someone shoots up the house and kills that child to then make excuses?

Philip CARTER took people money and has not looked back.  He does not care about the losses people have had to take because of the money he took.  He puts his own woman and child in danger daily and does not care.

I feel people getting them mix up because it is Philip CARTER with the black heart not Philip GRIFFITH!  Anonymous

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