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Drug Lord Orders Killing of SM Communications Agent

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHANITA MAYERS — Naked, Shanita Mayers from S M Communications is a wicked woman and I would like to know what I do she that two men can turn up at my place with guns to kill me and my children.

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Someone told me that she tyres get slashed and that because of the articles, she figured it was me and she drug lord father send these men for me.  I ain’t do this woman nothing fuh she to want to do this to me.  She knows that I see she Paul Hayward (ex employee of LIME) in she car last Sunday afternoon and she send she father for me?

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This is my message to her.  We know y’all together and that your vehicles get find with drugs in them and the police got them.  We know your father is in charge of this too cause ya cousin say so.  So try to study that and leave me alone Shanita.  Tell your father’s men to leave me.  Scared Agent

Naked Departure


Shanita Mayers Left us High and Dry!!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, Shanita Mayers striked once more.  The sixth of January was the last of her Flow contract and she got away with every red cent she owe SM Communications staff.  Now listen, some of the staff went to the CEO and some went to the Nation.  The article was in the paper December 23rd 2016.


No payments for staff NIS not paid.  When contacted, Shanita said to the Nation as far as she know everything was up to date with the staff.  Naked this is a downright lie.  Shanita is a bold-face UGLY liar.  Ok, you don’t owe the staff anything why the staff was at the office Thursday and Friday all day waiting on cheques. You and Jason said you would be there now explain.  You feel people are dogs or lil children?  Most of the f***king staff older than you.  You mean to tell me nobody around you can tell you that you are wrong.  Yah mother, sister, friends, Theo, Jason.  Nobody yah mean nobody can tell this 24-year-old girl who what she is doing is wrong.

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I had the chance to look at the file which FLOW send to check I mean she owe the staff hundreds of $$$$$.  The file has exactly what the staff put in what they gave the customer when the customer got installed and then the month they paid SM Communications.  So for example: John Brown 422-0000 new landline internet new broad band flow then have paid SM Communications in June/February or whatever month they paid her in.  Now tell me why if FLOW can go that far to send a file like this to the staff why can’t Shanita Mayers pay the staff.  We all know you were paid.  Even who was blinded by your lies had open there eyes and can see the light.  When are we going to get our outstanding payments??

Unemployed, frustrated, hungry staff and children.  That’s what we are.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Shanita Mayers (SM Communications) and no Salary for Christmas!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHANITA MAYERS from SMCommunications.  Naked, now I know you ain see what hit the news about Shanita Mayers from SMCommunications.  She contract come to an end thanks to you with FLOW.   Tell me how a woman that so young got so much news traveling about her.  A wh**e, a thief, everything in one.  She is like a black widow.

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A friend of mine from Ozone Wireless told me that she just sign off a big contract I know flow don’t know bout this but I want Ozone to know that this would be trouble.   She said that she is not taking any of the staff from before she hiring fresh people.  What have we ever done to SM?  All we want is our money from them.  All everybody doing is complaining but nothing seems to be happening.  The other day we went to the bank and Tracey pulled out a knife to stab her.

FLOW has not come back to us to say if we have a job or not so tell me how are we to live and feed our families.  This woman’s family doesn’t even like her.  I was told from her cousin that last week the police held her car with drugs and it’s her father’s fault too cause he is a big drug lord and only came back out of jail the other day.  This is the kind of person that people want working for them.

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Right now Shanita pick up and gone overseas with her family but aint pay we.  I guess this will be a hungry Christmas.  We even look into the phone records and see that she does talk to Paul Hayward ex head of sales at FLOW every week almost twice a week and that Paul was in the island to see her just last week.

I will screenshot the information and post more next week.  I am tired of this. Everybody is complaining.  Help us please.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

Shanita Mayers NOT paying employees
Shanita Mayers NOT paying employees


BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHANITA MAYERS of SM COMMUNICATIONS and FLOW BARBADOS, I CAN’T FEED MY CHILDREN.  Dear Lord Naked, this is a plead to Shanita Mayers of SM COMMUNICATIONS to pay the Staff.

Tuesday I went to work with my last  $5 only to hear near midday that we can’t get our November pay until the 2nd of December.  Month after month you keep doing this to us.  She came and told us that FLOW doesn’t pay her early or on tine so she can’t pay us on time so she moved the pay date from the 27th to the 30th but still every month we now getting pay after the 30th.

If FLOW is the problem we are begging the management at FLOW to pay her after all we work in the sun all day to make sure you get customers but still you leave us broke.

To FLOW BARBADOS is that how you treat people who help build your company.

Shanita I have my children home from school for 2 days and I have nothing to feed them nothing at all and you and your HR manager posting pictures buying big drinks and at Tipsy partying but your staff can’t feed their family.

Tell me how you Shanita Mayers and FLOW could think this is right?    Anonymous

Naked Departure

Shanita Mayers of SM Communiation

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHANITA MAYERS — Naked, Shanita Mayers of SM Communications strikes one more time.  Shanita refuses to pay her staff!

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Any company that cares about their staff would have paid the staff last Friday or give and take Monday.

When we turned up to work this morning of the 29th November, we received a shocker!!  We will be paid some day next week.  No date given.  Trust and believe Shanita boy SMFH.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Shanita Mayers of 21 Todd’s Terrace No., St. George

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHANITA MAYERS — Naked, this afternoon I am writing to tell you about Shanita Mayers of # 21 Todd’s Terrace North St. George.

SM Communication is under the flow brand but we can never be paid.  SM Communication started from the first of Febuary 2016 .  We were under flow for over a year and was being paid $ 3000.00 or more per month when (fraud) Paul Hayward came in and took over as over all sales manager.  From beginning we the staff knew these ppl where coming to fraud us the staff.  We took weeks and weeks before we could sign our contract only about 2 persons sign that contract on the 1st Febuary and they knew why.

Now Naked, these ppl came had meeting on top of meetings with us when we shared out concern to Shanita she said we have to take what she is offering or leave.  She also said she don’t micro manage so don’t come to her for nothing.  From since Febuary the staff was crying we do not receive payment for nothing we came from getting $3000.00 or more per month to $76.00 per month some of us and I am not exaggerating this is fact.

When you go to Shanita she would curse and carry on how something is wrong with the file she would get it fix next month.  Next month you get $180.00 please bare in mind from Febuary till now I never recieve $500.00 a month yet.  I am about to be put out of my rented house all my bills are in arrears.  When you go to any of these ppl who runs SM Communications they always promise you they will check the files and you would be paid the next month.  This is nine months I was being told this story I was one of the top sales rep from lime/Flow now.  Believe me I never receive more than $500.00 a month after that stinking one Paul Hayward came and gave his outside 24 year old woman this door to door team.  Yes and I said woman.

Now she use to run LMK the f$$$ing ppl fired her cause she was doing shite out there and Paul bring her to mess up door to door.  We need our money and you does make ppl feel them begging for them money when in fact we does go out and work hard sun hot rain fall and bring in the most sales in flow like r*****le.

douglas-morrisShanita, if wanna int deceitful wanna would admit door to door brings in the most sales.  But wanna does tell too much lies cause you have on a June pay slip (important notice 75% of all sales within design for period April-May will be paid on August 5th.  When we get these payments we where paid for Apil alone.   This big ugly s*&& Douglas Morris said ooo sorry I will speak to Shanta and I will get may sort out by next week.  A week from the 12th should have been the 12th August please help me Naked why these bunch of frauds have to tell so much FU$$king lies?

Douglas tells ppl what he thinks they want to hear.  Ever time you ask Douglas something he never knows or he have to get back to us.  You mean for 9 months you cant get the file right f@@k man.  Well Shanita the same way your school days friends does get paid on time and your dial co-workes.  We the team that does sweat in sun and rain need out money.  In 9 moths you got a hired car business, a spa, SM communications a brand new office.  So yes team if you guys did not know she have a new office some where in St. Thomas so that when she write those cheuqes and them like $76.00 and $180.00 and we crying saying we need to pay our rent and our bills and the debt collectors sending the letters bare in mind Shantia is stepping up her game.

Look her brand new jeep mark J 2600 always with the windows up don’t think Shanita stupid cause some body gine give this bi$$h an assassin bullet in her head.  Staff member hungry crying can’t get they bills paid.  Strange thing is she Shanita don’t care and don’t be fooled it will get no better.

Shanita will continue to hire her friend make sure they are paid on time and dont give a f**k about the door-to-door members.   Door-To-Door fed up team

Naked Departure